Back From The 90s – Crimped Hair Is The New Trend For 2021

by John Griffith

It seems like lately 90s trends have slowly and steadily been making a comeback. The fashion of the 90s was definitely something special. So, it is understandable why some of the most popular fads are still fashionable today. And we are not just talking about clothing and shoes. Hairstyles are also a part of the 90s movement that shaped a generation and is now doing the same with gen Z. So, without further ado, today we are going to talk about crimped hair. A hair trend that honestly we never thought we would see in 2021. But, here it is! And, trust us, it is here to stay. That is why in this article we have gathered a few ideas for gorgeous crimped hairstyles you can try today and take a stroll down memory lane.

Even A-list celebrities like Gabrielle Union have tried this 90s trend

black hair crimped bob gabrielle union photographed on red carpet wearing gray jacket

What is crimped hair?

Some of you may wonder what exactly is crimped hair. Well, the process of hair crimping usually involves a crimping iron, which has two parallel plates with a flat S-shaped repeating groove. Another way you can achieve the crimped hair look is to braid your hair, sleep with the braids on or blow dry them and then remove the braids. Whichever option you choose you will get wavy hair, which has sawtooth or zig zag curls. The trend first started gaining momentum in the mid- to late 80s. Since then, it seems like it reappears every 10 years or so. It looks like it is due for a comeback in 2021 though.

Anna Kendrick is another celebrity who sported crimped hair on the red carpet


How do I make my hair look crimped?

As we have already mentioned, the easiest way is to buy a crimping iron. Crimping irons, however, have a specific width of the curls they can create. So, if you want to get a bit more creative, there is another way to do it. For smaller curls, separate your hair into small strands and braid them one by one. For bigger ones, obviously you need to take bigger sections of your hair. The smaller the sections of hair you have braided, the smaller the curls and vice versa. You can braid you hair while it is still damp and then once it is braided you can blow dry it. Another option is to sleep with the braids on and remove them in the morning. Either way, the results are gorgeous. Trust us!

Ariana Grande and her famous ponytail also got in on the crimped hair trend

ariana grande on the red carpet wearing black crop top crimped hair 2021 tied in high ponytail

How to style crimped hair?

Although crimped hair can look amazing on its own, there are of course other ways in which you can style it. So, let’s go together through the different crimped hairstyles you can make on your own.

High crimped ponytail

High ponytails as we all know are super popular. Maybe it is because of Ariana Grande, or the Kardashians, but high, super sleek ponytails have seen their fair share of red carpets. However, there is a way to look even more mesmerizing and still rock this look. And that, of course is with a sleeked back high crimped ponytail. This will add volume to your hair. Pair it with eye-catching earrings and all eyes will be on you.

Take a page out of Beyonce’s book and her natural crimped hair

beyonce wearing dress with black and silver stripes how to crimp hair long hair in ponytail

Let your curls go

As we have already mentioned you can achieve curls with different width. Which is why, loose crimped hair is the perfect why to style your hair if you are a bit lazy in the mornings before work. Just separate your hair into bigger sections, braid it and sleep with the braids on. In the morning, let those curls go and your hair will be perfectly styled in no time. What’s more, with a hairstyle like that who wouldn’t be ready to take over the world?

Blake Lively is definitely a lover of the crimped hairstyle trend

blake lively photographed on red carpet how to crimp hair wearing yellow dress colorful earrings medium length blonde hair

Crimped ends

This type of hairstyle is especially trendy on the runways, but it was also embraced by Kim Kardashian West. If you have straight hair leave your roots straight and let the ends do all the talking. In this case it is better to use a crimping iron, because the curls need to be more symmetric. Just make sure your hair is split in the middle and your roots are sleeked down, then just let the rest of your crimped hair go.

You will feel like a model, coming straight off the runway with this hairstyle

blonde model on the runway how to crimp hair wearing white top yellow eyeliner

Add an accessory

In general, crimped hair might look a bit messy sometimes if you have decided to let it loose. However, adding an accessory to it is the perfect decision not only for your hairstyle, but also for your overall fashion look. Whether you choose a headband or a head scarf, taming your crimped hairstyle might be a good idea.

A good hair accessory goes a long way


Add volume

Hair crimping is great for thin hair. It is not just a popular hairstyle fad, it can also be very helpful for people who lack hair volume. Use your crimping iron to add some small curls into the roots of the bottom layers of your hair. You can even take a few strands of hair from the bottom layer and use the crimping iron along the whole length. That way, not only is your hair going to have cute, interesting details, it will also have more volume.

Use the crimping iron to add more volume to thin or short hair that lacks volume

blonde woman with short crimped hair wearing white shirt red lipstick phootographed on black background

Crimped hairstyles

Crimped hair is perfect for all hairstyles that require volume. We already mentioned high ponytails, but we can easily include different updos to that list. Braids look so much more voluminous and elegant when you have used the crimping iron beforehand. What’s more, you can combine the two hairstyles together. Tie your crimped hair into a high ponytail and braid it. That way you get the best of both worlds. But, in general, all types of updos you can make on thin hair will looks ten times better with crimped hair. If you want to hide the fact that you’ve used this method leave the two top layers of your hair straight and hide the curls underneath.

Stylish braids are nothing short of sensational with crimped hair

braided crimped hair wavy crimped hair side braid on woman with brown hair wearing black top

This braided ponytail is breathtaking

brown hair in high pontail braided in messy braid wavy crimped hair on woman wearing black top

We’ve already mentioned that hair accessories make everything better

blonde woman wearing white lace top what is crimping with long blonde hair pink head band

Kim Kardashian West with one of her favorite hairstyles

crimped hair kim kardashian wearing white blouse leather snake print skirt hair in high ponytail

Nicki Minaj is also a fan of the crimped hairstyle

black dress crimped hairstyles nicki minaj with long blonde hair photographed at red carpet blonde woman with green eyes wearing white top rose gold necklace 80s crimped hair very long hair blonde woman with very long hair crimped hair 90s wearing jeans and black top blonde woman with very long hair wearing black satin robe 80s crimped hair photographed on black background

This is just such a gorgeous and stylish hairstyle

brad with wavy crimped hair tied in low updo decorated with rhinestone flowers braid and crimped strands of hair tied in low ponytail short crimped hair woman with dark blonde hair

The beautiful Victoria’s Secret angel – Sara Sampaio

brunette hair 80s crimped hair sara sampaio victorias secret angel wearing black top medium length wavy hair crimped hair 90s blonde woman with half braided hair tied in two space buns wearing white lace top crimped hairstyles photo collage of three women with different hair pink background four side by side photos crimped hair in high ponytail for women wearing different clothes half of the hair braided on the side tied in small bun 80s crimped hair woman wearing pink blouse how to crimp hair brunette woman photographed on red carpet wearing diamond earrings with short hair

Iggy Azalea is a fan of 90s fashion

iggy azalea with medium length blonde crimped hair 90s wearing denim crop jacket

long black hair crimped hair 2021 woman wearing green dress with rhinestones lace photographed on orange background long blonde hair in two messy side buns short crimped hair woman wearing black top long pink hair tied in high ponytail crimped bob woman wearing black polo blouse medium length blonde hair half tied in the back crimped hairstyles woman wearing white top

Absolutely stunning

pink background what is crimping woman with very long brown hair balayage wearing white crop top pink leather jacket short crimped hair woman with long blonde hair with side braid wearing black top sunglasses wavy crimped hair woman with very long ash blonde hair in two large messy braids

Another example of Kim Kardashian’s love of crimped hairstyles


woman wearing black top silver earrings silver glitter eyeshadow crimped hair woman with long blonde hair short crimped hair four braids tied in low ponytail with white bow woman with long blonde hair standing next to pool crimped hair wearing black crop top woman with long hair dyed in blonde and pink half braided 80s crimped hair wearing green top woman with long hair dyed in pink and purple crimped hairstyles wearing black top woman with short black hair crimped hairstyles wearing white t shirt black hoodie

The Queen Bey herself with her gorgeous hairstyle and look for Serena Williams’ wedding

beyonce wearing short dark blue dress diamond necklace how to crimp hair long hair in ponytailcrimped bob woman with side bangs and red hair wearing black top pink background

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