How to Choose the Right Houseplant for You Based on the Zodiac

by Maria Konou

If you are interested in astrology, you are probably aware that each zodiac sign has its own set of personality qualities. So, naturally wouldn’t each zodiac sign have a particular preference for its houseplants? Choosing a new houseplant may appear to be as simple as picking one and bringing it home, but there is actually a lot more to consider. Plants come in a range of personalities, lifespans, and maintenance regimens, so your houseplants should reflect your personality and daily routine. What better approach to limit your selection of potential new plants than to seek answers from your zodiac sign and the stars! So, continue reading to see how the different zodiac signs choose their houseplants and which ones fit them the most:

Let’s see which plants are perfect for you according to the Zodiac

best plants for each zodiac sign

Zodiac Signs and Plants

Examine your zodiac sign and evaluate its major features while browsing through plant selections. Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, for example, are the signs that symbolize the fire element. They are daring, bold, and inventive. Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are earth signs who are grounded, devoted, and practical. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, on the other hand, are the signs associated with the element of water. They are generally emotional and sensitive. Finally, the air signs are non-other than Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, which are known for their sharpness, flexibility, and imagination. Selecting plants by your zodiac sign basically means selecting plants with these characteristics.

Turn your house into a mini jungle filled with your favorite Zodiac plants

plants according to zodiac sign

Zodiac Plants Characteristics

Here are the main characteristics that plants connected to your star sign possess:

  1. Aries is associated with thorns, prickles, and the color red.
  2. Taurus is associated with bright blooms, strong scents, and herbals.
  3. Fuzzy leaves, yellow blooms, and air plants are all associated with Gemini.
  4. Soft leaves, water plants, and night bloomers all point to Cancer.
  5. Leo has heart-shaped leaves with orange and gold blossoms.
  6. Virgo is associated with autumn plants, little blooms, and delicate leaves and branches.
  7. Libra has a bright hue, a pleasant perfume, and lengthy leaves.
  8. Scorpio is associated with the color red, lilies, and exotic flowers.
  9. Exotics, heart-shaped leaves, and aromatic fragrances are associated with Sagittarius.
  10. Flowering plants, strong perfumes, and perennial flowers are associated with Capricorn.
  11. Aquarius is associated with air-purifying plants and unique and unusual flora.
  12. Pisces is associated with ocean plants and brilliant, bright colors.

Each Zodiac sign is associated with different plant characteristics 

house plants for zodiac signs

How the different zodiac signs choose houseplants


aries zodiac signs and their plants

Aries (Ram)

March 21–April 19

Aries is the type of person who forgets to water the flowers. They are just not that interested. With so many more interesting things in this world, they have little to no time to take care of some passive flowers. That is why it is best not to bother with houseplants at all! Nevertheless, if you are determined to take care of a plant, then a Cactus could be just what you need. What you see is what you get with a Cactus, which is exactly what an Aries needs. What’s more, taking care of a Cacti does not require a lot of watering or constant attention. This fits in nicely with Aries’ tendency to become bored quickly and abandon present endeavors in search of something more intriguing and fun!

A cool-looking cactus is perfect for this earth sign 

zodiac as plants funny


taurus plants zodiac signs explained

Taurus (Bull)

April 20–May 20

Taurus, on the other hand, appreciates homey things. If you add plants to this sign’s attraction to routine and monotonous activities, it becomes clear why their homes are profusely decorated with various plants. A jade plant is one of the ideal plant candidates for you. This plant will blend into any decor motif you have in your home, in addition to bringing a calming presence. This is also a plant that does not draw too much attention to itself, which you can appreciate as a calm and collected zodiac sign. As an added benefit, the jade plant is a symbol of good fortune, which perfectly aligns with your taste for the better things in life.

Taurus is a calm zodiac sign and the jade plant has the same energy 

plants zodiac signs go well together


gemini plants associated with zodiac signs

Gemini (Twins)

May 21–June 21

Geminis don’t spend much time at home, but still, manage to take care of house plants. You do not like being restricted, and at the same time, you want to make a statement. Moreover, you are extremely flexible in a variety of settings. That is why the easygoing air plant is a match for you. These lovely little green friends do not need to be potted in soil, and they do not have bothersome roots. They thrive best as hanging plants in areas with sufficient air circulation. You enjoy changing things up, and you are highly adaptable in your own life, so air plants are just the ones for you. These plants are also simple to care for since they mostly grow on air.

Gemini needs only the most adaptable of plants

what zodiac sign is best with plants


cancer best plants for each zodiac sign

Cancer (Crab)

June 22–July 22

For Cancer, the more plants there are in the home the better. Taking care of plants calms this zodiac sign down. You are also sensitive and sympathetic, and you appreciate helping people, so a Mimosa plant could be the perfect match for you! These plants are best recognized for their sensitivity. When their leaves are touched, they curl inwards swiftly. What’s more, they also have the ability to produce small circular petals in tones of pink, yellow, or purple, which connect to your romantic side.

Cancer and the Mimosa are both super sensitive at heart

plants zodiac signs compatibility chart


leo plants zodiac signs compatibility

Leo (Lion)

July 23–August 22

The Leo needs something imposing, large, which does not require a lot of complicated care. And, that is why the Begonia is perfect for you. With its help, you will be able to emphasize his creative nature and demonstrate his abilities as a host. Begonias come in a range of colors and styles, allowing you to express yourself freely. When they are surrounded by other plants, they tend to dominate and are usually super attention-grabbing. Plus, these plants are quite self-sufficient and require little care, which you will love given your independent character.

Leos need a plant that can dominate a room

zodiac signs as plants


virgo plants and herbs for your zodiac sign

Virgo (Virgin)

August 23–September 22

Virgo needs something as complex and exotic as possible to show everyone that there are no impossible things. That is why the Monstera adansonii of the snake family (philodendron), a rather complex and beautiful plant, often finds itself in the home of the Virgin. Monsteras might require some extra care, but since you are a Virgo, that would not be a problem. Just make sure to take a look at this Monstera adansonii guide to learn everything about taking care of this plant.

Virgos needs something complex and exotic 

monstera zodiac signs as house plants


libra what zodiac sign is best with plants

Libra (Balance)

September 23–October 23

Libras are capable of paying attention to absolutely everything. And, since you are ruled by the planet Venus, the aesthetic and compassionate planet, then the exquisite Bird’s Nest Fern is just for you. Libras, like this plant, make no apologies for their high-maintenance nature. After all, basking in their beauty and love is a reasonable trade for some extra effort, right? And, if you want to know how to take care of these plants, take a look at this complete guide for taking care of ferns!

Libras will love this high-maintenance plant

plants for different zodiac signs


scorpio plants zodiac signs compatibility chart

Scorpio (Scorpion)

October 24–November 21

A Venus flytrap would be an excellent match for you since you appear to be frightening, mysterious, and prefer to stay to yourself. These plants are very well-known, yet their threatening appearance prevents them from being considered ordinary houseplants. You appear to be reserved, and if someone gets too close, you close up swiftly to defend yourself and protect your feelings. It is the same with the Venus flytrap, which quickly closes its mouth when provoked. Plus, the nectar from these plants attracts insects, which appeals to your possessive and enigmatic attitude that just lures people in.

Scorpios needs a plant just as mysterious and captivating as they are

what are some facts about zodiac signs


sagittarius plants according to zodiac sign

Sagittarius (Archer)

November 22–December 21

Sagittarians typically travel as much as possible, so they cannot take good care of houseplants. They need something that can almost endure months of ignoring. And that is where the Snake Plant comes in. These plants are extremely tall and hardy, and they tend to complement any space well, no matter where you decide to place them. What’s more, these plants also have a reputation for being one of the easiest plants to care for, thriving in the face of neglect. A Sagittarius needs a plant that can take less supervision, so you can live your life as you please. What’s more, the Snake Plant is one of the best air-purifying plants that promote good sleep and breathing!

This plant will not complain if the Saggitarius neglects it

what plant are you based on your zodiac sign


capricorn lucky plants for zodiac signs

Capricorn (Goat)

December 22–January 19

Capricorn, though considerate, treats plants with a bit of disregard. So, if someone gave him a houseplant, the most suitable choice would be the Dracaena! Just like the mountain goat, this plant can reach high heights. It is ambitious and tenacious, making it ideal for beginners or people who do not like spending too much time on their plants. And just like a Capricorn, if cared for properly, this plant will produce lovely flowers.

Capricorns need a plant that will grow to new heights

what are the flowers for each zodiac sign


aquarius zodiac plants and flowers

Aquarius (Water Bearer)

January 20–February 18

Aquarians generally do not like to complicate their lives with home care. And they prefer wild plants. So even if they have some flora in their home, it will be an unusual plant or an exotic flower that suits them best. Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer and new beginnings. You are free-spirited, humanitarian, and a little odd at times. Water also happens to be a favorite of the Elephant Ear. This plant is known for its large, tropical-looking leaves, which look exactly like elephant ears! The leaves can also be propagated to create new life.

The Elephant Ear is perfect for the eccentric Aquarius 

indoor plants according to zodiac sign


pisces plants for different zodiac signs

Pisces (Fish)

February 19–March 20

Pisces are natural-born nurturers, but this daydreaming sign can lose sight of time, space, and watering schedules due to their imagination. The ZZ Plant will continue to grow and adapt to changing situations, so it is the perfect houseplant for you! The coolest part is that the ZZ plant is nearly impossible to kill! So, even if you daydream a bit and forget to water it, this plant will handle it! All in all, this houseplant is super low-maintenance and self-sufficient. Moreover, with proper care, the ZZ plant can even grow small white flowers at its base.

The ZZ plant will easily adapt to Pisces’ changing nature

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Now you know which houseplant is perfect for you according to the stars

what plant are you based on your zodiac sign

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