11 Super Useful Ways to Use Tangerine Peels in Everyday Life

by Maria Konou

Winter is the time for tangerines and the sweet smell of citrus peels. Their citrus aroma and sweet taste create the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. There is a well-known truth that nothing is wasted in nature. That is why, in this article, we will show you how to not be wasteful when it comes to this winter fruit. Tangerine peels could easily be tossed in the trash, but if you follow our tips, you will be able to harness them in various roles. So, if you are interesting to see the most useful ways to use tangerine peels in your everyday life, just keep on reading!

Let’s see which are the best ways to use tangerine peels in everyday life

ways to use tangerine peels

Surprising Ways to Use Tangerine Peels in Everyday Life

#Improve your tea

First, brew your favorite tea as usual. Then put some dried tangerine peels in it. This will make your tea smell fresh, and it will infuse your tea with this beloved citrus flavor. You can also put the dried peels in a jar of loose tea – after a while the herbs will take on a lovely citrusy smell.

Cut the tangerine peels, dry them in the oven, and use them to enhance your tea experience

how to peel tangerine easily

#For baking

Given the natural sweetness and tangy taste of tangerines, you can actually use them for your baking needs. It can be anything from cakes and cookies to muffins and bread. All you have to do is grind the peels with a food processor or a coffee grinder, and voilà! Your baked goods will never taste the same after this tangerine hack!

Grinded tangerine peels are a dream come true when it comes to baking delicious things

what can i do with tangerine peels

Another option is to slice the peels in small pieces, and dry them 

how to make dried orange peel2

#For marinades and spice mixes

Dried tangerine peels are versatile enough to enrich your meat and vegetable dishes. They also serve as the next best alternative in case you run out of lime or lemon zest. Simply grind them into a powdery form using a spice grinder or food processor. You can then use this powder for marinades or dry seasonings on vegetables or meats such as roast beef, chicken, lamb before cooking or roasting in the oven. This will give your meat and vegetable dishes a citrus flavor that will leave everyone speechless.

Tangerine peel powder can make your dishes next level delicious

how to use tangerine peels

#Homemade body scrub

Dried tangerine peels are not limited to the kitchen. The thing is that tangerines are particularly rich in vitamin A, C and E and also have antioxidant properties. In addition, it is also said that they improve skin health by boosting skin tone as well as reducing the effects of spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This is why tangerine peels can be used as a homemade body scrub. To do so, just grate two tangerine peels, add some sugar and coconut oil. Mix them together in a bowl, and then transfer your homemade body scrub to a glass container with an airtight seal. You can massage it gently on your skin for at least 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off with water. This will leave your skin silky-smooth and exfoliated!

Tip: If possible, use organic tangerine peels.

Tangerine peels can be used for a body scrub that will leave your skin silky-smooth and exfoliated

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#Aromatic decor

Fill clear vases with a mixture of dried orange peels and flower petals. This beautiful decoration will not only make your interior more interesting and scent the whole house, but it will also make the air cleaner!

Use cookie shapes to cut out your tangerine peel decoration

health benefits of tangerine peel tea.jpg

#Protect plants from mites and cats

You can place pieces of tangerine peel in flower pots. You will be amazed how easy it is to deal with mites. In addition, cat owners whose pets like to nibble and gut potted flowers can place tangerine peels in or around the pots. This will keep all the curious cats away from your greenery!

Tangerine peels protect plants from mites, and cats who like to nibble on them

how to use dried tangerine peel

#Get rid of moths

For this, you need to place dried tangerine peels in small cloth bags. Then stack these bags in cupboards, pockets, and fur coats. This will keep moths away from your favorite clothing pieces.

Place dry tangerine peels in cloth bags, and stick them in your wardrobe and cupboards

how to eat tangerine peel

#Rinse against dandruff

Add the peels of six tangerines on a low heat in around a liter of water. Let the peels infuse the water for half an hour. Then allow the mixture to cool completely and filter out the tangerine peels. After that, rinse your hair with the tangerine mixture after shampooing. Leave it to work for a bit, and then rinse. This concoction will help you get rid of dandruff.

A concoction of tangerine peels and water can help you if you have dandruff

what to do with tangerine peels

#Sugared fruits

To make sugared fruits, just gather the peels of some tangerines. Then pour water over them and boil. After that, pour out the boiled water and pour in new cold water. Do not boil again! Repeat this three times to make sure the peels are clean. Once cooled, chop the peels randomly but not very finely. Place them in a pot and pour water so that it lightly covers the peels. Then pour in two cups sugar, and cook over high heat, stirring constantly, until the water is completely gone. Finally, remove and stir until completely cool. Voilà!

Tangerine peels make the best all-natural sweet treat

uses for tangerines.jpg

#Scare away ants

Grind the peels of a couple of tangerines in a meat grinder and dilute with a liter of water. Then use this mixture against any lurking ants.

Tangerine peels and water will keep ants away from your home

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#For your compost

If you add crushed tangerine peels to the compost, the amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer will increase. If you do not have a compost, check out our organic compost guide. There, you will find tips and tricks for starting your own zero-waste compost at home!

Tangerine peels are the perfect food for your organic compost

uses for tangerine peels

These were all the creative ways to use tangerine peels in your everyday life. Why would you throw away this aromatic ingredients that can protect your plants, flavor your salty dishes and baked goods, and strengthen your hair?

Now you know why you should not throw away your tangerine peels!

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