What is the meaning of an ouroboros tattoo?

by John Griffith

Tattoos are a trend that has been around for ages and it doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon. Many people get tattoos just because the think they are beautiful. Others do it to add a form of an accessory to their body. There are many, howeer, who get tattoos to commemorate important events in their lives. More often than not, these tattoos are a symbol with a much deeper meaning. Today, we are going to be looking at one especially meaningful and interesting type of body art – the ouroboros tattoo. So, keep reading to find out what it means, as well as look at some ideas you may steal for yourself.

The beauty and meaning behind an ouroboros tattoo

ouroboros tattoo, tattoo on the back of a man with black hair, dragon as an infinity symbol

What does ouroboros mean?

Ouroboros is a symbol, which originates form the ancient Egyptian iconography. It depicts a serpent eating its own tail. The term derives from Ancient Greece and represents the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Ouroboros tattoos are very popular

black pencil drawing on white background, ouroboros tattoo, dragon with wings, flower in the middle

What is the meaning of an ourobros tattoo?

Most often the ouroboros signifies life. The cycle of birth, life and death is ever-repeating. For anyone who chooses to get this tattoo, it will symbolize their spiritual growth and realisation. The owner of this type of body ink will be aware of this never-ending cycle. They will know how to live in the moment and how to accept the circle of life, knowing that a new cycle is always on its way. The symbol is perfect for religious people as well, as it may be viewed as a symbol of rebirth as well.

Another meaning behind this symbol can be the duality of life. One thing can not exist without another – kind of like the Yin and Yang symbol.

The ouroboros tattoo is one of the most meanigful ones

forearm tattoo, dragon wrapped around the arm, ouroboros tattoo, white background

What is the most popular ouroboros tattoo design?

The most popular design is definitely the circle, as this is how the symbol looked originally when it was first found.

The ouroboros can also be found in the shape of an infinity symbol. The connection between the two is pretty straight forward. Time is not linear, but rather circular and we all have to live in the present as we are one small piece of infinity.

Another type of design is the long ouroboros. It is a long serpent twisted around itself. It is often a larger tattoo, which can incorporate more detail and color.

The dragon ouroboros is also quite popular. The dragon is a symbol of power, therefore is often used instead of a serpent. It also gives you the oppurtunity to add wings, horns, scales and, once again, more color to your ouroboros tattoo.

Dragon ouroboros as an infinity symbol, reimagined as a sand clock – this is genius

colored drawing of a dragon as an infinity symbol, sand clock, ouroboros tattoo, blue background

You can also choose to have another design inside the circle

forearm tattoo, eye surrounded by a snake, ouroboros tattoo, black and white photo, white brick wall background

This is the most simple and common ourobros design

forearm tattoo on a person wearing black sweatshirt, snake eating itself, white background

Ouroboros and a scarab – an amulet from Ancient Egypt

snake eating itself, scarab and a snake, forearm tattoo, black and white photo

Why not add some feminine detail to your body art

flower and a snake, forearm tattoo, snake eating itself, black and white photo

Long ourobros of two snakes intertwined

two snakes intertwined, snake eating itself, forearm tattoo, hand leaning on a white surface

Geometrical design

forearm tattoo, white background, geometrical design, snake eating itself

Beautiful watercolor infinity dragon

watercolor forearm tattoo, man wearing white jeans and blue shirt, ouroboros meaning, dragon as an infinity symbol

Interesting watercolor version of the symbol

watercolor forearm tattoo, hand leaning on white paper towels, ouroboros meaning, galaxy sky in different colors

Feminine tattoos reimagined

snake wrapped around a woman's throat, ouroboros meaning, black and white photo, beck tattoo

symbols in the middle, surrounded by a dragon, ouroboros meaning, back of leg tattoo

ouroboros meaning, back of leg tattoo, tree of life surrounded by a snake, dark background

feminine tattoos, back tattoo on a woman, black background

forearm tattoo, hand leaning on black leather surface, feminine tattoos, black and white photo

black circles in the middle, surrounded by a dragon, feminine tattoos, black drawing on white background

Snake eating itself signifying infinity

snake as an infinity symbol, feminine tattoos, black drawing on white background

geometrical design, half snake half skeleton, feminine tattoos, black drawing on white background

head skeleton surrounded by a snake, snake eating its tail, black and white photo, back tattoo

black and white photo, forearm tattoo on man wearing black t shirt, snake eating its tail

snake as an infinity symbol, snake eating its tail, forearm tattoo

The ouroboros meaning is what sets it apart from other tattoos

forearm tattoo, snake eating its tail, woman wearing black jeans and black leather boots

forearm tattoo of a serpent wrapped around the whole forearm, snake eating its tail, white background

ouroboros symbol, forearm tattoo, woman wearing black shirt, blurred background

snake wrapped around the arm, forearm tattoo, ouroboros symbol, blurred background

Who knew a snake eating its tail would make for such a beautiful body art, especially when you add the flowers

inside of the arm tattoo, ouroboros symbol, snake with two flowers underneath, mand wearing black top

mechanic dragon skeleton with wings, black drawing on white background, ouroboros symbol

forearm tattoo, snake with flowers underneath, ouroboros symbol, black and white photo

two dragons as infinity symbols, one colored in green red and blue, one in black, ouroboros dragon

black drawing on white background, ouroboros dragon, dragon with wings

Different version of the ouroboros symbol – dragon + infinity symbol

dragon as an infinity symbol, forearm tattoo, ouroboros dragon, white background

shoulder tattoo on woman with blonde hair, ouroboros dragon, white tiled floor in the background

watercolor shoulder tattoo, ouroboros dragon, blue purple and pink colors, woman wearing purple sweatshirt

snake as an infinity symbol, tattoo on the side of the hip, what does ouroboros mean, woman with black shirt

thigh tattoo, snake and snake skeleton intertwined, formin an infinity symbol, what does ouroboros mean

Snake eating its own tail tattoo

what does ouroboros mean, snake as a celtic symbol, back of leg tattoo, black background

snake surrounded by peony flowers, what does ouroboros mean, thigh tattoo

watercolor back tattoo, man with black hair wearing black top, what does ouroboros mean, two snakes intertwined

snake eating its own tail, shoulder tattoo, mandala tattoo, geometric design intertwined with snake

A truly magnificent tattoo

japanese ocean landscape, inside black circle, snake eating its own tail, forearm tattoo

black drawing on white background, snake eating its own tail, snake and snake skeleton intertwined

back tattoo, woman with black hair, wearing black top, snake eating its own tail

tattoo on the palm of the hand, snake eating its own tail, white wooden floor in the background

mans face in the middle, surrounded by a snake, serpent eating its own tail, leg tattoo

thigh tattoo of a skeleton, serpent eating its own tail, woman wearing black shorts

Serpent eating its own tail – doesn’t sound like it, but makes for a beautiful tattoo

rose surrounded by a snake, red and yellow circle, thigh tattoo, serpent eating its own tail

three side by side photos, serpent eating its own tail, shoulder and forearm tattoos

snake as a celtic symbol inside a triangle, tree of life in the back, serpent eating its own tail, inside arm tattoo

snake eating itself meaning, two snakes, dates written above them, forearm tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are always very beautiful and interesting

watercolor drawing on white background, snake eating itself meaning, blue purple and pink colors

watercolor shoulder tattoo, dragon with wings, blue red and green strokes, snake eating itself meaning

dragon with wings, watercolor galaxy behind it, shoulder tattoo, snake eating itself meaning

forearm tattoo, snake eating itself meaning, black and white photo

snake eating itself tattoo, red black and green colors, side of the arm tattoo

Stunning design of a dragon ouroboros with wings

black drawing on white background, dragon with wings, snake eating itself tattoo

blue snake wrapped twice around two intertwining infinity symbols, snake eating itself tattoo, back of leg tattoo

snake wrapped around the wrist, wrist tattoo, snake eating itself tattoo, woman wearing yellow sweater

side by side photos, watercolor wrist tattoo, sky background in punk blue and orange, snake eating itself tattoo

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