What is a neo traditional tattoo – beautiful examples

Von John Griffith / April 08 2020

Our generation has been lucky enough to be born in a time of innovation. New technologies and trends are taking over the world. What is modern today can get a whole new look tomorrow. That, of course, is a good thing, because it gives us so many options to choose from. Just like trends in fashion and beauty, the tattoo world is also ever-changing. Which is why, today, we are going to be talking about a type of body art, which has been reimagined in recent years – the neo traditional tattoo. We are going to discuss what separates it from the rest and why is it so unique. So, keep reading and scroll through our gallery to find many examples that you can choose from if you are looking for your next tattoo.

The beauty of the neo traditional tattoo

neo traditional tattoo, blonde woman riding a bike, wearing all black, arms covered with tattoos

What is a neo traditional tattoo?

The neo traditional tattoo is a modern spin on the old vintage American style traditional tattoos. What separates it is the bold lines and vivid colors used. This style of tattooing is distinctive because of the great detail that goes into the tattoo. It is a real masterpiece, looking almost life-like. It seems like some of the most popular types are the neo traditional animal tattoo as well as the woman tattoo. Because of the detailing and the colors, this type of body art is very beautiful and realistic.

Another distinction is the fact that this tattoo does not necessarily need to have a special meaning. Although, for sure, some people may choose to get a meaningful one, others may select it simply because of its beauty.

Gorgeous example of traditional style tattoos

devil hidden behind a mask of a woman face, neo traditional tattoo, forearm tattoo, white background

What is the most popular body part for a neo traditional tattoo?

The first thing we need to remember about this masterpiece of a body art is that it is incredibly detailed. Because of that, it is very difficult to get a small traditional tattoo. Which is exactly why it needs space. These types of art are at their best on you forearm, back or leg. Now, we need to keep in mind that they are extremely beautiful. Therefore, every owner would like to show off their new gorgeous tattoo. For that reason, many people choose body parts, which are visible, such as the forearm. On the other hand, if you are committed to a very large one, your back might be the perfect canvas. And, last, but not least, many women choose to get this tattoo on their thighs. That way, it may serve as a stunning accessory for your summer outfits, such as dresses or shorts.

Life-like image with bold lines and vivid colors – what more could you possibly want out of a tattoo

female face, surrounded by flowers, neo traditional tattoo, arm sleeve tattoo, floral crown

Neo traditional animal tattoo – one of the most popular types

fox and a rabbit, blackberries and leaves around them, forearm tattoo, neo traditional tattoo

Just look at the details in this stunning body art

half of a female face with butterfly on her eye, neo traditional tattoo, back of arm tattoo

Even with just a few colors these tattoos have a very realistic look

growling wolf head, surrounded by green leaves, what is a neo traditional tattoo, inside arm tattoo

Marla from Fight Club – great dedication to a great character and film

marla from fight club, helena bonham carter character, what is a neo traditional tattoo, smoking a cigarette

Show off your gorgeous traditional forearm tattoo

what is a neo traditional tattoo, large knife with a female face reflecting on it, tiger head at the end, forearm tattoo

The side of the leg is another perfect place to get tattooed

owl head, surrounded by golden leaves, side of the leg tattoo, what is a neo traditional tattoo

And what do you think about this neo traditional sleeve

side by side hotos, arm sleeve tattoo, what is a neo traditional tattoo, skull holding a lantern

This one is just breathtaking

arm sleeve tattoo, traditional style tattoos, woman with red hair, robot like gear, illuminated by flames

Even if you decide to opt out of colors this type of tattoo still looks very life-like

empress queen zenobia, black and grey tattoo wtih blue eyes and blue rhinestone, traditional style tattoos

Unlock the warrior within

traditional style tattoos, woman warrior, female face with a large helmet with wings, forearm tattoo

leg tattoo, traditional style tattoos, black and grey skull tattoo

Native-American symbols were one of the trends in vintage American style tattoos, which have crossed over to the neo traditional ones

woman with black hair, large indian fethar hat on her head, traditional style tattoos, thigh tattoo

neo traditional rose, black pencil sketch of a growling bear, surrounded by leaves, white background

black pencil sketch on white background, neo traditional rose, woman with a floral crown, bird and moth around her

side by side photos of thigh tattoo, blooming tree with pink blossoms, neo traditional rose

Chucky from Child’s Play

chucky from child's play, neo traditional rose, thigh tattoo, black background

colored pencil drawing of a tiger's head, neo traditional rose, white sketchbook, markers around it

crocodile with an open mouth, swimming in a swamp, traditional tattoo designs, inside arm tattoo

arm tattoo, crow pierced by an arrow, traditional tattoo designs, on woman wearing black top

black and grey tattoo, rose pierced by a dagger, traditional tattoo designs, forearm tattoo

Do you think I’m spooky – fun and cute tattoo ideas

do you think i'm spooky, written over a space ship, traditional tattoo designs, forearm tattoo

woman with black hair, falcon on her head, traditional tattoo designs, leg tattoo

woman with black hair, floral headband and red rose in her hair, traditional tattoo ideas, thigh tattoo

forearm tattoo, woman with black hair, owl on her head, traditional tattoo ideas, whie background

woman warrior with black hair, crown on her head, holding a sword, traditional tattoo ideas

forearm tattoo, flaming torch with an eye in the flames, traditional tattoo ideas, man wearing jeans

horse with black mane, traditional tattoo ideas, pearl necklaces wrapped around him, forearm tattoo

Traditional tattoo designs

neo traditional animal tattoo, forearm tattoo, half tiger half cat face with red flower underneath

hand holding a mirror, female face reflection in it, neo traditional animal tattoo, black snake wrapped around the hand

roaring lion head with blue eyes, neo traditional animal tattoo, leg tattoo, black background

black and grey tattoo, wolf face with necklace with feathers, neo traditional animal tattoo, blue eyes

Neo traditional rose

red rose inside the frame, black on the outside, neo traditional animal tattoo, inside arm tattoo

koala holding fruits, red background behind it, neo traditional rose tattoo, arm tattoo

large spider and skull on red background, back of head tattoo, neo traditional rose tattoo, man with lots of tattoos

neo traditional rose tattoo, back of leg tattoo, roaring lion head, white background

mandala tattoo, neo traditional rose tattoo, dagger with mandala flower, forearm tattoo

maple syrup bottle, surrounded by maple leaves, cabin inside the bottle, neo traditional rose tattoo

Traditional tattoo ideas

side of leg tattoo, large moth, surrounded by green leaves, neo traditional sleeve

arm sleeve tattoo, neo traditional sleeve, woman with black hair, surrounded by skulls

large stag head, back of head tattoo, neo traditional sleeve, man with lots of tattoos

snail on a mushroom, back of leg tattoo, neo traditional sleeve, white background

woman with black hair with red flower in it, neo traditional sleeve, gypsy woman, forearm tattoo

dagger with a snake wrapped around it, neo traditional tattoo sleeve, forearm tattoo

inside arm tattoo, neo traditional tattoo sleeve, animal foot on a chain, other tattoos around it

shark coming out of a skull, forearm tattoo, white background, neo traditional tattoo sleeve

three side by side photos, neo traditional tattoo sleeve, skull surrounded by red roses, arm tattoo

Another gorgeous neo traditional tattoo sleeve

side by side photos, arm tattoo, neo traditional tattoo sleeve, cat surrounded by flowers

traditional woman tattoo, side by side photos, difference between traditional and neo traditional tattoo

sleeping tiger, surrounded by palm leaves, traditional woman tattoo, arm tattoo

whole arm sleeve tattoo, traditional woman tattoo, black unicorn fox and woman, surrounded by flowers

Superman – Man of Steel

superman with his logo, cryptonite next to him, traditional woman tattoo, arm tattoo, black background

woman holding a taro card, wearing a black blindfold, traditional woman tattoo, arm tattoo

astronaut in space, traditional forearm tattoo, galaxy behind him, thigh tattoo

black and grey tattoo, thigh tattoo, growling tiger head with large teeth, traditional forearm tattoo

And remember – time is precious

time is precious, written over a pocketwatch, surrounded by red roses, traditional forearm tattoo, leg tattoo

bee flying, surrounded by green leaves, traditional forearm tattoo, back of leg tattoo

thigh tattoo, traditional forearm tattoo, unicorn with blue mane, decorated with blue rhinestones

roaring gorilla with a pirate's hat, traditional girl tattoo, rum bottle, wrapped with octopus tentacles

sphynx cat head with blue eyes, traditional girl tattoo, thigh tattoo

blue rose with white outlineds, back of leg tattoo, traditional girl tattoo, black background

two legs covered with identical tattoos, leaning on black leather chair, traditional girl tattoo

Such a fun and cute tattoo idea – u used to call me on my cell phone – every Drake fan will get the reference to Hotline Bling

u used to written on phone screen, traditional girl tattoo, flip phone, two red flowers around it, leg tattoo

lantern with a candle inside, neo traditional tattoo designs, forearm tattoo, white background

neo traditional tattoo designs, turquoise crystals, surrounded by pink flowers and bubbles

Traditional woman tattoo

whole back tattoo, neo traditional tattoo designs, woman from ancient rome, skull next to her

woman from egyptian times, crown on her head with a cobra and red ruby, neo traditional tattoo designs

woman wrapped with black robe, neo traditional tattoo designs, skull underneath with flames coming out of it

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