Inked Together – 80 Charming Matching Tattoos for Couples, Siblings, and Friends

by John Griffith

There are certain people in our lives with whom we share special, deep, and unshakable connections. Be it a parent, a sibling, a close friend or a partner, they are always by our side and make each day just a little bit brighter. And while the bond that connects us might be invisible, it is one of the most powerful forces in the world – it remains with us throughout our lifetime and gives us strength in times of need. If you wish to commemorate your own special connection with a kindred spirit, there is hardly anything better than getting matching tattoos. It will be a beautiful, livelong reminder of the special bond that links you.

But how do you choose a tattoo right for you and your special person? In order to answer this question, you must first consider several important points. Are both of you a minimalists or do you prefer lavish, elaborate designs? Would you be happy to look at your tattoo every day, or would you rather have it at a place where it’s not visible to you (e.g. on your back)? Do you want everyone to see it, or do you prefer an option that can be covered with clothes or accessories? And, above all, is there a special memory you share that can potentially be translated into a tattoo? For example, if your met your significant other at the beach, you might want to commemorate your relationship by getting a design featuring waves or shells.

She’s the brain and he’s the heart – lovely matching tattoos for a couple

matching tattoos, featuring a brain and a heart shape, decorated with woodland scenery, in dark blue and black, on the lower arms of a couple

In this article, we have selected over 80 beautiful and unique designs, to help you find the matching tattoos right for you and your special someone. To make things easier, we have divided our gallery into four segments – tattoos for couples, tattoos for best friends, tattoos for siblings and other family members, and miscellaneous matching tattoos.

Let’s get started by looking at the many options available for couples, and discuss the symbolism behind some of the most popular images.

Hearts may look like a clichéd motif to some, but they have remained popular through the ages

multicolored hearts with thin, black hoops around them, on the lower parts of two linked arms, matching tattoos


More and more people in love opt for anchor tattoos. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, nautical elements are quite fashionable at the moment. They fit in very well with the increasing demand for vintage-inspired “sailor-style” tattoos. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, anchors convey stability and security. They are perfect for couples who keep each other safe and grounded.

Key and lock 

“He who holds the key can unlock my heart”- you have probably seen an inscription along those lines on vintage heart-shaped lockets or other jewelry, intended for couples. Nowadays, this romantic idea has been translated into the world of tattoos. The design alludes to the idea of one true love, underlining the notion that each of us has a fated, special someone. It’s perfect for hopeless romantics and gentle, idealistic souls.

Puzzle pieces

Similarly to the key and lock, tattoos featuring puzzle pieces suggest that you and your partner were made for each other. You are a match made in heaven, and perfectly complement one another in every way. This option is very suitable for couples who not only love each other deeply, but are also best friends.

If you want even more cool ideas, scroll down and enjoy our selection of matching tattoos for couples! And don’t forget to check out our Lifestyle section for more great tattoo and body art tips and suggestions!

Anchor matching tattoos – perfect for couples who keep each other safe and grounded

tiny black anchors, matching tattoos, done near the wrists of two hands, raised over a table

An arty and elaborate interpretation of the old key and lock motif

parts of a woman's face, depicted on a key, and inside a keyhole, matching tattoos, done in grey on the lower part, of two arms

Puzzle pieces tattoos are quirky and cute

pixelated hearts in black and white, depicted on matching puzzle pieces, in contrasting colors, matching tattoos for couples

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours.”

bird in flight, tattooed in black on a hand, held by another hand, with a black bird cage tattoo, matching tattoos with symbolic meaning

A cool video compilation with matching tattoo ideas for couples

Another version of the key and lock design

very small heart-shaped lock, tattooed on the wrist of a hand, matching tattoos, another hand nearby with a key, tattooed on its wrist

For couples who love animals:

five examples of matching tattoos, done in black and white, and depicting different animals, wolf and fox, panda bears and swans, deer and buck, and a couple of penguins

Matching compass tattoos – perfect for explorers and people in long-distance relationships

matching couple tattoos, realistic vintage compasses, with chains, done in full collor, and containing a romantic message

lineart geometric heart-shapes, done in black ink, near the elbow of two arms, matching couple tattoos

Why not celebrate your wedding by getting matching tattoos?

smiling couple in formal attire, showing the backs of their hads to the camera, they have identical tattoos, in black and red and yellow, husband and wife tattoos

romantic messages done in black ink, near the nooks of the elbows of two arms, placed next to each other, matching couple tattoos, one features an anchor, and the other birds in flight

nordic or celtic runes, surrounded by four dots, tattooed near the wrists of two hands, matching couple tattoos, with identical design

Greatest catch – a humorous and original tattoo for couples

fishing rod with a hook, attached to a heart, with the inscription greatest catch, tattooed across two arms, placed next to each other, matching couple tattoos, done in black ink

moon of my life, and my sun and stars, tattooed on two lower arms, forming a heart when they are pressed together, matching couple tattoos, with black and red, blue and yellow tones

male and female lion, both wearing crowns, matching couple tattoos, done with black ink, on the lower part of two arms

We love this charming, minimalistic space design

planets with hoops arround them, surrounded by tiny stars, minimalistic matching couple tattoos, done on two fingers, belogning to two linked hands

For video game lovers:

his and hers tattoos, princess peach and super mario tattoos, done in full color, near the wrists of two arms


collage with five, his and hers tattoos, featuring anchors and skulls, arrows and a butterfly, a key and a lock

Matching tattoos fit for royals

crowns for a king and a queen, tattooed near the wrists of two hands, together with the words one life, and one love, his and hers tattoos

disney inspired his and hers tattoos, kissing mickey and minnie, the aristocats hugging, mr. and mrs. decorated with mickey and minnie ears, and a quote from toy story

A wise man once said that couples who slay together stay together…

heart shapes inspired from video games, half filled with red ink, and with a pixelated effect, his and hers tattoos, done bellow the crook of the elbow

fir tree tattoos, done in black, above the elbows of two linked arms, his and hers tattoos, matching identical design

top hat in black and red, and a red bow tie, on a skull, tattooed near the wrist of an arm, his and hers tattoos, the arm next to it also features a skull tattoo, decorated with a red head bow

How cute are these retro Tetris tattoos?

matching tattoos for couples in love, retro tetris blocks tattoos, near the wrists of two arms, each arm has a different piece, but they fit together

symbols for queen and king of hearts, from playing cards, tattooed on the wrists of two hands, matching tattoos for couples in love, red and black ink

For the ultimate Star Wars fans:

r2d2 and c3po, done in full color, on the lower part of two linked arms, matching tattoos for couples in love, and star wars fans

And now let us look at some tattoo ideas for best friends. Here, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Why not get a matching design, featuring your favorite musician, cartoon or book? Alternatively, you can opt for cute and funny matching tattoos, reminding each other to stay weird and never stop having fun. If you’re having trouble deciding, check out our gallery – we have tons of original, quirky and cute suggestions!

Identical Maneki-neko tattoos – perfect for friends who love Japanese culture

japanese-inspired waving cat tattoos, identical maneki-neko design, done in different colors, above the elbows of two arms

people on a bike, with fields in the background, tattooed in pointilist style on a person's upper arm, next image shows a similar tattoo, of a camper van, with mountains in the background

Commemorate your shared appreciation for David Bowie

ziggy stardust tattoo, david bowie's eyes, with a red and blue lightning bolt, near the wrists of two arms

swallows in flight, done in black ink, on the wrists of four slim arms, placed next to each other, friendship tattoos

glasses half-filled with red wine, identical tattos for firends, done with red and black ink, on the lower part, of two pale arms

It’s hard not to love these cool, vintage style tattoos

captains with beards and pipes, wearing hats saying till death, sailor-style vintage tattoos, matching bestfriend tattoos

matching bestfriend tattoos, two halves of a heart-shaped friendship pendant, tattooed on two feet, standing next to each other

“Best friends don’t let you do silly things…on your own!”

stay weird tattooed on two arms, under pictures of aliens' heads, done in black and multicolored ink, matching bestfriend tattoos, galaxy watercolor effect

buffalo or cow skulls, decorated with flowers, tattooed over the elbows of two arms, black and white photo

Harry Potter fans will love this cute, minimalistic design!

harry potter inspired minimalistic tattoos, small black lightning bolts, matching bestfriend tattoos, done near the slim, and pale wrists, of two arms

pinky swear tattooes, done in black ink, matching bestfriend tattoos, above the elbows of two arms

pointilist minimalistic tattoos, of a small sun and moon, matching bestfriend tattoos, done near the heels of two pale feet

Pinky swear!

another version of the pinky promise tattoos, done in color, matching bestfriend tattoos, on the arms of two people, with other colorful tattoos

That tattoo sure looks tempting…

laurel leaves surrounding a pizza slice, accompanied by the inscription best slice of me, matching bestfriend tattoos, in full collor, on the wrists of two crossed arms

chemistry-inspired tattoos, featuring two molecules, done with black ink, on two slim arms

moon with a star, and a sun, tattooed on the lower part of two slim, and pale arms, tattoos for lovers or friends

Colorful and cute!

orange and green tattoos, done between the ankles and heels of two feet, and depicting two identical pineapples, matching sister tattoos, one foot has dark blue nail polish, and a toe ring

Last but definitely not least, it’s time to look at matching tattoos for siblings and other family members. Although there are, once again, many variations to choose from, the most popular ones are the simple, minimalistic designs, especially those featuring a single word (sister, family, etc.) combined with a birth date.

Sisters share a special bond. Celebrate it by getting cute matching tattoos!

arms with black tattooes, one saying little sister, and the other sayng big sister, each one features a different date, matching sister tattoos

“Ohana means family, and family means no one is left behind or forgotten.”

three linked hands, featuring identical black tattoos, of the word ohana, near their wrists, matching sister tattoos, also suitable for cousins

Very cute matching tattoos for a mom and daughter

daughter and mother tattoo, featuring a stick figure with long hair, hugging a smaller stick figure, and two small red hearts

crossed arms with matching sister tattoos, laurel leaves surrounding a message, and a date written in roman numerals

family tattooed in black ink, on the wrists of three arms, placed next to each other, matching sister tattoos, each is decorated with a small red heart

Big sis and little sister

matching sister tattoos, on the ankles of two legs, one says big sis, and the other little sister, both are decorated with mickey mouse heads

And here are some more great matching tattoo suggestions:

young couple holding hands, a close up reveals crowns, and letters tattooed near their wrists, matching tattoos for couples in love, king and queen

How about getting tattoos of the constellations, corresponding to your horoscope signs?

taurus and virgo constillations, tattooed with black ink, in a pointilist style, and seen in close up

one big and one small anchor, tattooed in black, near the wrists of two linked amrs, one hand has red nail polish

Young Carl and Ellie from Pixar’s Up. I’m not crying, you’re crying!!

ellie and carl from the film up, holding balloons, tattooed in full color, on the shoulders of a couple, standing next to each other, matching tattoos for couples in love, who like pixar

star shape formed by two foot tattoos, when they are pressed together, matching sister tattoos, with small stars and butterfly-like motifs

waves and a forest with trees, done with black ink, inside two triangular shapes, minimalistic matching tattoos, for couples or friends

baby pink and baby blue bows, tied around vintage, heart-shaped ornate keys, matching sister tattoos, on two wrists

butterflies and dna strads, tattooed on the upper parts of two arms, placed next to each other, one features and ant, and the other a praying mantis, and two words

When you complete each other’s sentences:

two tattoos forming one mage when presed together, featuring a heart, and the words follow me, i'll follow you, husband and wife tattoos, black ink on two wrists

simple and minimalistic tattoos, of two double triangles, done with black ink, under the crrok of two elbows

ankle tattoos featuring a girl, and a red rose, worn by three friends, in sneakers and jeans

Tattoos for you and your otter half

identical tattoos of otters, lying on their backs, and holding hands, matching tattoos for couples in love, done with grey ink

multicolored splashes with watercolor effect, and two heart shapes, matching tattoos for couples in love, done near the wrists of two arms

Another cool compass design

round tattoos in red and white, with blue and black details, depicting two matching compasses, husband and wife tattoos, on the lower part, of two crossed arms

fox and wolf, done with black ink, in a pointilist style, husband and wife tattoos, bellow the elbow crooks of two liked hands

wizard's wand held by a hand, matching minimalistic lineart tattoos, for close friends, fans of harry potter

For tequila lovers:

lime wedge on a tequila shot, with a small pack of salt nearby, matching friend tattoos, done in full color, on the ankles of two legs

ideas for matching friend tattoos, in three photos, minimalistic lotuses, small black and blue snowflakes, lineart pinky swears

the symbol for infinity, and the word love, tattooed in black ink near the wrists, of two linked arms

“In the end we will always have each other” – great tattoo idea for sisters or best friends

drop shadow effect tattoo, done accross three arms, matching friend tattoos, featuring the message, in the end we will always have each other

charm bracelet in silver, on a hand with a tiny, heart-shaped padlock tattoo, held by a bigger hand, with a key-shaped tattoo, husband and wife tattoos, with minimalistic designs

stick figures in two sailing boats, tattooed under the nooks of the elbows of two arms, matching friend tattoos, one has a starry sky in the background

Tattoos for brides and grooms:

cherry blossoms and triangles, owls and skulls, and black wedding band finger tattoos, husband and wife tattoos, on a collage with five images

dandelion seeds and birds in flight, tattooed in black ink, accross three arms, matching friend tattoos, one arm has a half-blown dandelion flower

full moons done in grey ink, identical matching friend tattoos, bellow the crrok of the elbow, of two crossed arms

“No matter where, no matter what”

no matter where, and no matter when, written under two feathers, matching friend tattoos

matching friend tattoos, two black and grey pineapples, one wearing a crown, done near the ankle, of two feet

husband and wife tattoos, life line and a date, tattooed in black, on the wrists of two hands, placed next to each other

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