What NOT to eat before bed: Avoid these foods for better sleep & health

by Maria Konou

Do not eat these foods in the evening to avoid problems with your health. Choosing the right foods to eat at dinner or at night can affect the quality of your sleep and even cause reflux and other digestive ailments. In this article, we’ll show you which foods are best to avoid in the late hours. Dinner is one of the main meals of the day. Therefore, the best option is not to eliminate it or eat unhealthy foods. Additionally, if you don’t want to howl too heavily before bed and want to sleep well, there are certain foods you shouldn’t eat at night. The last meal of the day should really be lighter than other meals, eating dinner is important because it affects many processes that the body carries out during the rest period. Below, we will tell you which foods you should avoid right before bed.

Let’s see what you should NOT eat before going to bed

what not to eat before bed to lose weight

What NOT to eat before bed


Believe it or not, pasta is the first of the foods you should not eat at night. Since pasta is a significant source of carbohydrates, it is ideal for any time of day when your body and brain need to be very active. For this reason, it is always better to eat it at lunchtime. Eating pasta at night can cause an uncomfortable feeling of heaviness, which prevents you from resting properly. At the same time, due to calorie intake, can impact your metabolism and therefore your weight.

Tip: Instead of making your usual bowl of pasta, try a healthier dinner recipe. Our high-protein vegan Buddha bowl with roasted veggies & tahini dressing is the perfect healthy dinner option!

Pasta is delicious and filling, but it might not be the best late dinner choice

what not to eat before bedtime

#Ice cream

You can probably guess that eating ice cream during dinner or to appease nighttime cravings is also not a good option. Although filling and delicious, this food for the most part contains saturated fats, sugars, and added substances that can affect sleep quality and increase weight. So, try to resist the urge to make an ice cream bowl before bed.

Having a bowl of ice cream before bed is not as good as it sounds

what are you not supposed to eat before bed tips


Try to avoid eating cheese at night, as well as meals that contain dairy products. Although eating dairy products is important for the body, you should not consume them at dinner or right before bed. They can cause heaviness in the stomach and interfere with your sleep, especially in people with lactose intolerance.

Tip: Lactose in cheesy products makes a lot of people bloated. If you often experience bloating and heaviness, take a look at these proven methods for reducing bloating!

Cheese products are delicious, but you should avoid them before going to sleep

what not to eat or drink before bed

#Spicy food

Spices and spicy sauces have a taste that adds a special touch to every dish. While it is definitely not unhealthy to eat them regularly, it is best to include them in one of your other meals, not at dinner. They can very often cause heartburn and gas. In fact, according to an article published in Current Medicinal Chemistry, spicy seasonings irritate the stomach lining and increase the tendency to acidity and indigestion. Consequently, consuming such foods before bedtime can cause acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach pain. And, that is the last thing you need before bed.

Tip: If you often happen to get heartburn and acid reflux, make sure to see these natural remedies for getting rid of heartburn.

Spicy food is the most likely to cause acid reflux and heartburn

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Cauliflower is known for being a very healthy, low-calorie vegetable. However, despite these qualities, its consumption at night is not recommended as some of its properties increase gas production. Eating it for dinner or even a few hours before bedtime can hinder the digestive process and increase the feeling of heaviness, which interferes with sleep. So, do not risk your sleep for some roasted cauliflower.

Leave roasted cauliflower for lunch and save yourself the trouble

what not to eat before bed time

#Dark chocolate

The nutritional properties of dark chocolate are undeniable, but eating it for dinner or before bed can definitely interfere with your quality of sleep. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which stimulate the nervous system and keep the brain awake longer. Keep this sweet snack for daytime, when you actually need your brain to stay awake.

Dark chocolate is the one, which contains the most caffeine

what are you not supposed to eat before bed

#Red meats and sausages

No matter what, consumption of sausages and red meats should be moderate, regardless of the time of day, as these foods contain saturated fats and added chemicals. According to a study published in Aging and Disease, high consumption of red meat can have a negative effect on sleep quality and sleep duration in older adults. So, lay off the steaks before bed!

A nice romantic dinner with red meat will have a negative effect on your sleep

what shouldn't i eat before bed

What foods are recommended at bedtime?

To prevent digestive discomfort during rest, it is best to eat balanced and light meals containing chicken or fish and cereals, fruit, or legumes. The most important thing, however, is not to overdo the portions and especially not to dine just before bedtime. If you struggle with sleeping, then we have two unusual pieces of advice for you that might help you sweet better. The first is to add more air-purifying plants in your bedroom, so they can improve the air quality. And, the second piece of advice is to make a cup of warm moon milk right before bed. Moon milk is a drink that contains different herbs and spices that promote good sleep, and relaxation, and support your health! We have the most delicious recipe for Pink Moon Milk with hibiscus flower & rose petals for the sweetest sleep.

This pink moon milk is a dreamy elixir that promotes the sweetest sleep

what does pink moon milk taste like

Keep your dinners light, fresh, and nutritious to avoid any sleep disturbances

what not to eat before you go to bed


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