Side Swept Bangs: 10 Trending Styles to Try This Season

by Maria Konou

Side swept bangs are a versatile hairstyle that adds charm to any look. If you want to frame your face and enhance your features, there is no better hairstyle to try! Moreover, if you are trying to grow out your bangs, the side swoop is a great option. Or, if you want bangs, but you do not want to commit, longer side swept bangs come to the rescue. In this article, we will dive into the world of the side swoop, and explore who should get this timeless hairstyle. We will also explain why some people should maybe avoid it, and we will give some valuable maintenance tips and inspiring variations.

Let’s dive into the world of the side swept bangs 

zoe kravitz side swept bangs


What are side swept bangs?

Side swept bangs are hair strands that are cut diagonally. They are styled to fall across the forehead, and frame the face beautifully. The best part is that you can rock the side swoop look no matter what length your hair is!

Princess Diana loved the side swoop look when she was young 

how to style a side swept bang.jpg

Who should get side swept bangs?

When it comes to side swept bangs, you will be happy to find out that they fit a big variety of face shapes. They include oval, round, hear, and square. In addition, the side swoop can help bring balance to your facial features, and help soften more angular and sharp features. If you are a person that loves to experiment with their hair, these style of bangs can offer a lot of possibilities and variety when it comes to hairstyles. Additionally, the side swept bangs are relatively low maintenance compared to shorter types of bangs.

Side swept bangs fit oval, round, hear, and square facial shapes

how to style side swept bangs.jpg


Who should avoid side swept bangs & why?

There are some people that would not benefit so much from rocking the side swoop bangs. For example, those of you with bigger foreheads might want to stick to fuller bangs that will provide you with more coverage. That way you won’t enhance the height of your forehead so much. In addition, those of you who have oily or fine hair should think twice before getting side swept bangs. That is because they will become limp and greasy a lot faster. If you are someone that lives a busy lifestyle, having bangs might not be the best option for you, since they require styling and effort.

If you have oily or fine hair, side swept bangs are not a great option

side swept bangs medium hair

How to maintain side swept bangs

In order to maintain the side swoop, you need to get regular trims every 4–6 weeks to keep their shape. When it comes to styling side swept bangs, a round brush and a hairdryer are your best friends. You can also use light hair products to help keep the bangs in place and prevent flyaways. Just make sure you are not applying a lot of product!

Style your side swept bangs with a round brush and a hairdryer 

side swept bangs ponytail


Side swept bangs inspiration

Now, let’s explore some inspiring variations of side swept bangs to help you find your perfect match:

Curtain side swept bangs

Curtain bangs are still in the height of their popularity. When you part your hair in the middle, you will create a curtain-like effect that perfectly frames your face and enhances your features.

Curtain side swept bangs look amazing with lots of volume and texture  

blow dry side swept bangs.jpg

Micro side swept bangs

Micro bangs are one of the most popular hair trends right now. If you want to be edgy and delicate at the same time, this hairstyle is ideal for you. One of the starts frequently rocking this minimalistic look is Zoë Kravitz.

Side swept micro bangs are all the rage right now 

tmp rio4st eeedb3ea1f43eeaf gettyimages 1388277644.jpg

Bun with side swept bangs

If you want to add a touch of elegance and effortlessness to your look, opt for a bun with side swept bangs. This sophisticated hairstyle will leave everyone mesmerized.

For a sophisticated touch, combine your side swept bangs with a bun

hairstyles for side swept bangs.jpg

Long hair with side swept bangs

The combination of long hair and side swept bangs is a timeless look a lot of celebrities love and adore. This hairstyle is perfect for every and any occasion, and it allows for a lot of versatility and styling options.

Long hair with side swept bangs is the ultimate romantic look

long layered haircuts with side swept bangs

Medium hair with side swept bangs

Side swept bangs can also add chic flair to your medium length hair. They create texture and volume that is perfect for women of all ages. This hairstyle is sophisticated, yet playful and dynamic.

Side swept bangs can be combined with medium length hair for a sophisticated but playful look

medium hair side swept bangs

Short hair with side swept bangs

Make a statement, and combine your short hair with a side swoop for a completely new look. This effortless hairstyle is super easy to achieve, and it exudes confidence and boldness.

Short hair can also benefit from the side swoop look

side swept bangs hairstyles

Curly side swept bangs

Do not think just because your natural hair is curly, you cannot rock this hairstyle. Yara Shahidi makes a perfect example of how a little side action can enhance your natural curl pattern.

Side swept bangs look amazing on naturally curly hair 

side swept bangs on curly hair

Thick side swept bangs

If you have a lot of hair, and you find it harder to manage, a great option for you is to go for thicker bangs. Sure, this is a bold and dramatic look, but there is no doubt you will turn heads.

Helena Christensen rocking thick side swept bangs 

helena christensen thick side swept bangs

Layered hair with side swept bangs

If you love layers, dimension, and volume, combine your side swept bangs with layers! Not only will you add lots of new texture and depth, but you will also frame your face like a pro.

Jennifer Lopes combines her long layered hair with a side swoop

long layered hair with side swept bangs.jpg

Long side swept bangs

If you are bold, with a touch of glamour, long side swept bangs are a great option! They will perfectly fall on your face, putting all the emphasis on your face and makeup.

Dua Lipa combines long side swept bangs with a middle part and an updo

side swept bangs with bun dua lipa.jpg

We hope you enjoyed this article, and you got some inspiration for your next visit to the hairdresser. Remember that every hairstyle can be tailored to fit your personality, face shape, facial features, and lifestyle. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and try our new hairstyle variations!.

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