Geometric shapes on the skin – more than 60 ideas for a unique geometric tattoo

by John Griffith

The aspiration towards harmony and balance in all aspects of life is one of the greatest concerns of mankind. From the human body to the art, the harmonious aspect of the forms is considered as a real aesthetic norm. So it’s no surprise that geometric tattooing is so popular among tattoo lovers and beginners alike in the art of skin. The craze for geometric tattoos can not be explained solely by their aesthetic appearance, however. Geometric shapes are everywhere in the world, the sources of inspiration are virtually inexhaustible. In addition, their harmonious appearance combined with the many motifs creates an original and deeply symbolic design.

 Geometric tattoo or the aesthetics of harmony

geometric tattoo, geometrical star, under the elbow, person dress in white shirt, standing in front of a white background

The meaning 

The geometric tattoo very often represents a design with repetitive forms harmoniously arranged to form a symbolic whole. This representation of simple forms and their ordering by the tattooist evokes harmony, balance and precision that is observed everywhere in nature. The ambition to reduce the world to its simplest forms also reveals a desire to know the nature of everything around us. The fragmentation of an image is also opposed to the tendency of the man to think too much, to over-analyse and to complicate. The simple and geometric tattoo thus poses a whole new look on the world and nature. Some designs offer a semi-geometric representation, which symbolises the principle of the interconnection of all things in the universe.

A poetic tattoo that combines geometric shapes with nature’s motifs

tattoos on both arms, flying birds, surrounded by geometrical shapes, geometric tattoos

Fox tattoo in a geometric style – a striking, complex and delicate design

little bear, drawn with geometrical shapes, coloured in black and blue, geometric shapes, white background

Dotted tattoo and geometric shapes in a futuristic spirit

person standing in front of a white wall, geometric tattoo, circles and triangles on the forearm

Geometric bear – symbol of male strength

bear drawn with geometrical shapes, shoulder tattoo, pink tank top, geometric tattoo

 Pretty rose inside a circle which reminds us of church windows

framed paintings on the wall, sacred geometry tattoo, rose flower in the middle of a circle

 Minimalist tattoo with three crystals

white sneakers, black and white crystals ankle tattoo, sacred geometry tattoo, plaid shirt

Get an impressive tattoo – an original idea for great adventurers

mountain landscape chest tattoo, sacred geometry tattoo, plaid shirt, moon shining on trees and waterfall

Behind the coolness of this pineapple hides a deeper meaning – “Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.”

pineapple with sunglasses, tattoo on the arm, sacred geometry tattoo, black background

Vertical geometric tattoo that associates several intertwined triangles to the mystical symbol of the ouroboros

orange background, sacred geometry tattoo, a set of feet, tattoo on the leg, with circle and triangles

Horus eye tattoo inserted in a triangle

black fluffy sweater, white background, forearm tattoo, inspired by egyptian gods, flower of life tattoo

 Arrow inside a diamond

set of feet, flower of life tattoo, triangle and arrow tattoo, on both feet, wearing black shoes

Majestic geometric tattoo

lion head, drawn with geometrical shapes, geometrical crown, back tattoo, flower of life tattoo

Vertical broken down tattoo

flower of life tattoo, bird head and claws, hexagon in the middle, forearm tattoo, plaid shirt

     Minimalistic tattoos in geometric style on different parts of the body

black dress and shoes, long platinum blonde hair, flower of life tattoo, 3d square thigh tattoo

  Bee with geometric wings

small black and white bee, forearm tattoo, geometric tattoo sleeve, blurred background

a set of hands, small black and white triangles, on both hands, white background, geometric tattoo sleeve

bouquet of flowers, swarm of flies, geometrical dots, geometric tattoo sleeve, white background

cactuses and geometrical stars, geometric tattoo sleeve, white background, beige shirt

 Abstract circle pattern on the whole arm

geometric tattoo sleeve, turquoise sneakers, camouflage cap, skateboard girl

Watercolour trend geometric tattoos

colourful crystals, forearm tattoo, sacred tattoo, white background

rainbow coloured geometrical rabbit, thigh tattoo, sacred tattoo, blurred background

matching couple tattoos, crystals on the inside of the arm, sacred tattoo, white background

large thigh tattoo, sacred tattoo, flowers and crystals drawing, white background, black shirt and jeans

forearm tattoo, inspired by the egyptian gods, sacred tattoo, black background

Two styles, one tattoo

elephant head colourful tattoo, on the side of a girl's stomach, balance tattoo, navy top and jeans

balance tattoo, large geometrical owl, tattooed on the forearm, girl with skirt and sandals

flower with thorns, snake eating itself, balance tattoo, on the girl's thigh

Flower of life tattoo – one of the most popular symbols in sacred geometry

flowers geometrical tattoo, balance tattoo, black background, forearm tattoo

 Geometric mandala composed of intertwined triangles

geometrical triangles and circles, forearm tattoo, balance tattoo, brick wall in the background

Perfectly symmetrical forearm tattoo

back forearm tattoos, set of hands, geometrical tattoo on both hands, girl standing in front of a white wall

 A geometric arrow tattoo is always a good choice

forearm tattoo, with arrows circles and triangles, back forearm tattoos, blurred background

The many facets of life

geometrical shapes, forearm tattoo, back forearm tattoos, man wearing a patterned shirt

Geometric tattoo influences fashion – a tattoo effect tights for an original grunge look

geometrical whole legs tattoo, girl wearing black dress and jacket, back forearm tattoos

horizontal and vertical arrows, back forearm tattoo, man standing next to a car, putting luggage in the trunk

black nail polish, geometric animal tattoos, geometrical forearm tattoo, grey background

Stylised flower with coloured squares

colourful geometrical shapes, on the back of the arm, geometric animal tattoos, white background

geometrical tattoo, circling the forearm, man standing in front of a wall, geometric animal tattoos

shoulder tattoo, inspired by the illuminati symbol, geometric animal tattoos, man standing in front of a brick wall

  Hot air balloon for the travel lovers

geometric animal tattoos, geometrical hot air balloon, on the forearm, man sitting down

Women’s tattoo with geometric and nature pattern

bee landing on lavender, circles and triangles around, tattoo on a woman's thigh, geometric flower tattoo

geometric flower tattoo, owl with spread wings, moon and geometrical shapes, forearm tattoo

mountain landscape with circles, tattoo on the back of the shoulder, geometric flower tattoo

The earth and the cosmos contained in two opposite triangles

mountain landscape, with triangles and stars, tattoo on the forearm, geometric flower tattoo

 Poetic landscape mountain, sea and sun

mountain landscape with river, geometric flower tattoo, tattoo on the wrist of a girl

triangle wave, geometric tattoo designs, girl wearing a grey top, white background

Tattoo artists often mix graphic and realistic style to create a unique design

rose in the middle of a triangle, forearm tattoo, geometric tattoo designs, white background

     Graphic representation of the interior of the earth

planet earth, reimagined as a russian doll, back of the arm tattoo, geometric tattoo designs

Complex ornamental composition with pretty mandalas

red and black geometrical sleeve tattoo, geometric tattoo designs, white background

red and black tattoo, covering the wrist and forearm, geometric tattoo designs, white background

  Geometric owl tattoo with colourful patterns

large red and black owl tattoo, geometric tattoo meaning, tattoo on the shoulder, man wearing a tank top

 Complementary tattoo polka trash style

large red and black tattoo, on the wrist and forearm, geometric tattoo meaning, paved street

 Tattoo playing on the contrast of geometric lines with the realistic representation of the lotus

pink and purple lotus flower, surrounded by geometrical shapes, geometric tattoo meaning, forearm tattoo

The graphic beauty of the dotted tattoo goes perfectly with the harmonious geometric shapes

ankle tattoo, geometric tattoo meaning, black sneakers, geometrical shapes, white laces

 The spiral of life

colourful shell shaped tattoo, on the shoulder, geometric tattoo meaning, grey blouse

 Minimalist representation of the solar system

circles and dots tattoo, on the forearm, geometric owl tattoo, wooden floor, man standing

Symbol of infinity and continuity of life

snake eating itself, infinity symbol shaped tattoo, geometric owl tattoo

two vertical lines, back of the hand tattoo, blurred background, geometric owl tattoo

wolf face, half geometrical, half black, geometric owl tattoo, tattoo on a girl's thigh

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