Cool Tattoo Ideas For Men To Inspire Your Next Body Art Session

by John Griffith

Nowadays, tattoos are a completely normal thing. Once upon a time, they were considered a sign of a rebellion. As things progressed, however, you can all kinds of people with tattoos. But, visible tattoos were still frowned upon at work, for example. Nowadays, however, about 38% of the world’s population has at least one tattoo. That seems crazy, right? Well, not really. Just think of how many people you know who have tattoos. So, today we have dedicated this article of cool tattoo ideas for men to those who are looking to extend their collection or have finally worked up the nerve to get their first one! Scroll through the gallery and keep reading to find lots of examples you can totally steal.

This is a great example of a super creative tattoo

abstract back of arm tattoo of female face and hand geometric tattoo designs for men black and white photo

What tattoos are trending?

As is the case with everything else, tattoos also have trends. Every year you can see different types of tattoos flooding your news feed. I mean, you definitely know what a tribal tattoo is and even if you don’t have one yourself, you’ve definitely heard of mandala tattoos. So, what are going to be the top trending tattoos in 2021? Keep reading to find out.

Animal tattoos are never going out of style

animal tattoos three side by side photos forearm tattoos for men owl lion cub lioness lion with rose

Maori tattoos

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. For the Maori a tattoo was a symbol of rank and status. Most often you could find their tattoos on their faces. They consist of circular shapes and curved, spiral like patterns. What is important to know is that different shapes, naturally, symbolize different things. That is why, you need to do extensive research before getting this tattoo. It is super intricate and definitely requires and experienced tattooist.

The Maori tattoo originated from New Zealand

arm sleeve maori tattoo with black ink on man wearing watch jeans black t shirt back tattoos for men

Spiritual tattoos

Spiritual tattoos have become quite popular as of late. It seems like nowadays people are so open about their mental health and religion. Which is exactly why, for some people showcasing your spiritual side through a tattoo is a natural thing. It is all about practicing self care, meditation and really paying attention to yourself. So, if you are one of those people, who really pride themselves on their spiritual growth, then this type of tattoo is perfect for you.

The tree of life symbol represents personal growth

back of legs tattoos on man wearing gray shorts white socks red sneakers shoulder tattoos for men tree of life rock on symbols

Personal tattoos

Have you been through something dramatic recently? Have you had a life changing experience? Were you able to recover after a tragedy that happened in your life? Well, if you want a tattoo to mark that growth than a tattoo who signifies that is just the way to go. Many people have tattoos just for the sake of it, or because they think they are beautiful. More often, however, tattoos have special meanings to their owners. So, if there is a special inscription, symbol or object, which signifies a certain struggle you have had to overcome in your life, then it is important to mark this stage in your life by tattooing it on your body forever.

These tattoos can also be a great reminder that you can overcome anything

back tattoos for men courage written in cursive above anchor with rope forearm tattoo black and white photo

Animal tattoos

If you browse through the internet you can probably find thousands of articles and quizzes on “Which animal are you?”. Just like people, animals have different roles to play in the animal kingdom. Because of that, we tend to identify as different animals. Each of them has a special meaning. Which is exactly why, tattooing an animal onto your body can reflect your own character. Lions are a symbol of power and strength, wolves are a symbol of tenacity and perseverance, owls are a symbol of wisdom. The list goes on and on.

Having a tattoo of an animal you identify with shows your character

black jeans and t shirt worn by man with forearm tattoo ideas for men owl with yellow eyes above forest landscape

Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor will never go out of style. These types of tattoos are so beautiful. Colorful and vibrant, all eyes will be on them. So, if you are looking for that wow effect, a watercolor tattoo is the way to go. The good news is that every single design looks good in watercolor. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you choose a big or a small tattoo.

The tree of life in watercolor looks absolutely stunning

colorful back shoulder tattoo of tree of life sleeve tattoo ideas for men blue pink orange yellow green purple colors used

Small tattoo ideas for men

If you are looking for ideas for your first tattoo then you have come to the right place. If this is your first tattoo, you don’t have to go all out and get a sleeve, for example. Start small and you can always upgrade later if you decide that you want a bigger tattoo. Naturally, smaller tattoos have much less room for detail. Which is why, you can pick a simple design, which is meaningful to you and get it tattooed. Furthermore, a small design is going to look good anywhere on your body.

Start small if you are getting your first tattoo ever

bird with spread wings wrist tattoo shoulder tattoos for men black and white photo

Compass tattoos

Compass tattoos have been on the scene for quite a while. As we all know, in the past compasses were used to find the right path. Therefore, that is what they represent. If the person who wants to get a compass tattoo is someone who want to find their own path, then this body art is perfect for them. Moreover, compass tattoos are perfect for people with adventurous spirit. So, if you love to travel then this is a great option for you. Pair your tattoo with some roses or a good quote and you will have yourself the perfect tattoo.

Not all who wander are lost

compass forearm tattoo ideas for men not all who wander are lost written under the compass

Where should guys get tattoos?

Not that there is a certain statistic or a must-have tattoo somewhere, but in general, there seems to be a few places guys prefer to have tattoos. Most love a shoulder or arm tattoo. Even more so, if it is a sleeve. The forearm is also a perfect spot for anyone who wants their tattoo visible for everyone especially in the summer months. Legs and back is also a preferred tattoo location for men. Whatever the case, however, you can get a tattoo anywhere you like. Nowadays, there is so much freedom in expressing yourself that you shouldn’t have to conform to the norms.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the location of your tattoo

black shorts worn by man photographed from the back forearm tattoos for men two stars tattooed on his back

Tattoo ideas for men

We have already given you a few ideas for cool tattoos which are going to be trending in 2021. Now, it is time to browse through our gallery and find even more inspiration. However, you can always be creative and come up with your own design. Especially if you want your tattoo to mean something special to you. Tattoos are a great way to commemorate important moments in your life, which is why you should definitely get one.

Cool tattoo ideas for men

eagle wings upper arm sleeve tattoo starting from the back simple tattoos for men blurred background elephant hand watercolor tattoo in blue on the back meaningful tattoos for men black background evil eye hand tattoo surrounded by dots in circular shape back tattoos for men black background family written with big letters on forearm sleeves small tattoos for men surrounded by roses

female face surrounded by flowers leaves feathers half sleeve forearm tattoo on man wearing jeans gray t shirt tattoo designs for men

Creative and cool tattoo designs for men

flower with waves wrap around ankle tattoo shoulder tattoos for men on man wearing red sneakers side by side photos forearm sleeve tattoo simple tattoos for men man holding children hand walking towards clock eye below them forearm tattoos for men rose with thorns tattooed on man wearing white t shirt jeans no stress bracelet forest landscape with tall trees wrap around forearm tattoo small tattoo ideas for men wearing black jeans gray t shirt half of female face other half of clock with roman numerals sleeve tattoo ideas for men black background hand tattoo forearm tattoos for men small anchor on hand placed on black fabric

Jason Momoa and his ultra cool tattoo

jason momoa climbing a rock wearing black pants black tank top tattoo designs for men forearm maori tattoo leg watercolor tattoo back tattoos for men boy holding balloons galaxy sky with planets above him man sitting on small brick wall simple tattoos for men leg sleeves on both legs with colorful tattoos man wearing black shirt glasses with long black hair tattoo designs for men colorful tattoos on his arm man with beard wearing denim shirt arm sleeve tattoos on both hands tattoo ideas for men gray background meaningful tattoos for men small neck tattoo of bird with spread wings on man wearing black sweater white background mountain landscape with black ink tattooed on man wearing black jeans and t shirt back tattoos for men black and white photo name written in cursive font on the side of the wrist on man holding camera small tattoo ideas for men black and white photo

Biomechanical forearm tattoos for men

ripped skin biomechanic tattoo shoulder tattoos for men forearm tattoo on man wearing grey shorts black t shirt scary tattoo on the side of the leg sleeve tattoo ideas for men man wearing mask of a clown on black background shoulder tattoos for men man wearing straw hat eagle with spread wings tattoo on his back shoulder watercolor tattoo of galaxy sky in purple pink blue cassette tape floating around meaningful tattoos for men side by side photos meaningful tattoos for men wrist tattoo with alive written matching couple tattoos of tree of life owl finger tattoos simple tattoos for men forearm tattoo of small cross fe written above it in cursive font on man wearing jeans dark t shirt

Shoulder tattoos for men

skull with armor shoulder tattoo made with black ink on man wearing gray tank top tattoo ideas for men

skull with rose forearm tatttoo on man wearing black jeans black and white striped shirt small tattoo ideas for men sleeve tattoo ideas for men hand tattoo of watercolor heart with blue sky with clouds inside it being tattooed by man wearing black gloves sleeve tattoo on man wearing white shirt forearm tattoos for men roses with compass diamond crown small tattoo ideas for men small skateboard tattoo on the back of the leg palm tree ankle tattoo

Meaningful tattoos for men

small tattoos for men compass with map of the world die with memories not dreams back of leg tattoo swallow wrist tattoo small tattoos for men wearin white t shirt black jeans standing on wooden floor tattoo designs for men hand tattoo of rural landscape alien abduction of cow tattooed with black ink tattoo ideas for men praying woman surrounded by flowers arm sleeve tattoo with black ink

thigh tattoo of roaring bear on man wearing gray shorts sleeve tattoo ideas for men leg sleeve on other leg

three arrows forearm tattoo meaningful tattoos for men background of floor with gray tiles

Small tattoos for men with special meaning

two lines crossing as x small tattoos for men s d p r letters written around them forearm tattoo on man wearing blue blouse white background small tattoos for men abstract tattoos on the whole arm of a man wearing black jeans whole back tattoo on man standing in the middle of forest simple tattoos for men maori tattoo whole shoulder covered with tattoo of colorful wings small tattoo ideas for men blue green red yellow on the tattoo

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