Dress code business casual: 2017’s fashion hits – 110 inspiring pictures

by John Griffith

The business casual dress code will go down in history as one of 2017’s hottest fashion trends. Simple and comfortable, yet exquisitely stylish, it is sure to get you noticed. If you are looking for styling tips or need some help getting started, we can offer you lots of ideas and inspiration. Our fashion team has worked really hard to collect the best examples of business casual for women and men, suitable for any season and occasion. So sit back and enjoy our gallery, with over 100 photos and lots of original ideas about key clothing pieces, jewelry and accessories!

Business casual for women – a simple yet effective look that’s sure to get you noticedbusiness casual for women, blonde woman wearing grey shiny trousers, grey cardigan and a necklace

The business casual for women looks great on any size and body type, and with so many styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your dream outfit. We have ideas for work attire, suggestions about what to wear when meeting with friends, and even recommendations for comfy and stylish clothes to throw on when going to the store.  We are not forgetting the gents of course – there are plenty of  dapper looks for them to try too.

The business casual wardrobe of the modern man

business professional attire, metal clothes rack, pale blue shirts, various tops and blazers, several pairs of shoes, books a bag and a hat

The phrase business casual for women and men draws associations with jeans and t-shirts, combined with blazers and elegant accessories. However, these are not the only options to choose from. In fact, there are numerous possibilities – you could pair a delicate satin dress with a leather jacket and biker boots, or some sporty trousers with stylish strappy heels. The only limit is your imagination! Here are some suggestions for creating a comfortable and stylish outfit:

  1. Bottoms – beige and dark denim pants are the perfect choice for men who want to try the business causal style. Plainer jeans or trousers can be combined with a formal shirt, and accessorized with suspenders and a bow tie. For the ladies, we recommend skinny or straight-leg ankle jeans and smart business trousers. Leather pants are also very popular at the moment. Skirts and dresses are another great choice for the female business casual style. They can be combined with a plain t-shirt or sports jacket for a relaxed, comfy look. Ankle-length pleated skirts in shiny, metallic colors, paired up with a simple white or black top are a great look, especially when worn with a leather biker jacket and ankle boots.
  2. Outwear – denim and leather jackets are an absolute must in every business causal lady or gent’s wardrobe. Blazers are another fashion staple. We love the relaxed and stylish look of a blazer worn over a simple jeans and t-shirt combination!
  3. Tops – here you have full freedom of choice. Jeans with a tailored shirt or blouse, leather pants with a t-shirt, sweaters in all shapes and sizes, combined with formal trousers or a skirt – everything goes!
  4. Shoes – for ladies, we recommend high heels, as they add a touch of feminine chic to any outfit. The downside, of course, is that they are not always the most comfortable choice. If you’d rather go for a relaxed and comfy look, you can choose sneakers, espadrilles or ballerina flats. Naturally, boots are very popular in autumn and winter, especially over-the knee and ankle varieties. For men, we suggest brown leather lace-up shoes or loafers. Sneakers are a less popular option, but if you decide to opt for them, make sure to choose a pair in bright, vivid colors.
  5. Bags – you can choose a clutch or shoulder bag for a smarter look, or go for a backpack for a refreshing, relaxed style.
  6. Sunglasses – regardless of the season, sunglasses are an indispensable accessory for both men and women. Aside from protecting your eyes from UV rays, they double up as a stylish designer statement and can also hide your tiredness after a night of partying!
  7. Jewelry – the chocker’s popularity peaked last year and it still a very hot item. Long necklaces, rings with big, colorful stones, and thin, delicate bracelets with pearls are also very sought after this year. Wrist watches are a must for business causal men and women. Brands like Daniel Wellington offer some very beautiful and universal designs.
  8. Other accessories – accessories play a significant role in creating the business casual look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold jewelry, belts and felt hats. Gloves and scarves are a great way to spice up your outfits during the winter months. Finally, we recommend lipstick in bright colors for the ladies. Classic red is a great choice, as it can be worn without any additional make-up, for a striking, sexy look.

Attention grabbing red accessories remain very popular this year

business casual for women, three smartly dressed women, business suit and sunglasses, striped shirt and trousers, skirt and sweater

This also goes for red high heels

business casual for women, close up of woman's legs, wearing ankle jeans and strappy, red sandals with high heels and tassels

The chocker necklace is one of 2017’s hottest items

business casual for women, close up of woman's neck, wearing delicate chocker necklace and pendant on thin chain, white top and brown hair

This bomber jacket and leather trousers combination is the perfect choice for chilly spring or autumn days

business casual for women, woman wearing skinny black leather trousers, grey top and bomber jacket

Stylish idea for the summer – a Gucci bag is always a good idea!

business casual for women, brunette wearing white, floaty baggy trousers, white crop top, sunglasses and a black designer cross-body bag

If you’d rather go for a more affordable alternative – shops such as Zara and Stradivarius have a wide selection of bags which are just as effective

business attire for women, woman with white loose top, black skinny trousers, white embroidered cross-body bag

Gents, take note from Hollywood’s male fashion Guru – Mr. Ryan Reynolds

business professional attire, ryan reynolds wearing dark navy pants, black top and black leather jacket, with brown leather shoes

Denim jackets are a great accessory for breezy summer days

business attire for women, woman with brown and blond ombre hair, long pale pink dress and denim jacket

Rock’n’Roll style combined with soft, delicate fabrics – 2017 is the year of contrasts

business attire for women, camel-brown satin dress with lace details, black biker leather jacket, sunglasses and high heels on brunette woman

A simple business causal suggestion for men

business professional attire, man with slicked back hair, white t-shirt and grey blazer, dark blue trousers and white sneakers

A relaxed outfit for a night out with the boys

business professional attire, man with navy polo shirt, jeans with black belt and sunglasses, holding blue formal blazer

A great example of on-point accessorizing

business attire for women, black skinny trousers and ankle boots, white top and dark denim jacket, black bag and purple felt hat, on blonde woman with sunglasses

Awaken your wild side with this subtle animal print sweater and a pair of black leather pants

business attire for women, skinny black leather trousers, black shoes and shirt, white sweater with animal print detail, on brunette woman with sunglasses

business attire for women, brunette woman with brown wavy hair, pale brown sweater dress, over-the-knee boots and big black hat

Leopard print accessories can add a touch of glamor to simpler outfits

business attire for women, woman with distressed torn ankle jeans, flat shoes with cat motif, black shirt with rolled up sleeves, leopard print clutch

business casual for women, asian woman with long dark hair, animal print shirt and black skinny ankle trousers

business casual attire for women, blonde woman with ponytail, wearing grey top and black leather trousers, hot pink blazer over shoulders, with high heels and camel brown leather bag

casual business attire, brunette woman with bright blue leather jacket, distressed and torn jeans, black and grey top, nude pink shoes and big animal print bag

Stock up your wardrobe with lots of leather clothes and accessories

casual business attire, funny photo of young woman, with skinny black leather trousers, denim shirt under white top with black print, black bag and shoes

business casual attire for women, brunette woman wearing black skinny trousers, wide-fitting white shirt and black top, holding black and grey cardigan and black leather bag

casual business attire, woman with long brown hair, white and black cropped leather jacket, blue distressed jeans and white shirt, white clutch and sunglasses

Casual look with a rebellious streak

casual business attire, distressed jeans and white top, black biker leather jacket and black bag, worn by woman with long brown ombre hair, red beanie hat headphones and black shoes

Look great whatever you do in this simple and chic outfit – sheer lace blouse with butterfly sleeves, paired up with skinny jeans and chunky high-heeled sandals 

casual business attire, honey blond woman with long wavy hair, wearing sheer lace top with butterfly sleeves over black top, blue jeans and blue chunky-heeled sandals

An Italian reinterpretation of the business casual for women

business casual attire for women, woman with wavy brown hair, wearing white floaty ankle-length skirt, nude pink stilettos and blue and white floral top

Understated casual male outfit

business casual outfits, man with short brown hair, looking down with hand in back pocket, pale khaki pants with denim shirt and brown shoes

A contemporary fashion icon

close up of woman with turquoise headscarf, wearing sunglasses and a blue sleeveless shirt with red big polo logo, golden wristwatch bracelet and ring

High heels and sweatpants – a popular combination on this year’s catwalks

close up of a leg wearing dark grey sweatpants, ankle-high high-heeled shoes in black and white

A delicate chocker with bow and pearl details – the perfect accessory for a low-cut top

brown leather chocker, wrapped several times around a mannequin's neck and tied in bow, with pearl details

smiling brunette woman with sunglasses, wearing white crop top, skinny camel trousers and black ankle boots, black bomber over shoulders, with chocker necklace and black bag

casual business attire, curly-haired brunette with shiny pink pleated ankle-length skirt, black leather biker jacket over black top, chocker and black ankle boots

Gucci 2017

big black bag with inscription reading real gucci, held by woman in black and white dress with geometric pattern, green red and white sleeves, green and red socks and black and white shiny heels

Gucci bags reign supreme in 2017!

blonde woman clad in black top and shiny black knee-length skirt, hugging a brunette with ankle-length green lace skirt, and metallic bomber jacket

close up of black leather bag, green and red stripes, golden details and wooden handle, held by woman with yellow gloves, wearing green dress with red and blue details

Business casual for women at the pool

black swimsuit, near large floral sarong in orange pink and blue, sunglasses and earrings, bracelets and nail polish, large beach bag and sandals

Garden parties call for simple, effortlessly elegant outfits

smiling blonde woman standing in garden, skinny dark blue jeans with black stilettos, dark blue and pale pink top, holding cake on table

Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner wearing black skinny trousers, high-heeled lace up sandals, camel brown biker jacket, black backpack and sunglasses

Camouflage printed clothes are coming back in style!

casual business attire, woman with camouflage pants, black high-heeled pip toe shoes, grey top and black leather jacket, holding black leather bag

Summer look ideas

four women in summer outfits, floral floaty skirt and white top, midi pleated skirt and crop top, coordinated skirt and crop top in white and black stripe and solid black

five images of women in black and white outfits, skinny leather trousers and sheer blouse, mesh top and black metallic mini skirt, white coordinated skirt and crop top, shorts and black mini dress

close up of female torso, sitting on steps and wearing cut-off ankle jeans, white formal shirt and strappy brown sandals with studs

business casual dresses, smiling blonde woman with sunglasses, wearing pale blue mini dress, black sneakers and bag, black leather biker jacket

colorful high-waisted shorts in pale pink white and dark blue, combined with pink top and bright blue blazer, worn by brunette woman with pink high-heeled sandals

We love Karlie Kloss’ stylish sporty look

karlie kloss wearing long white sweatpants, black and white striped crop top, dark blue bomber jacket with patches, brown leather bag and white sneakers

Red sweaters are an absolute must during 2017’s winter months!

women's business attire, woman with long blond hair, wearing black leather trousers and chunky red sweater, with big leather coat and black hat, purple ankle boots and red bag

Jessica Alba sporting the business casual look for women

women's business attire, woman wearing black chunky turtleneck sweater, black leather skinny trousers and black high-heels, holding black leather bag

business casual attire for women, pleated knee-length brown skirt, white chunky knit sweater, camel brown leather biker jacket over shoulders, brown bag and sunglasses

Baseball jackets are ideal for 2017’s colder months

black-haired woman with sunglasses, wearing skinny ankle jeans, white formal shirt under blue and white baseball jacket, with brown high-heels and bowling bag

women's business attire, black trousers and oversized grey coat, black leather bag and purple sneakers, worn by woman with sunglasses

A great bracelet for stylish business casual gents

black woven leather bracelet with golden closure, featuring a golden anchor detail tied with knots, on wooden surface

If you like standing out, you should invest in a pair of eye-catching, brightly-colored sneakers

business casual outfits, man with sunglasses, wearing dark denim shirt with short sleeves, dark jeans and bright red sneakers

blonde woman with sunglasses, wearing black top and floaty white skirt, with black clutch and ankle boots, next to a man in black formal suit, black tie shoes and sunglasses

Combine different styles, fabrics and textures for a truly memorable and unique look

woman with messy brown hair and bangs, wearing long black fluffy fur black gilet, over white shirt with two black stripes on sleeves, small shiny silver snake leather bag

dark skinny jeans, big chunky red sweater and blue plaid shirt, light camel brown ankle boots and big grey beanie, worn by blonde woman with black leather bag

A stylish autumn outfit

woman with curled brown hair and red lipstick, wearing big leather jacket, over white shirt with black print, grey jersey maxi skirt and ankle boots

 Casual holiday outfit – traveling in comfort and style

business professional attire, smartly dressed man with sunglasses, wearing dark grey trousers, white shirt and light grey blazer, olive green parka with fur-trimmed hood

business casual outfits, light brown men's jacket, near folded black jeans, folded black white and gray chequered shirt, a pair of black lace up ankle boots, navy blue grey and red backpack, folded denim shirt and navy beanie hat

We love this yellow clutch and plain trainers combination!

business casual attire for women, black ankle-length sports pants, grey top and grey blazer, plain sneakers and yellow clutch, worn by woman with dark hair and big elaborate silver necklace

close up of sleeveless grey turtleneck top, with large and elaborate diamante and silver necklace, female hand with pastel blue nail polish

young woman with dark cropped hair, wearing denim jacket over white top, black cargo pants and strappy high heels, hand on hip and small black bag

Silver brogues are one of 2017 hottest items

business casual attire for women, black shiny skinny trousers, pale pink blazer and grey top, shiny silver shoes, black and white shoulder bag

Three awesome looks you can sport during cold winter weekends

three women wearing winter outfits, white skinny pants and oversized pale cream sweater, large leopard print coat, long grey coat black skinny trousers and beanie hats

Don’t be afraid to show your individual style with lots of layers and contrasting combinations

women's business attire, blonde woman in a blue coat and grey and blue striped blazer, worn over grey two piece suit and leggings, grey hat and white and blue sneakers

Bright colors for blondes and darker tones for brunettes

women's business attire, blonde woman with big camel brown coat over jeans and t-shirt, brunette with black leather pants and large purple coat

Heading to the gym after work

business professional attire, man with jeans and brown leather shoes, wearing light grey chequered blazer over pale pink shirt, with sunglasses and sports bag

Dress code: casual

women's business attire, smiling brunette in black leather skinny trousers and white top, with dark grey cardigan, black leather bag and white sneakers

A simple suggestion for stylish moms-to-be

soft and long camel brown coat, worn by mother-to-be with blue jeans and large mink-colored sweater, sunglasses and black bag with yellow stripe, white sneakers with green details

Business casual in black and white

interview outfits for women, four smartly dressed women, ankle-length skirts, white tops, business suit and oversized coat

interview outfits for women, skinny calf-length trousers, white leather jacket over black top, black and red strappy sandals with studs, black shoulder bag worn by woman with sunglasses

business casual dresses, kylie jenner wearing white mini dress, thigh-high grey boots with high heels, grey leather bomber jacket, holding small brown bag

Which look would you choose?

women's business attire, three women wearing skinny jeans and leggings, coats and a biker jacket, scarves other accessories and bags

business casual dresses, grey mini dress with wide lace hem, bright yellow dress with black belt, big cardigans and black ankle boots, jeans and a white top, worn by three different women

interview outfits for women, three women wearing trousers with different lengths, oversized coat and red bag, sunglasses and accessories

three women with big felt hats in black and red, differently colored skinny jeans, large scarves cardigan and sweater

skinny trousers in pale grey black and dark blue, white tops and dark blazers, worn by three different women, differently sized bags, gloves sunglasses and a beanie hat

A dapper, stylish gentleman is certain to make a good impression

business professional attire, man with sunglasses and light shirt, pale camel brown blazer, dark denim jeans and brown loafers

business professional attire, man with gelled back hair, light brown blazer with handkerchief, over white and blue chequered shirt, dark blue jeans and sunglasses

business casual outfits, dark navy sweater over light blue shirt, dark blue jeans and brown leather shoes, worn by man with camel brown backpack

interview outfits for women, four business ladies, wearing bright blue blazer, mini skirt and shirt, knee-length dress and grayish jumpsuit

smiling brunette woman, wearing white baseball jacket, over white t-shirt with black print, with long black trousers and white sneakers, holding small black handbag

Silver satin blouse combined with vintage jeans, for a stylish shopping trip around town

blonde woman with black sunglasses, wearing metallic top and vintage jeans, black belt and cream and black flat shoes, black shoulder bag and blue paper shopping bag

Simple and beautiful outfit

business casual attire for women, dark grey mini skirt, white and black striped top, white high heels and small clutch, worn by woman with sunglasses and hair bun

Gigi Hadid sporting a trendy black chocker

gigi hadid wearing smart black trousers, shiny black strappy top, high heeled sandals and a black satin chocker, holding small black clutch and phone

close up of a female torso, wearing white short-sleeved shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, black flats and brown belt, holding big black leather bag

business casual outfits, grayish-brown man's blazer with sunglasses and handkerchief, over pale denim shirt folded inside a folded green sweater, a pair of brown leather lace up shoes, next to belt placed on folded jeans, necktie and bracelets

All you need for an effective smart and causal look is your favorite pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt and a beautiful necklace

big golden necklace, featuring large flowers made of shiny stones in pink, yellow and purple with blue and clear beads and pearl details, two matching earrings

Underline your beautiful curves in a flattering, figure-hugging outfit

two images of a curvy woman with short hair, wearing a yellow and black striped top, skinny jeans in indigo and brown high-heeled sandals, golden pendant and sunglasses

business casual outfits, brown leather shoes, jeans with white shirt and dark navy blazer, camel brown coat and navy scarf, worn by man with sunglasses, holding leather gloves

The right accessories can really make your dress stand out

business casual dresses, white wrap-over dress, black leggings and dark blue stilettos, small rectangular bag and phone, delicate necklace and earring, worn by asian woman with brown hair

business casual dresses, blond woman with sunglasses, sitting on metal railing, wearing bright blue mini dress and black sneakers, holding large black bag

Kylie and Kendall grab an ice-cream in stylish black outfits 

kylie and kendall jenner wearing a black low-cut jumpsuit, and black long pants with matching crop top, with high-heels and sunglasses

Red high heels add a touch of glamour and style to any look

smiling blonde woman with wavy hair, wearing skinny jeans and a white top, dark purple high heels and black cardigan

Youth maybe be fleeting but style and good taste are lifelong

business casual outfits, older man with grayish hair, mustache and beard, wearing chunky-knit navy blue cardigan with white buttons, over blue shirt and khaki pants

We love this awesome and unique sneaker/loafer mash up by Tod’s!

close up of black leather shoes, with black studs and tassels, white and black rubber soles

long camel brown coat over white sweater, blue jeans and black leather slip-on shoes, worn by blonde woman with sunglasses, holding black leather bag

Your smile is your most precious accessory!

smiling woman with curled brown hair and grey beanie hat, wearing pale grayish-brown leather jacket, white top and grey formal trousers

kylie jenner wearing white crop top, skinny jeans with black belt and black ankle-boots, black cropped leather biker jacket and sunglasses

Long sweater dress with hood – cute and comfy!

business casual dresses, woman with hair in messy bun, wearing oversized black and white striped sweater dress with hood, holding white cardigan and magazine, black shoes and leather bag, seen from back and front

Red accent

interview outfits for women, brunette woman with tied back hair and red lipstick, grey cropped turtleneck poncho over black top, black trousers and bag, dark pink high heels

A cozy, soft and pretty combination for winter

black woman with straight dark brown hair, wearing big white and black chequered scarf, soft orange coat and skinny jeans, with white sneakers and brown shoulder bag

close up of male torso, dressed in dark blue blazer over light blue shirt, jeans with black belt and hand in pocket

Business casual for women who spend their summer at the office

interview outfits for women, serious brunette woman, wearing high-waisted navy trousers, high-heeled sandals and black bag, dark blue t-shirt and golden necklace

A vibrant splash of color will boost your confidence and good mood

interview outfits for women, close up of female torso, wearing bright blue formal trousers, bright green sweater and black belt, delicate golden necklace rings and bracelet

business casual dresses, blonde woman with wavy hair and sunglasses, wearing green and pink floral two piece outfit, knee-length skirt and cropped top, holding big striped bag

skinny white trousers and wide brown belt with golden clasp, plain golden bracelets and matching earrings, brown sleeveless top with golden necklace, animal print ballerina flats, next to pale brown bag and golden ring

brunette woman with ombre hair and dark sunglasses, wearing navy and pink off-shoulder top, white skinny trousers and strappy sandals with chunky-heels

smiling honey blonde woman, wearing white-of-shoulders sleeveless top with ruffles, distressed skinny jeans and brown chunky-heeled sandals

close up of woman's legs, wearing skinny distressed jeans and clear strappy high-heeled sandals, oversized denim coat with belt, small black bag with chain handle and metal detail

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