150 cool tattoos for women and their meaning

by John Griffith

While tattoos used to be taboo, they are now widely accepted and considered a very popular body jewellery. Both men and women get a tattoo to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality. But since a tattoo is usually something very personal, which remains on the skin forever, sometimes it is difficult to select the right tattoo motif. In this article we will show you the most popular tattoos for women and explain their meanings. In addition, we have collected 150 cool tattoo ideas in our gallery, which you can use as inspiration for your next tattoo.

Tattoos for women: floral tattoos

mandala flower tattoo, tattoos for women, white brick wall, black top and jeans

The flowers are among the most popular tattoo motifs for women. No wonder: because of their bright colours and wonderful shapes they look very magical and feminine. In addition, they are associated with beauty and femininity. The flower tattoos not only look very beautiful, but also carry various symbolic meanings. Which are the most popular flower motifs and what they actually symbolise, we’ll tell you now.

Lotus Tattoo

A Lotus Tattoo is deeply symbolic and can have different meanings. In Hindu religion, for example, this flower is associated with beauty and purity as well as spiritual adulthood. In Buddhism, the lotus represents the purity of the body, mind and soul. The color of the lotus also plays a crucial role here: The white lotus symbolises purity and perfection, the blue lotus symbolises strength and constancy, and the red lotus love, compassion, passion. Some of the A-list stars that have a lotus tattoo are Katy Perry, Malin Akerman and Ellie Goulding.

Rose Tattoo

The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world and is the favorite flower of many women. For this reason, it is not surprising that tattoos with rose motifs are very often seen. Big or small, coloured or black-gray – a rose tattoo always makes a strong impression. What does a rose tattoo symbolise? Roses stand for love and beauty and a tattoo with this motif is also associated with it. It also symbolises hope, balance and a new beginning. Famous people with rose tattoos are Cher, Amber Rose and Cheryl Cole.

Orchid Tattoo

In different cultures, the orchid carries different meanings. It represents heroism in Japanese culture, it is associated with power in Aztec culture, and symbolises prosperity and fertility in China. If you choose an orchid tattoo, you can choose from over 25,000 orchid species. This guarantees that you will find the right tattoo motif.

Lily tattoo

A lily tattoo brings together a multitude of meanings. This beautiful flower stands for purity, perfection and viability as well as for understanding, compassion and wealth. A tattoo with a lily motif can be interpreted in different ways, so it is often combined with other tattoo motifs that carry the desired symbolism.

Cherry blossom tattoo

The tattoos with cherry blossom motifs are very popular in Japan. They symbolise life, beauty, morality and are often met in combination with tattoos with samurai motifs.

Tattoos for women: butterfly tattoo

butterfly forearm tattoo, black top, tattoos for women

The butterflies are a true wonder of nature. They usually do not live long, but in a short period of time they undergo a drastic transformation and are therefore often associated with rebirth and transformation. The butterflies are a symbol of love, spirituality, connection with nature and femininity and are often chosen as a tattoo motif. The symbolic meaning of a tattoo with this motif mostly depends on the particular location where it is tattooed. A butterfly tattoo on the chest, for example, is associated with love. But when tattooed on the back, it symbolises stability and trust. Stars who have a butterfly tattoo are Drew Barrymore and Mariah Carey.

Bird tattoo

tattoos for women, bird flying, shoulder tattoo, black top

Another very popular tattoo motif among women is the bird motif. The birds fascinate humanity with their ability to fly for miles and are therefore often associated with freedom and independence. The people who wear a bird tattoo are usually characterised by a strong character. Stars that have a bird motif tattoo are Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Reese Witherspoon, and Leighton Meester.

A bird tattoo symbolises:

  • Freedom and independence
  • Hope
  • Nobility
  • Protection and spiritual development
  • Motherhood and family
  • Beauty and elegance
  • Love and peace
  • Knowledge and wisdom

Mandala Tattoo

lotus flower, mandala tattoo, forearm tattoo, tattoos for woman, black arm rest

Mandalas are mostly circular symbols that are used in Buddhism and Hinduism for religious purposes. They represent wholeness, unity and are also associated with perfection. The Mandala tattoos are very detailed and look very feminine and seductive. They can carry different meanings, depending on the personal ideas of their wearer. Some tattoos with this motif represent truth and honesty, others symbolise the balance between mind and body. The Mandala tattoos are usually made with black ink and are thanks to the many details real eye-catchers.

Tattoos for women: the dreamcatcher and its symbolism

colourful dreamcatcher, leg tattoo, tattoos for women

Perhaps you already know what a dreamcatcher is – a circle of willow rod, in which a net of thread is stretched, and which is decorated with various objects such as feather, pearls and others. This handmade accessory was a Native American cult object designed to protect sleeping children from nightmares and evil spirits. With its deep symbolic meaning and cool feminine design, the Dreamcatcher has become one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. Whether coloured or black-gray – a dream catcher tattoo looks very effective, feminine and somehow mysterious. Dream catchers are often tattooed on the arm, on the body side or on the back. Stars who have a dream catcher tattoo are Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner.

Stunning tattoos for women

meaningful tattoos, pink and red roses, arm sleeve tattoo

Coloured tattoo on the upper arm, which carries different meanings in itself

woman wearing a white top, meaningful tattoos, woman with wolf and bird, lots of flowers, shoulder tattoo

Super realistic forearm tattoo

woman with a wolf head, holding a lit match, forearm tattoo, meaningful tattoos

Tattoo with white roses and compass

roses and stopwatch, roman numerals, meaningful tattoos, black arm rest

Hummingbird tattoo in black and gray

geometrical bird flying, meaningful tattoos, forearm tattoo, black and white photo

couple's names, forearm tattoo, cursive font, tattoo ideas for women

tattoo ideas for women, colourful arm tattoos, large necklace, blonde hair

angelina jolie, silver dress, brown hair, tattoo ideas for women, shoulder tattoo

The owl tattoo stands for wisdom, protection and strength 

owl and forest, shoulder tattoo, tattoo ideas for women, woman with black hair, wearing black top

bird and skull, arm sleeve tattoo, tattoo ideas for women, blue paper

chest tattoos for women, arrow with feather, shoulder tattoo, black top

watercolour fox, back tattoo, chest tattoos for women, black necklaces

black background, chest tattoos for women, watercolour elephant, forearm tattoo

white paper, large diamond, surrounded by red roses, chest tattoos for women, forearm tattoo

arm sleeve tattoo, chest tattoos for women, butterflies and flowers, black top, black leather pants

arm tattoos for women, woman and skull, blue crystals, blue butterfly, arm sleeve tattoo

birds flying, wrist tattoo, red nail polish, arm tattoos for women

grey sweater, arm tattoos for women, three roses, forearm tattoo, black pants

this too shall pass, large rose, forearm tattoo, arm tattoos for women, arrows and hearts

Watercolour tattoos have been on the rise for awhile now

watercolour elephant, arm tattoos for women, back of the leg tattoo

large red crystal, four roses, chest tattoo, cute tattoos for girls, black bra, black nail polish

cute tattoos for girls, small eye, back tattoo, white blouse, brown hair

flower mandala tattoo, shoulder tattoo, cute tattoos for girls, black background, black and white shirt

black jacket, black hair, cute tattoos for girls, rose neck tattoo, large arm sleeve tattoo

two roses, heart shaped, crystal locket, forearm tattoo, cute tattoos for girls, black leather arm rest

Gorgeous accessory to any outfit

red burgundy dress, black leather jacket, floral rib cage tattoo, shoulder tattoos for girls

shoulder tattoos for girls, mandala ankle tattoo, black pants, black french manicure

mandala tattoo, shoulder tattoo, shoulder tattoos for girls, black top, black background

black top, shoulder tattoos for girls, mandala shoulder tattoo, blonde hair

black top, with white stars, shoulder tattoos for girls, lotus flower, mandala back tattoo

small tattoos for girls, black and white snakes intertwined, forearm tattoo, white background

braided blonde hair, flower shoulder tattoo, small tattoos for girls, black top, black choker

mandala flower tattoo, arm sleeve tattoo, small tattoos for girls, beige top, black pants, blonde hair

Tribal tattoos are usually preferred by men, but this picture proves that they look even better on women

blonde hair, small tattoos for girls, tribal neck tattoo, grey top

watercolour cat, shoulder tattoo, small tattoos for girls, blue and purple hair

arm tattoos for girls, watercolour rose, inside arm tattoo, grey top

flowers shoulder tattoo, arm tattoos for girls, black top

braided blonde hair, white top, birds flying, shoulder tattoo, arm tattoos for girls

girl wearing a white top, roses and thorns, arm sleeve tattoo, in front of a brick wall, arm tattoos for girls

colourful arm sleeve, back tattoos, arm tattoos for girls, brown wavy hair

black and white photo, back tattoos for women, indian woman, forearm tattoo

back tattoos for women, colourful arm sleeve tattoo, black top, black hair, grey background

pink roses, back tattoos for women, blue and black dreamcatcher, shoulder tattoo, neon pink bra, grey top

colourful feather, forearm tattoos, back tattoos for women, black top, white background

mandala arm sleeve tattoo, back tattoos for women, white and grey striped shorts, grey top

Dedication to a man’s best friend

upper arm tattoos, dog with flowers, shoulder tattoo, black top, brown hair

green and black dreamcatcher, upper arm tattoos, purple furry blanket, forearm tattoo

indian woman, large dreamcatcher, shoulder tattoo, upper arm tattoos, blue top, green background

dreamcatcher with feathers, rib cage tattoo, upper arm tattoos, blue printed top

elephant with its baby, stopwatch and red rose, forearm tattoo, upper arm tattoos

Intricate and stunning arm sleeve tattoo

side tattoos for girls, mandala arm sleeve tattoo, denim shorts, beige top

denim short, black top, side tattoos for girls, tiger head and rose, arm sleeve tattoo

large rose, shoulder tattoo, white paper, side tattoos for girls

large flower, forearm tattoo, side tattoos for girls, black and white photo, tiled floor

grey top, side tattoos for girls, floral shoulder sleeve tattoo, black backgorund

small meaningful tattoos, white bed linen, blonde hair, flower shoulder tattoo

white background, small meaningful tattoos, flower forearm tattoo, grey top

black top, small meaningful tattoos, flowers shoulder tattoo, brown hair

white background, flowers forearm tattoo, small meaningful tattoos

french manicure, small meaningful tattoos, mandala ankle tattoo, white cloth

galaxy roses, forearm tattoo, tattoos for moms, black leather arm rest

tattoos for moms, geometrical rose, black top, forearm tattoo

Meaningful tattoos

geometrical bird flying, shoulder tattoo, black top, black hair, tattoos for moms, white background

blue giraffe, forearm tattoo, tattoos for moms, white background

bird and roses, tattoos for moms, shoulder tattoo, black top, white background

chest tattoos for females, colourful flowers, shoulder tattoo, green top, black pants

female painting, with skulls and roses, forearm tattoo, chest tattoos for females, grey top

half geometrical wolf head, chest tattoos for females, forearm tattoo

hamsa hand, rib cage tattoo, grey top, blonde hair, chest tattoos for females

indian woman, large forearm tattoo, chest tattoos for females, white background

Tattoo ideas for women

inspirational quote, leg tattoos for women, shoulder tattoo, white top, black background

leg tattoos for women, japanese dragon, both arm sleeves tattoo, black background

flower ankle tattoo, leg tattoos for women, purple nail polish, white background

mandala ankle tattoo, purple nail polish, leg tattoos for women, white bed

turquoise butterfly, shoulder tattoo, ginger hair, leg tattoos for women

tattoo ideas with meaning, large rose, neck tattoo, red hair, black top

red roses, bird flying, shoulder tattoo, tattoo ideas with meaning

tattoo ideas with meaning, large rose, neck tattoo, white background, black top

two large diamonds, white pearls and a rose, tattoo ideas with meaning, forearm tattoo

Arm tattoos for women

lion head, forearm tattoo, tattoo ideas with meaning, grey top

lion head, arm tattoo, feminine tattoos, white paper, diamond ring, long nails

feminine tattoos, lion head and flowers, forearm tattoo, wooden floor

brown hair, floral tattoos, arm sleeves, leg sleeve tattoos, feminine tattoos, white top

lotus flower, mandala back tattoo, feminine tattoos, grey top

black watch and bracelets, black nail polish, feminine tattoos, lotus flower, forearm tattoo

black hair, mandala flower back tattoo, girl chest tattoos, white background

Tattoo ideas with meaning

mandala arm sleeve tattoo, girl chest tattoos, white furry blanket, blonde hair

flower shoulder tattoo, white top, girl chest tattoos, white background

medusa head, thigh tattoo, girl chest tattoos, blue red and white, striped skirt

mountain landscape, forearm tattoo, girl chest tattoos, grey top, white background

white top, leg tattoos for girls, mandala inside arm tattoo, white background, gold necklaces

orange top, floral shoulder tattoo, leg tattoos for girls, black background

owl thigh tattoo, leg tattoos for girls, denim shorts, black shirt

watercolour phoenix, with spread wings, forearm tattoo, leg tattoos for girls, colourful top, denim shorts

pink rose blooming, wrist tattoo, white background, leg tattoos for girls

small tattoos with meaning, mandala arm tattoo, black and white pants, brick wall

Back tattoos for women

blonde hair, pink and purple flowers, back tattoos, small tattoos with meaning, white top

red bandana, small tattoos with meaning, blue dress, with white dots, colourful arm and chest tattoos

large red rose, side leg tattoo, black pants, small tattoos with meaning

roaring wolf, surrounded by flowers, small tattoos with meaning, grey top

small rose, shoulder tattoo, tattoos for girls on hand, pink top, blonde hair

Cute tattoos for women

washed jeans, mickey and minnie mouse, ankle tattoos, tattoos for girls on hand, red nail polish

tattoos for girls on hand, watercolour forearm tattoo, baby elephant, white top

white top, tattoos for girls on hand, gold necklaces, mandala inside arm tattoo

large red rose, covered in raindrops, forearm tattoo, tattoos for girls on hand

small butterfly, shoulder tattoo, gold necklaces, feminist tattoos, brown hair

feminist tattoos, green leaves, wrist tattoo, vintage rings

Not all that wander are lost – breathtaking watercolor tattoo

not all that wander are lost, watercolour compass, back tattoo, feminist tattoos

white top, feminist tattoos, symmetrical shoulder tattoo, black background

roses and pearls, arm sleeve tattoo, white top, feminist tattoos, red curtain

imagine wrist tattoo, meaningful tattoo ideas, blurred background

meaningful tattoo ideas, roses elbow tattoo, grey top, black jeans

large rose, hand tattoo, black arm rest, meaningful tattoo ideas

this too shall pass, meaningful tattoo ideas, leg tattoo, red nail polish

tiger head, mandala forearm tattoo, meaningful tattoo ideas, white paper

small arm tattoos, tree branch, wrist tattoo, grey and white, striped shirt

tribal shoulder tattoo, black top, black background, small arm tattoos

small arm tattoos, geometrical rose, blue watercolour, white background

white paper, small arm tattoos, large red crystal, arm tattoo

Tattoos with deep meaning

watercolour mermaid, wrist tattoo, small arm tattoos, white dress

grey blouse, watercolour tree, back tattoo, what tattoo should i get, brown braided hair

what tattoo should i get, large red diamond, forearm tattoo, red skirt

wolf heads, what tattoo should i get, wrist tattoos, silver rings

floral shoulder tattoo, white bed linen, what tattoo should i get

medusa head, with flowers, shoulder sleeve tattoo, what tattoo should i get, white brick wall

Meaningful tattoo ideas

mandala leg tattoo, white furry blanket, female tattoos gallery, grey carpet

pink flowers, leg tattoo, white heels, wooden floor, black metal chairs, female tattoos gallery

floral arm sleeve tattoo, female tattoos gallery, white paper

white top, female face, red umbrella, shoulder tattoo, female tattoos gallery

female tattoos gallery, mandala tattoo, inside arm tattoo, white top, gold necklaces

tattoos with deep meaning, watercolour flower, back of arm tattoo, white top

french manicure, tattoos with deep meaning, wolf head, wrist tattoo, ripped jeans

woman with a long colourful dress, shoulder tattoo, tattoos with deep meaning, white top, black background

mandala roses, forearm tattoo, tattoos with deep meaning, black leather chair, wooden floor

lotus flower, back tattoo, tattoos with deep meaning, brown hair, black top

cat head, tattoos for women, shoulder tattoo, black and grey top, wooden floor

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