Becoming Rapunzel: Top 5 Hair Growing Hacks That Actually Work

by Maria Konou

Growing long and luscious long is not so easy of a task as it might seem. Sometimes, no matter how much time it passes, your hair seems to be stuck in the same length. If this is how you are feeling, don’t worry! What you need to do is learn which techniques and habits can actually help you grow out your hair. Sure, the Internet is full of tips and hacks, but which of them are actually good?  In this article, we will explore the top 5 most effective hair growing hacks that work. If you implement them into your life, you will surely notice a difference in the health and appearance of your hair!

Let’s explore the most effective hair growing hacks that actually work

best hacks for hair growth

Becoming Rapunzel: Top 5 Hair Growing Hacks That Actually Work

#Silk Pillowcases & Hair Accessories

Silk pillowcases and hair accessories are an easy way to give your hair a break. Not literally! Actually, quite the opposite. If you invest in silk sheets, pillowcases, and hair ties, your hair will suffer less damage and breakage. In addition, you won’t wake up with frizzy hair every morning. In addition, the silk fibers do not trap bacteria and dirt as easily as cotton and synthetic fibers do. Additionally, the silk accessories will actually help protect your lashes from breakage and your skin from breaking out!

Silk sheets and pillowcases will ensure less hair damage and breakage

hacks for growing hair faster

#Regular Trims & Protein Treatments

How many times have you wanted to grow out your hair, and it turned weak and brittle? If you want to grow out your hair in a healthy way, you need to do regular trims. Just like with plants, you need to remove the dead leaves, so new ones can start growing. If you combine your trims with protein treatments, your hair will become smother and stronger. Take a look at our article to see how often you should cut your hair.

Regular trims and protein treatments will keep your hair growing in an optimal way

hair hacks to grow hair faster

#Scalp Massages

Hair growth starts from the roots and your scalp. Therefore, you need to take care of scalp in order to stimulate hair growth. Regular scalp massages are one of the best ways to do so. There are two options you can try. The first is to massage your hair in the shower while you are shampooing it. You can use a silicone hairbrush to massage your scalp while you are waiting to rinse. The other option is to use hair oil to massage your scalp, before wrapping your hair in an old t-shirt and going to bed. In the morning, wash your hair like normal. Both of these methods will help accelerate hair growth and keep your hair shiny.

Regular scalp massages are one of the best ways to stimulate new hair growth

scalp massage how to grow long hair

#Protective Hairstyles

One of the most effective ways to keep your hair healthy that is often overlooked are protective hairstyles. These are usually braids that can keep your hair secure and not rubbing against furniture and your pillowcase. Make sure to braid your hair every night before bed to ensure that it is as smooth and silky as it can be! In addition, since the friction will be significantly less, your hair will start growing faster.

Braiding your hair before bed will protect it from breaking and becoming frizzy

how to grow healthy long hair

#Nutrient-Dense Diet & Extra Hydration

You might think that diet and hydration are too basic of a tip to be worth your attention. Most of us are always seeking for a miracle product that will be the solution to ll of our problems. The truth is that healthy habits are the only thing that will surely make a permanent difference in your life. For healthy hair growth, make sure to eat more nutrient-dense foods that are rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. Consume more protein, leafy greens, nuts, and eggs, as well as an abundance of fruits and veggies. They contain so many vitamins and minerals that will help completely transform your hair. In addition, drinking plenty of water will ensure that your hair follicles are hydrated enough for healthier hair growth.

Nutrient-dense foods are the way to go if you want long hair

best hair growth hacks

Drink water to hydrate your hair follicles and promote new growth

hacks to grow your hair faster

Now you know which are the best hair growing hacks that actually work!

hair growth hacks that actually work

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