Which Crystal is Best for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

by Maria Konou

Have you considered choosing a crystal based on Astrology? Trusting the stars is great if you are seeking the right crystal to add to your collection. What’s more, choosing a crystal that corresponds to your zodiac sign can make your magical stones feel more spiritual and connected to you. Each zodiac sign shows extremely distinct features and characteristics that can determine who we are on the surface, as well as, on a deeper personal level. All in all, knowing the specifics of your birth chart can be really beneficial in navigating your life. And, it is no different when it comes to your crystals. You can integrate stones that correspond with your sign’s actions, characteristics, and ambitions and take your manifestations a step further. In other words, crystals that correspond to your astrological sign can feel more connected to you and your energy, thus becoming more powerful in helping you achieve your goals and dreams! So, let’s see which crystal is best for you, according to your Zodiac sign, so you can add it to your collection:

Let’s see which crystal is the one for you, according to the Zodiac

imwhich crystal is best for you zodiac birth chart

Which Crystal is Best for every Zodiac Sign?

Before we get into the crystals, it is important to note that working with crystals is not as easy as you might think. If you want to learn how to cleanse and purify your crystals, make sure to take a look at this crystal guide. Then it is usually time to program your crystal with manifestations. If you want to learn how to do that, we have a guide to help you program crystals! Now, let’s dive into the Zodiac signs and their crystals:


aries zodiac signs and their plants

Aries (the Ram)

March 21–April 19

Crystal Match: Carnelian

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is noted for its fiery and active attitude. Carnelian is the ideal crystal for Aries since it not only recharges your batteries but also heals your (sometimes dangerous) impulsiveness. Furthermore, this stone instills vitality, optimism, and joy, as well as assisting in the elimination of negative emotions such as jealousy and envy, therefore enhancing your mood! A carnelian stone can instill confidence in you and urge you to be forceful, but in a measured manner rather than with exploding passion. Carnelian instills confidence in you, encouraging you to speak your truth. Carry carnelian as a touchstone and a source of courage on a daily basis.

Carnelian recharges your batteries but also heals your impulsiveness

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taurus plants zodiac signs explained

Taurus (the Bull)

April 20–May 20

Crystal Match: Rose Quartz

Taurus, you are as tough as a bull, there is no doubt. But, because your sign is ruled by the gorgeous planet Venus, you are also a lover of calm and beauty, so you are constantly trying to establish a balance between your two natures. Taurus’ persistent resolve as a cultivator aids you in bringing peace and love into your life. Taurus also appreciates the finer things in life, particularly love. Rose Quartz can aid in the opening of the heart chakra and the release of a healthy amount of romance for this sign. Not only that, but carrying a little rose quartz with you all the time can help shield you from future heartbreaks and disappointments in love!

Rose Quartz can aid in the opening of the heart chakra

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gemini plants associated with zodiac signs

Gemini (the Twins)

May 21–June 21

Crystal Match: Celestite

Geminis should concentrate on meeting their emotional demands. This generally outgoing sign is known for being concerned about other people’s feelings and opinions, which can lead to emotional sacrifices that put them at the bottom of their self-care priority lists. Celestite can aid in the development of emotional communication skills and the alleviation of emotional burdens, hence improving your relationships. So, if you are in the mood for some honest communication, get yourself a Celestite!

Celestite can aid in the development of emotional communication skills

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cancer best plants for each zodiac sign

Cancer (the Crab)

June 22–July 22

Crystal Match: Red Jasper

It is not always easy for you emotionally, Cancer. But a grounding stone, like red jasper, will keep you from being emotionally disoriented. When it comes to soothing others, Cancers are always there, but when they are in need of it themselves, they tend to close off. Red jasper will anchor and ground you so that you remember to take time for yourself. Wear a red jasper stone close to your heart for constant protection. Having this crystal close by will act as a constant reminder to take care of yourself and be open to others.

Red jasper will ground you so that you remember to take time for yourself

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leo plants zodiac signs compatibility

Leo (the Lion)

July 23–August 22

Crystal Match: Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is known as the traditional gemstone of Leo since it encourages focus, creativity, and positivity. This amber-colored stone may harmonize your energy centers, helping you to achieve new levels of optimism and balance with greater ease and protection. This year, the Leos are pursuing self-empowerment. That is why, this stone can assist you in channeling your energy to achieve your personal goals, whether they are career or relationship-related. The frequency of the tiger’s eye can enhance your drive, and help you figure out what you want and how to get there.

Tiger’s Eye encourages focus, creativity, and positivity

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virgo plants and herbs for your zodiac sign

Virgo (the Virgin)

August 23–September 22

Crystal Match: Amazonite

Amazonite is a soothing stone that encourages self-acceptance. Amazonite helps Virgo see various points of view and let go of their obsessive desire for everything to run smoothly by balancing their masculine and feminine energies. With Amazonite, you will experience a surge of courage. Moreover, your self-esteem will rise, allowing you to experience true love in your relationships. You will discover the ability to be more open about your inner feelings, backed by clear honesty and the absence of fear of being judged.

Amazonite is a soothing stone that encourages self-acceptance

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libra what zodiac sign is best with plants

Libra (the Balance)

September 23–October 23

Crystal Match: Lepidolite

Lepidolite is one of the most effective stones for soothing anxiety and balancing emotions. It contains a high level of lithium, a substance that has been shown to help with anxiety symptoms. When faced with an imbalance in their lives, Libra can find peace in this gemstone. Lepidolite can help with the decision-making necessary to make a change in your personal life. What’s more, this crystal will increase your awareness, allowing you to make more constructive decisions instead of negative ones.

Lepidolite can help with the decision-making and changes

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scorpio plants zodiac signs compatibility chart

Scorpio (the Scorpion)

October 24–November 21

Crystal Match: Obsidian

Obsidian is a very potent talisman with a protective effect that perfectly matches the secretive energy of Scorpio. Carrying this stone with you at all times can allow you to achieve significant personal changes in a short period of time by addressing your hidden concerns that can cause suffering. It aids in the protection of negative vibrations as well as the development of the intuitive side of this water sign. Finally, the Obsidian forces themselves to confront their own shadows, bringing to light all of the unresolved issues.

TIP: Want to cleanse your home from negative energy? This stone is perfect for that! If you want more tips and tricks for removing unwanted energy from your home, just take a look at our guide!

Obsidian is the ultimate protective stone with secretive energy

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sagittarius plants according to zodiac sign

Sagittarius (the Archer)

November 22–December 21

Crystal Match: Turquoise

Turquoise is the perfect crystal for Sagittarius! Why? This stone aids in the management of stress that is caused by too many things to do and accomplish. This is a typical attitude of this sign, which often gets overwhelmed. What’s more, turquoise teaches you to detect and prioritize the most beneficial initiatives for your well-being. Getting the better of your indecisiveness and anxiety will be much easier with the strikingly-beautiful Turquoise by your side!

Turquoise teaches you to detect and prioritize yourself and what you want

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capricorn lucky plants for zodiac signs

Capricorn (the Goat)

December 22–January 19

Crystal Match: Aragonite

Capricorns are a very self-reliant and independent sign. They are notorious for their goals and the ability to see them through in both their personal and professional life. For a variety of reasons, Aragonite is an excellent crystal for Capricorn. Aragonite encourages knowledge and perception, which Capricorn requires in order to form meaningful partnerships. As a Capricorn, you might start to be more accepting of other people’s viewpoints. Aragonite is a gemstone that will help you acquire patience if are struggling with a lot of responsibilities. This stone is particularly useful in meditation since it allows you to develop mental steadiness while also strengthening your spiritual connection.

Aragonite encourages knowledge and better perception

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aquarius zodiac plants and flowers

Aquarius (the Water Bearer)

January 20–February 18

Crystal Match: Angelite

An Aquarius is a unique type of individual that refuses to think in society’s or even their own close group’s ideals. Unfortunately, this sign frequently avoids expressing their feelings. Angelite, a gorgeous light blue crystal, is well known for its spiritual potential to assist people in connecting with spirits and guides. As a result, this crystal emits pure loving compassion by nature. Angelite is a wonderful stone to work with if you want to improve your abilities to build up your community. You will feel supported in sharing your views and opinions with this crystal. As a result, you will be able to continue helping humanity around the globe with your ideals and views.

Angelite is the crystal for connecting with spirits and guides

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pisces plants for different zodiac signs

Pisces (the Fish)

February 19–March 20

Crystal Match: Amethyst

If there is a crystal that is ideal for Pisces, it has to be the beautiful Amethyst! This purple stone symbolizes spiritual insight, which is a characteristic of this water sign. Not only that, but Amethyst can also increase intuition and protect from harmful energies, making it ideal for Pisces. What’s more, the use of this stone can improve your concentration, and the ability to pay attention to what is really important. Ultimately, this purple crystal will be able to bring Pisces, the Zodiac sign that always has its head in the clouds, back down to earth!

Amethyst can increase intuition and protect from harmful energies

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