Wondering How To Reduce Bloating? Here Are 5+ Proven Ways

by John Griffith

If you are experiencing any discomfort in your stomach and abdominal area, it feels bigger and fuller, and it’s making rumbling noises, then you are most likely bloated. Nobody enjoys this feeling. It’s an uncomfortable sensation that most people will experience at least once during their lifetime. But on the bright side, at least it doesn’t last too long and there are plenty of ways you can get rid of it. And while it’s normal to get bloated from time to time, if it is causing you any discomfort, you’ll most likely want to know how to reduce bloating.  Today we will look at both some quick methods and some general tips and tricks to help with bloating.

Bloating is an uncomfortable sensation in the stomach

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How To Reduce Bloating

Here are just a couple of ways how to reduce bloating, both fast and long-term. Try out some of these methods and the bloating feeling should be gone as soon as possible.

How to prevent bloating after eating

bloating infographic causes and what to avoid

Physical Activity

When we say physical activity, we aren’t talking about sweating for hours on end at the gym. Rather than that try taking a nice, relaxing walk. Walking will help get the bowels stimulated and moving. Consequently, this will help them release any excess gas that may be trapped and cause bloating.

Try taking a nice, relaxing walk

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Massage The Abdominal Area

Give your abdomen a bit of a massage. This, like the walk, can help stimulate the bowels. All you need to do is get your hands and place them above your right hip bone. Then, in a circular motion, apply some pressure towards the rib cage’s right side. Afterward, rub the belly area’s upper part towards the rib cage’s left side. Move down towards the left bone. You can repeat this as many times as needed. However, keep in mind that it should not be painful. Stop if you feel any pain. You can also use a foam roller.

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Eat Slowly

The faster you eat, the more air you swallow. Catching air in your stomach and digestive system is one of the main causes of bloating. That’s why in order to reduce bloating and hopefully prevent it overall. Make a mental note and try to chew and eat slower.

The faster you eat, the more air you swallow

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Take Some Probiotic Foods

One of the best things you can do for your digestive system takes probiotic foods or supplements. Probiotics, such as Kombucha, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods are great at giving our gut a healthy dose of microorganisms. These organisms hold good bacteria within them, which helps the gut reduce bloating and even IBS symptoms. You can take them in a supplement form as well.

Kimchi is a great probiotic food

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Peppermint Oil

Peppermint has been known throughout history as a great relief for gas and indigestion issues. You can take it as tea, or as an oil capsule. Peppermint is great as it helps the intestinal muscles relax and consequently allowing the trapped gas to pass through. Always make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before taking the capsules. If you have problems with heartburn, it’s best to avoid peppermint.

Peppermint is great as it helps the intestinal muscles relax

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Potassium Snacks

Foods that are rich in potassium, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, and avocados, can help regulate all the fluid that gets trapped within the body. By flushing out any excess water, the bloating will subside. So, make sure you snack on plenty of potassium-filled foods.

Bananas are full of potassium

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Avoid Salt

Consuming any drinks which are high in sodium isn’t great for us, as salt retains a lot of water in the body. While, the water found in the guts can give off an uncomfortable, bloated feeling. It also swells up the body, causing further discomfort. That’s why it’s best to avoid foods that are too salty.

Salt retains a lot of water in the body

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Bloating Causes

Okay, but what causes bloating in the first place? There are many reasons behind this uncomfortable sensation. Generally, bloating is when too much gas or air is caught up in your gut. This can be caused by the food you eat, fizzy drinks you take, too many raw vegetables, or swallowing way too much air while you eat. It can also occur if you have certain food intolerances, celiac disease, constipation, or IBS. However, keep in mind that bloating shouldn’t be constant and too painful. If you feel something is wrong, make sure to go get it checked out.

Bloating can be caused by the foods you eat or fizzy drinks you drink

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These were some tips and tricks on how to reduce bloating. We hope you found this article useful, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with bloating no more.

We hope you found this article useful

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