4+ Best Colors To Include In Your Summer Wardrobe (Pretty and Colorful)

by John Griffith

Summer time is the best time to experiment with colors. If you’ve ever wanted to add more colors into your wardrobe, now is the time. Adding brighter colors to your wardrobe can help you feel better mood and make you feel more optimistic. And you’ll also look your best, as you will be a style icon. Today we are going to show you some of the best colors for your summer wardrobe.

If you’ve ever wanted to add more colors into your wardrobe, now is the time

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Best Colors For Your Summer Wardrobe

You must be smart with your clothing decisions during summer. For example, wearing darker clothes will just make you feel warmer, as such colors absorb heat. It’s also best to trick to clothes that are loose fitting, such as wide leg trousers and materials such as cotton and silk. Let’s take a look at some colors that are a perfect choice for your summer wardrobe. They will make you feel fresh, happy and won’t attract sunlight as harshly as other colors.

Wearing darker clothes will just make you feel warmer

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#Bright Orange

This color is great, as it looks good on people with both lighter and darker skin. This color is bold, fun and definitely gives off a summer vibe. While this color was a staple of the seventies, it’s never really gone out of style. A timeless classic, this color is a great choice for your standout piece. It also goes well with blues.

This color is bold, fun and definitely gives off a summer vibe

three women two with bright orange blazers

#Sky Blue

The best part about sky blue is that it’s super soft and beautiful. It does great both as an outfit’s background color and on its own. It’s also super versatile when it comes to pairing it with other colors. Mix up your sky blue with some pinks, add some gold jewelry or play around with other blue hues.

Sky blue does great both as an outfit’s background color and on its own

summer wardrobe woman wearing sky blue dress

#Sage Green

Sage green has become a hit in the last few years. It’s a popular paint color for bedrooms, and it’s also a big part of the cottagecore aesthetic. And it’s easy to see why, this color is beautiful. While it may not be one of the flashier summer colors, this pale green hue still does a great job on standing out by itself. Another great thing about sage green is that it’s super versatile and can look great during every season except winter. Make sure to match this color with other lighter shades rather than pairing it will bold colors.

This pale green hue still does a great job on standing out by itself

gril wearing sage green colored pants and top


What a happy color! While it may not be the best choice for your kitchen, it’s the perfect color for your fresh summer wardrobe. While some people may consider yellow a hard color to wear, all you really need to do is find the right shade of yellow for your skin tone. For example, people with warm undertones look great in yellows such as buttercup and honey hues. Whereas people with cold undertones should go for yellow hues such as daffodil, lemon or bright yellow.

Yellow is the happiest of colors for summer 

easy summer outfit idea. sarah butler of @sarahchristine wearing bcbg yellow satin polka dot skirt and yellow satin tank top with jacquemus le panier soleil woven straw tote bag in seattle, washington.


#Varsity Red

Red is a powerful color. It emits energy, passion, strength, and power. It’s a great color for summer time. You might be surprised to learn that while red might seem like too bright and warm of a color for the sun, it actually doesn’t attract heat. So, this makes it a great choice for the warm weather. Since red, it such a bold color, it’s best to use it with a statement piece.

Style red with a blue denim jacket

summer outfit inspo red dress with demin jacket


#Barbie Pink

Barbie pink or bright pink is one of the most popular colors of the summer. Forget about the pastel pink hues or millennial pink. Summer is all about bright beautiful colors. So, make a statement and start adding more of this beautiful pink in your wardrobe this summer. You can pair this pink with plenty of colors, and it looks great!

Dua Lipa is out barbie pink inspiration!


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These were the best colors you can include in your summer wardrobe. We hope you found this article helpful. Now you can look good and feel great with your cool summer clothes, and you know the best colors!

Bright colors are a wonderful idea for summer

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