Scrubbing to Soothing: 7 Genius Soap Hacks You Need to Know

by Maria Konou

Soap is an indispensable part of everyday life. It is one of the easiest ways to wash your hands and your entire body, and to remove dirt and bacteria. When you think about it, washing your hands is probably the first thing we all do when we get home. But did you know that there are actually a lot more ways to use soap than just washing yourself? The uses of solid soaps go far beyond their primary purpose. In this article, we will explore the genius soap hacks you need to know and apply in your everyday life. You would be surprised at the variety of the uses, and the clever tips and tricks. From natural insect repellent to filling holes in your walls – soap can do a lot more than you might think! If you want to make your daily life easier and go beyond the scrubbing, then keep on reading:

Let’s explore the most genius soap hacks for everyday life

what to do with a bar of soap

Scrubbing to Soothing: 7 Genius Soap Hacks You Need to Know

#Insect Repellent

While soap smells pleasant to us, the smell is actually repulsive to insects. So, if you scatter soap bars around your garden, you will be able to repel a variety of insects. Additionally, you can also grate soap and place it in little dishes. Then place the dishes ain the nooks and corners of the house to ward off insects. In addition, you can rub a soap bar on the window frames and doors to further protect your space. Another option that you can try is to make soapy water, and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray your skin with the mixture to protect yourself from mosquitos while outside!

The smell of soap actually repulses and wards off insects in the home and garden

genius home hacks with soap

#Protect Furniture from Pets

Pets, especially cats, have the tendency to scratch and gnaw at our favorite furniture in the home. Thankfully, soap bars come to the rescue. Just rub the soap lightly on the corners. The smell and taste will keep your pets away, which will hopefully help you break the habit long term.

Protect your home interior with the help of a soap bar

leftover soap hacks

#Fill Holes in the Wall

This is one of the most useful and handy hacks! You can actually fill holes in your walls using a soap bar. If you are a tenant, and you are moving out soon, this is the easiest solution to all of your problems. If your walls are white, buy a white bar of soap and rub it in the hole. Push it in with your fingers, and voilà! Once the soap dries out, you can sand it down to ensure that the finish is smooth and seamless.

A simple bar of soap can help you fill in holes in your walls 

soap bar hacks for everyday life

#For a Smooth Zip Closure

If you notice that some of your zippers are not working smoothly, you can use soap to fix the issue. Just rub the bar of the zipper and lubricate them. That way, your zipper will open and close easier.

A bar of soap can help your zippers open and close smoothly 

bar soap hacks and tricks

#Against Bad Smell in Shoes

In the summer, especially, our shoes and feet go through a lot. The heat causes sweat, and the bad ventilation makes your shoes retain bad odors. To get rid of it, you can place a bar of soap in the shoes overnight. That should be able to minimize the smell and keep them fresher.

You can beat bad odors with the help of a bar of soap 

laundry soap hacks

#Scent the Clothes in your Wardrobe

Just like you can remove bad odors from shoes, you can also deodorize the clothes in your closet. Placing aromatic bars of soap around your cupboards and drawers will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean. No more smell of stale clothes! Choosing an especially aromatic soap will help infuse your clothes with a potent fragrance.

Placing bars of soap between your clothes will keep them smelling fresh

5 minute crafts soap hacks

#To Lubricate Door Hinges

Just like you can lubricate zippers to run smoothly, you can also help your doors open and close smoothly. If one of your doors is squeaky, just rub a little bit of soap on the hinge pivot points. This will result in less friction, and a smoothly opening door.

Rubbing soap on door hinges helps them open and close more smoothly 

bar of soap hacks for everyday life

Now you know which are the genius soap hacks for everyday life! 

genius soap hacks

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