5 Guaranteed Ways To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

by John Griffith

Strong, healthy, thick hair is a dream for many. However, the density of hair greatly depends on whether you’ve hit the gene lottery or not. If your hair is naturally thin, fine, and frail, there is no magic way to spontaneously get really thick hair all by itself. You can’t really rewrite your gene code and change the hair follicle’s texture. However, there are many ways to help make your hair look thicker. With the proper care and nutrition, you can achieve a thicker hair look than the one you have now. The right routine will also reduce hair loss and breakage. By choosing the best hair care, it makes it much easier and possible for the body to grow softer, shinier and more voluminous hair. Today we will look at 5 tips and tricks to help you achieve this healthy and full hair look.

There are many ways to help make your hair look thicker

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How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

Even though achieving the illusion of thicker hair may seem out of the question, it’s more doable than you may think. While there isn’t one straight and correct answer on how to make your hair thicker, from scalp massages to supplements, there are plenty of things you can try out to help it out. Here are 5 of them.

Achieving the illusion of thicker hair is more doable than you may think

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Everyday Care

Healthy, soft, and shiny hair needs to be treated right in order to look that way. This mean give it the proper care. Start using a volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Add in some thickening products such as sprays, tonics, and creams into your routine. After you’ve got the application right, it’s time to look at your diet. Eat a diet that will prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. All this while also incorporating the tips below into your daily life, will help you see improvement over time.

Start using a volumizing shampoos and conditioners

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Heat Care

Heat can be very damaging to your hair, thinning it out and breaking it. It’s best to dry your hair on a lower setting and if you want a quick way to give it volume and look fuller, try drying your hair upside down. When drying it like that, make sure to dry it in the direction of the hair growth. This helps maintains the shine at the roots while closing the hair cuticle’s scales. Another tip is to stop washing your hair with really hot water. This type of water will make it brittle, easier to break and dry. Maintaining moisture in the hair is essential, so take showers with lukewarm water to ensure this. Hot tool in general are also very damaging to the hair, so avoid curling or straightening it as much as you can.

Hot tool in general are very damaging to the hair

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Hair Masks

In addition to general care, you can also add hair masks for some additional care. Masks are a nice, natural way to give your hair a boost. There are plenty of versions of masks in stores. It all depends on what you are searching for. You can also try at home DIY hair mask with natural ingredients. You’ll be surprised to find out how many things in your fridge can make your hair strong and thick.

Make your own mask at home

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Something as simple as brushing your hair can help you get thicker hair. Yes, we know it sounds too easy to be true, but it’s real! If you brush regularly, and deliberately you help distribute the scalps natural oils. This protects the hair from damage and adds some natural shine. Thus, creating a thicker look overtime as your hair will be less damaged. Not only that but brushing also removes dead skin cells as it exfoliates the scalp. It’s best to avoid using plastic brushes and to not skip out on brushing.

Brushing your hair can help you get thicker hair

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The right supplements can be a big help. Taking your regular multivitamins alongside a hair specified supplement makes a big difference. The human body needs minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids for many things, inclining healthy hair growth and follicle function. Ask your dermatologist which brand they will recommend. However, keep in mind that it takes anywhere from around three to six months to start seeing results, so be patient.

The right supplements can be a big help

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These were all the tips and ticks we have on how to make your hair look thicker. Even though you’re not born with the thickest of hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t create it yourself. All you require is some help and dedication. Now that you know everything you need to, you can embark on the journey of getting thicker hair.

Make your hair look thicker

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