How To Remove Negative Energy From Home: 10 Tips and Tricks

by John Griffith

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel overwhelmed, burnt out and tired? You don’t feel like doing anything, and you feel negative emotions such as anger, fear, or jealousy for seemingly no reason at all? Believe it or not, all of these feelings and conditions may be due to negative energy that has accumulated in your home. Everybody has heard the concept of this affecting people, however not many believe it. Often people living in homes with such energy feel restless, irritable and often quarrel with everyone around them. The space that’s supposed to bring you peace and comfort seems to be doing quite the opposite. If you feel like this sounds like your household, then this type of energy may be the problem. However, don’t worry! Today we will show you how to remove negative energy from home, so you can once again enjoy your space.

Negative energy affects you and your home

bad energy tidy and clean bright white home

How To Remove Negative Energy From Home?

Negative energy within the home causes for its inhabitants to get sick, for the plants to die and things always seem to break. Nobody wants that in their home. That’s why it’s important to cleanse your space. If you’re still not sure if you have negative energy in your space, there is an old wives tale about how to find out. All you’ll need is a long wax candle or a candle from the church. Light it and start going around the home clockwise, starting from the front door. Make sure to pay special attention to the corners and furniture. If the flame seems calm and keeps lit, this means that there is no negative energy. If the flame is crackling, smoking and the flames increase at certain spots, that means that in that place there is a lot of negative energy. So, how can we get rid of it?

You can test to see where the negative energy is 

woman sitting next to plants while holding a cup of coffee

Open The Windows

Make sure you ventilate your space every day. This doesn’t mean you should keep the windows open 24/7, but take some time out of the day to get some fresh air inside. It’s also very important to open up the windows in cases where you feel like your home guest was a bearer of negative energy.

Open up the windows

how to get rid of negative energy from home window open with a cat sitting in front of it

Tidy Up

A tidy home equals a tidy mind. Try to keep your home as tidy as possible and often declutter if you feel like you have a lot of unnecessary items lying around. This is important as more often than not these useless objects retain negative energy which contributes to the gloomy atmosphere.

A tidy home equals a tidy mind 

home with flowers orange chair and mirrors

Add Some Flowers

In order to help get rid of any negative energy, it’s a good idea to introduce plants into your home. They bring in freshness and feeling of peace and harmony. Specific plants also have different benefits. For example, there are air purifying plants and plants that help you sleep better. Add plants that you enjoy and fit your needs.

Snake plants and aloe vera are both air purifying

energy cleansing snake plant and another plants sitting on desk

More Light

Make sure your living space has plenty of natural light. Light is a source of happiness. Or if you don’t have the opportunity for natural light, pick out lights that boos your mood, aren’t harsh on your eyes, and that create an enjoyable space. Too much dark wall colors and furniture also isn’t recommended, as they can cause feelings of anxiety and create bad mood.

More light = better mood

negative energy light beam on white wall

Aroma Candles

If you feel tired, overwhelmed and burnt out, it’s best to light a nice scented candle. This will improve the ambience, smell and consequently the surrounding atmosphere. There are plenty of candle smells to choose from on the market, or you can make some DIY candles yourself.

Pick your favorite candle smell

house cleansing lighting an aroma candle with a match stick


Speaking of aromas for a good mood, we can’t forget to mention incense. These little aroma sticks have a powerful impact when it comes to clearing the negative energy and vibrations in a room. This Indian tradition has been used to cleanse homes for thousands of years.

These little aroma sticks have a powerful impact

symptoms of negative energy at home lit incense sticks with rose petals

Sage Burning

Burning sage is one of the oldest methods of clearing spaces and people of unwanted spirits and bad energy. Use white sage to clear the air in your home and rid the space of any negativity. Sage also gets rid of bacteria in the air. When burning sage always have the window open, so the negative energy has a way to get out.

Use white sage to clear the air

woman cleansing her home with sage


Different types of crystals have different types of benefits. Having crystals arranged on shelves around the house will help to bring harmony, happiness, and peace to your home. Not only that but some crystals can help improve your sleep and even protect you from energy vampires. The best suited crystals for this are amethyst, tiger’s eye and black tourmaline. Just make sure to cleanse and purify your crystals from the negative energy they have absorbed as well.

The beautiful, purple amethyst 

how to get rid of negative energy from home amethyst purple crystal on purple background


It’s believed that negative energy can also come in the form of vibrations. That’s why getting a Tibetan singing bowl can help clear those negative vibrations from your home. The sounds from the singing bowl will help charge your home with positive energy and boost the mood of its inhabitants.

Tibetan singing bowls clear bad vibrations 

bad energy woman holding a tibetian sound bowl

Wind Chimes

Our final tip on eliminating negative energy from the home is to hand some beautiful wind chimes in a suitable place around the house. The sound of the chimes will bring happiness and positivity to the space. Once again, clearing away any negative sound vibrations.

Chimes make beautiful sounds 

energy cleansing wind chimes and a bird house

These were some way on how to remove negative energy from the home. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can go and cleanse your home of the gloominess and enjoy your living space once again. It’s important we take care of our homes as they have a huge impact on our mental health. So, make sure to try to do these tips and tricks as often as you can to avoid the accumulation of negative energy.

No more negative energy 

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