6 Good Reasons to Rock Auburn Hair This Fall

by Maria Konou

If you are one of those people who likes to change their look to fit the seasons, you are in for a treat! Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with your hair, and we have the perfect option for you to try. Sure, red hair is a classic option for fall because it just makes sense, but auburn hair is the newest trend on the horizon. This variation of red is ideal for anyone who is dying their hair for the first time or doesn’t want to commit to drastic changes. So, add a dash of fierceness and warmth to your look by going for auburn hair! In this article, we will tell you all the good reasons to rock auburn hair this fall:

Let’s explore all the reasons why auburn hair is trending this fall

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6 Good Reasons to Rock Auburn Hair This Fall

Flattering on Many Skin Tones

One of the biggest benefits of auburn hair is that it is extremely flattering on many skin tones. No matter if you have a fair, olive, or deep complexion, you will find a shade of auburn that will enhance your features. This hair color has the power to adapt to your features and enhance your natural beauty. So, don’t be afraid to go to a hair colorist for a consultation to see which shade will fit you the best!

Auburn hair is extremely flattering on many different skin tones 

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Matches the Environment

If you really want to fit the fall aesthetic, then auburn hair is the way to go! This color is in harmony with autumn and the changing nature, matching the earthy tones that surround you. So, if you want to blend with your surroundings and create a lasting impression on those around you, auburn is your color!

Auburn hair is in perfect harmony with the fall surroundings

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Makes your Features Glow

Usually, we tend to gradually lose the glowiness we accumulated in the summer as the fall months roll by. If you want to keep your features warm and glowing in autumn, we have great news for you! Auburn is the perfect color to warm up your face, and give you the soft romantic look we all desire. In addition to that, red hair has the power to distract from other features you are not so fond of. For example, having auburn red hair will mask the appearance of any new breakouts and deter the attention away from your teeth!

Red hair gives your face that warm romantic glow 

can you dye brown hair auburn

Unlock your Fall Alter Ego

If you are one of those people who like to shape-shift during the different seasons, you know just how amazing that can feel. Going for auburn hair in the fall will surely help unlock your fall alter ego, and set the tone for the upcoming months. You might even notice that some hair colors bring out a different side of you. For example, dying your hair red might make you bolder, feistier, more passionate, and fiery!

Auburn hair will help unlock and set free your fall alter ego 

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You Will Stand Out

Sure, we mentioned that auburn hair will help you blend and harmonize with the fall surroundings. However, that does not mean that you will be one with the crowd. On the contrary! Not a lot of people go for bold red shades. Therefore, in a sea of brunettes and blondes, you will surely stand out and make an impression. Auburn hair is like an accessory that you carry with you. If you want to be a true showstopper, you can always go brighter and bolder!

Red hair is an accessory that will help you stand out from the crowd

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Low Maintenance (For a Red)

Sure, red hair color is not easy to maintain. However, if you want to go red for the fall, there is no better option than auburn. That is because compared to other reds, this shade is fairly easy to maintain. The color fades beautifully, so you do not really need a lot of touch ups and maintenance. So, don’t be scared of dying your hair auburn, just because you think it is hard to keep up with it!

Auburn red is one of the easiest reds to maintain 

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Now you know why auburn hair is one of the best hair colors for fall! 

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