10 Weird Hair Hacks That Actually Work Like a DREAM

by Maria Konou

Do you want to have the perfect hairstyle every time without all the fuss? Maybe you feel like you either don’t have the right products or you don’t know the right techniques for styling your locks? Well, if that is the case, you are in luck because these weird hair hacks are a life-saver! This article will show you how to create perfectly sleek hair, high and thick ponytails, and even how to get rid of split ends on your own. These tips and tricks are often used by celebrity hairstylists for flawless hairstyles that last, even on the red carpet! So, if you are interested in becoming a true hair master, take a look at these weird hair hacks that actually work like a dream!

Want to learn all the weird hair hacks that celebrity hairstylists swear by?

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Leave the scissors aside, and take a look at the best tips and tricks for your hair

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Weird Hair Hacks That Celebrity Hairstylists Love and Use

#The Aromatic Blow Dry

Things you will need: your favorite perfume, a brush and a blow-dryer

If you want your hair to smell unique all day long, no matter where you are, just listen up. Spritz your hair brush with your favorite perfume and then blow dry your hair like normal. However, don’t spritz perfume on wet air as the alcohol in perfumes will damage and dry it out! After a quick blowout, the scent will be evenly distributed throughout all your hair strands and your mane will smell divine all day long. This hack will surely turn heads, so keep that in mind!

If you want hair that smells divine all day long, then this hack is for you

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#Getting Rid of Split Ends

Things you will need: a pair of hair scissors

If you have recently noticed a lot of split ends in your hair, then this hack is for you! Let’s say you don’t have the time or opportunity to go to the hairdresser in the next week or two. Here is how to revive your hair quickly without taking away from its length. First, section your hair and wrap each strand around your finger. Then use a pair of scissors to lightly trim the ends that are sticking out the most. That way, you will actually get rid of at least some of them, and you won’t take away from your hair length at all!

If you have recently noticed a lot of split ends in your hair, then this hack is for you

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#Red Carpet Hair Trick

Things you will need: a semi-transparent hair tie and a comb for sectioning

If you are wondering why every time you look at your favorite celebrity, they have the most perfect hair falling beautifully down one of their shoulders and yours is flipping in different directions every time you move it, listen up. Here’s a little trick straight from the celebrity hairstylists. Just flip your hair to one side. Take the lowest section of hair and tie it up lightly with a semi-transparent elastic. That way, the longest section of your hair will always fall beautifully on your shoulder, just like you want it to. How clever and easy, right?

If you want the most perfect hair falling beautifully down your shoulder, listen up

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#Perfectly Smooth Hair (2 Hacks)

Things you will need: a makeup brush and some of your favorite hair spray / a dental floss

If your hairstyle is gorgeous, but you still have annoying stray hairs sticking out, listen up! If you are aiming for perfectly smooth hair, stock up on a thick makeup brush. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as you will use it on your hair. Then spray it with just a little bit of your favorite hairspray and smooth out the stray hairs at the roots. Voilà! Another weird hair hack that you can use on the go is dental floss! If your hair struggles with humidity or harsh winds, just keep a dental floss with you at all times. Take some of it and push your hair down, starting from the parting of your hair. This will immediately smooth your hair no matter where you are!

If you struggle with annoying stray hairs sticking out, these two hair hacks are for you

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#Bobby Pin Hacks

Things you will need: bobby pins and your favorite hairspray

If you are wondering why bobby pins aren’t holding your hair, and it is constantly falling down your face, there are two options. The first is that you are not using the bobby pins on the right side. The ribbed side of the bobby pins should be facing down because it holds the hair better that way. But if that doesn’t work for you, try spraying the bobby pins with your favorite hairspray. Then use them as normal, with the ribbed side facing down. The hairspray will help stick the bobby pin to your hair and make your hairstyle last way longer.

Who knew that a little hairspray can go such a long way!

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#Thick and Voluminous Braid

Things you will need: a hair tie

If you want your braid to look extra thick and voluminous, use your fingers! Just thug and pull the braid very slightly all the way through before tying it with an elastic. This will give your braid the desired texture, and make it appear a lot thicker and fuller.

Everyone loves a thick and voluminous braid 

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#The Lifted Ponytail

Things you will need: two bobby pins and a hair tie

If your hair is very heavy and thick, you are in luck, but if that is also probably getting in the way of creating a beautiful raised ponytail. If that is something you struggle with, here is a trick to help you out. Once you have tied your hair at the desired height, take two bobby pins and tuck them under the ponytail, into the elastic. This way they will help lift the hair up, and create an illusion of a fuller ponytail! Just be careful not to poke your head with the bobby pins!

If your hair is very heavy and thick, this weird hair hack is for you!

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#The Thick Ponytail

Things you will need: a small hair clip and a hair tie

If you want your ponytail to look a lot thicker than it actually is, take a small hair clip and a hair tie. Tie your hair at the desired position. Then divide your ponytail in half, and put the small hair clip or a clear bobby pin at the base of the ponytail. This will easily add more texture to the hair. Make sure to use a hair clip that is the color of your hair. This will make it undetectable even if you are moving a lot!

If you want your ponytail to look a lot thicker than it actually is, try this hack

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#Tame The Frizz

Things you will need: a toothbrush and your favorite hair spray

This is the perfect trick for taming frizzy hair. Sometimes, no matter how fine the comb or the hairbrush is, the baby hairs at the base of the hair cannot be tamed. That is where a toothbrush comes in.  Just spray a cheap toothbrush with some of your favorite hairspray and use it to smooth out the frizzy strands. Also, make sure that this toothbrush is a different color than the one you brush your teeth with, or just keep it in a completely different place. This will absolutely save you in those early mornings.

If your hair is frizzy and nothing seems to really help, try this hair hack

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#Coconut Oil Before Dyeing Hair

Things you will need: 100% organic coconut oil

If you dye your hair often and want to enjoy that rich, crisp, long-lasting color, listen carefully! First, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. Then slather it with 100% organic coconut oil. After an hour, dye your hair like normal. After the dye does its job, just wash your hair like you normally would. Voilà! The coconut oil will make it more nourished, shinier and keep the dye from falling out and tarnishing. In addition, your hair will be protected from the damage of the hair dye! This hack is especially important for people who have a dry scalp, and brittle hair!

If you have a dry scalp, use coconut oil before dyeing your hair

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These were some of the most popular weird hair hacks that professional hair stylist actually love and use! Remember that every person is different, so what might work for you might not work for someone else and vise versa. So, test things beforehand if you are sensitive, and be mindful!

Now you know the weird hair hacks that actually work like magic!

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