How to charge and program crystals for manifestation

by Maria Konou

Just like people take time to recharge and rest when they are feeling tired, so do crystals! Think about it: we need rest, sleep, and good food, and electronic devices need charging when they run out of battery. The same idea applies to crystals! When crystals are uncharged, they fail to vibrate with high frequency, they do not remove negativity, and they simply don’t do what we want them to. That is why after you cleanse crystals from previous energies, it is time to charge them and program them with our intentions. Crystals hold energies and powers that we need to understand and activate in order for our manifestations to become reality. That is why, in this article, we will show you how you can charge your crystals and program them to manifest your intentions!

Just like a phone battery needs charging, so does a crystal

how to set intentions with crystals to bring happiness wealth and prosperity

Programming your crystals gives them a direction and purpose

beginner crystals how do you cleanse charge and program all your crystals

Why do you need to charge crystals?

Crystals hold on to the energy they’re exposed to, which sometimes isn’t a good thing. For example, crystals with powerful protection energy like Black Tourmaline, for example, absorb the negative energy and keep you protected. But, your crystal cannot hold all the negative energy in the world! The energies it possesses will be drained and used up. It has to be cleansed from it and charged back up. Charging a crystal is oftentimes done with grounding energy that can be found in nature like the moon, the sun, and the soil. Moreover, you need to cleanse and charge crystals often or after every use in some cases. Stones and crystals that are still deep in the earth, for example, do not need that since they are drawing energy naturally from the soil and the earth. However, when they get dug up, they lose this ability to charge themselves. That is why you should care for your crystals in order for them to be able to take care of you!

Black tourmaline is a powerful protective crystal that absorbs bad energy

how to activate black tourmaline and make it absorb bad energy and negativity

These are the benefits of charging your crystals:

  • Their healing powers are amplified
  • Crystals go back to their original state of power
  • They can help you manifest intentions
  • Using charged healing stones strengthens your chakra

When crystals are charged, they go back to their original state of power

how to use crystals for setting intentions goals dreams and desires

Cleansing vs Charging

Many people think cleansing and charging crystals is the same thing. However, there is a big difference between these two processes. Cleansing removes the negative and imprinted energies stored in the crystal, and it restores it to its natural state. Charging, on the other hand, adds energy and power to the crystal, so it can actually help you with the intentions you would like to set for yourself. Basically, it is important to remember that for a crystal to work, you need to both cleanse and charge it regularly.

Despite what many people might think, there is actually a big difference between cleansing and charging

what is the main difference between charging and cleansing crystals

Charging a crystal gives is energy

how to charge crystals with intentions so they can work for you and your goals

Methods for charging crystals


The full moon is a very powerful point in the lunar cycle. And, the full moon works wonders for charging your crystals! Moreover, each phase of the moon brings a different energy. Generally, the moon represents feminine energy and intuition. A full moon symbolizes release, and it brings waning energy. A new moon represents the energy of growth. This is all quite important to consider when charging your crystals with intentions, since they can be enhanced or changed by the moon energy. For example, if you want to manifest the breaking of a bad habit using a crystal, it makes more sense to charge it on a full moon, so the energy of release can be amplified. Many people wonder how exactly the crystal charging is done. It is actually quite simple! Just place your crystals outside on your lawn or windowsill and let them absorb the moonlight. The only thing you need to consider is that the moon is visible. After cleansing and charging, a crystal should feel lighter, which is an indicator that it has been cleansed and charged!

A full moon symbolizes the energy of release

how to recharge crystals using the moon and its gentle feminine energy

Leave your crystals to soak up the moonlight overnight

how to activate rose quartz and how to charge amethyst with an intention


The Sun is the source of all life! Without it, our world would be a cold and dark place. Using the natural resources of the earth to charge your crystals is a very powerful way to energize them. In contrast to the gentle and feminine energy of the moon, the sun carries the masculine energy- strong and vibrant. This energy is particularly strong and determined. As long as your crystals are not sensitive to light, using sunlight as a charging power is a great method. This method is very simple, as well! Just leave your stones outside on the grass or near a sunny window with direct light. Make sure the stones are not touching and there is a good space between them. After that, just leave the sun to do its magic for a couple of hours. Use your intuition and remove the crystals from charging when you think they have had enough! There is no right or wrong here.

The sun carries the masculine energy of strength and determination

charging crystals using sunlight the powerful masculane energy of the sun

Find a safe place for your crystals and let them soak up the sunlight

how to charge a rose quartz crystal using the=power of the sun


The deep parts of the earth were once home to all crystals. That is why this method is so powerful and full of natural grounding energy, perfect to charge your crystals with! What’s more, this charging method is especially powerful for crystals, which need deep charging and rejuvenation. For example, you may find or purchase a stone that feels energetically heavy, as if it has been programmed and used by someone else. So, burying the stone back to Mother Earth can erase all that! There are two ways you can do this: you can bury the crystal directly in the soil, or you can bury it in a box. Leave your stone to charge for at least a week, or longer if you feel it is necessary. After that, just dig it up and program it with an intention yourself!

All crystals were once buried deep into the earth

how to cleanse and charge crystals using the energy of the earth

This charging method is especially good for crystals that need deep rejuvenation

how to activate rose quartz using the powerful energy of the earth and sun

Why do you need to program your crystals?

As you know, crystals store and transfer energy. Quartz crystals, for example, are piezoelectric, which means they transfer energy from one form to another! Crystals have metaphysical properties, so it is possible for you to charge them intentionally with the energy you want to work with and attract. Rose quartz is the crystal of all things connected to love, so you can program it with the intention of finding more love in your life or restoring your romantic feelings, for example. The action of programming a crystal with an intention gives it its job! You have the power to show the crystal what you want it to do for you. When you are charging your crystals, you get a clearer idea about your own wants and needs. This is an essential part of manifestation. Connect deeply with your crystal of choice and yourself and your deepest desires. What’s left is for you to show the crystal what it can do for you! All crystals are allies and friends that can support us in our awakening and life journey.

People use crystals for manifestation and mediation

how to set intentions with crystals and use them for mediation and manifestation

The powers of manifestation are enhanced with crystals

how to program crystals to work for you and use them to manifest

How to program your crystals with intentions

Now that you know why you need to program your crystals with intentions, it is time to learn how that happens exactly. After you cleanse and charge your crystals, think about the intention you want to set with them. Look into the specifics of each stone. For example, citrine is known to attract money and wealth, while Tiger’s eye gives you strength and courage. Using a stone that connects with your intention is important for the success of this practice. You need to show the crystal where you want all this energy to go and what it needs to focus on. When you program a crystal, it can work with you on a more intuitive and natural level. The actual process is very easy! Simply take your stone in one hand and focus on whatever it is that you want to achieve. Ignore every other irrelevant thought and focus on the visualization of your dreams and desires. Be as clear and specific as possible to make it easy for the crystal to do its job. Quite easy, right!

Different crystals hold different meanings and powers

how to activate crystals and their different powers for manifestation

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