Buzz Off Bugs: 7 Ways to Shield Yourself from Insect Bites

by Maria Konou

If you adore summer holidays, long walks, camping trips, conversations with friends and endless summer evenings, then this article is for you! Perhaps the only thing you would miss about the summer holidays are the annoying insect bites. Creepy crawlies like mosquitos, ticks, wasps, and even some types of flies are the main things you should avoid in the hot weather. These insect bites affect each person differently, with some people barely noticing them, while for others they are a true nightmare to endure. So, is there any way to protect yourself from them and just enjoy your time outdoors? Today, we will offer you some valuable tips and tricks on how to deal with unpleasant insect bites. If you want to make the most of your summer, surely remember these effective natural ways to shield yourself from insect bites:

Let’s take a look at the most effective natural ways to shield yourself from insect bites in the summer

how to protect yourself from insect bites

Buzz Off Bugs: 7 Ways to Shield Yourself from Insect Bites

Stay away from ponds and places with lots of trees

In summer, you can find the most insects, especially mosquitoes, around artificial or natural water bodies. Therefore, if their bites are rather unpleasant for you, avoid visiting such places. Lush vegetation is an ideal habitat for ticks and other creepy crawlies.  So, always bear this in mind when walking alone, with friends or with your pet. Keep walking in the middle of the path, and stay away from damp areas.

Mosquitos and ticks prefer bodies of water and lush vegetation

protect yourself from insect bites

Avoid wearing colorful clothing

If you love adventures in nature, you have probably noticed that all explorers wear clothing that is as close to natural colors as possible – green, brown, beige, etc. This is no coincidence at all – overly colorful clothing can attract insects, especially bees and hornets. So, do not go for a bright red blouse if you want to shield yourself from insect bites!

Bright colors are able to attract lots of bugs, especially hornets and bees

how to prevent insects bites

Dress appropriately

If you are planning a summer walk in the mountains, always bear in mind that the weather there can change very fast at any moment. Never underestimate the situation and be prepared by wearing (or bringing) a long-sleeved shirt, long leggings or trousers and suitable shoes (not flip-flops). This will limit the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on your skin and protect you from insect bites or unpleasant scratches from various plants. In addition, always carry a spare change of clothes with you (as you will certainly sweat and get dirty). And when you get home, take off all your clothes and take a shower immediately. That way, you can protect yourself from ticks that haven’t attached themselves to your skin, but are on your clothes.

Always bring extra clothes, especially if you are in the mountains

how to avoid insects bites

Apply bug repellent

DEET or diethyltoluamide is one of the main ingredients found in almost all bug repellents. DEET has been used for over 60 years, and it effectively repels ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. However, to enjoy longer lasting protection, pay attention to the percentage of this ingredient in your chosen repellent. A product with DEET 5% will provide you with protection for an hour and a half. A repellent that contains DEET 20% will provide you with much longer lasting protection. However, this ingredient is not suitable for people with sensitive skin and young children – especially under 2 years of age. So, weigh in the pros and cons and find the solution that works for you.

The more DEET % a repellent contains, the longer it will protect you

how to protect yourself from mosquito bites naturally

Treat bites with ice

If the insect bite is more severe than expected and the area starts to become red and swollen, here is what you need to do. Place an ice pack or something cold enough on the area for about 10–15 minutes (3-4 times a day). The cold will surely help brig down the swelling, and limit the itchy sensations. Of course, you can apply a cream that treats bug bites, or if necessary, take an anti-allergy pill.

Ice can help get rid of the swelling and the itching sensation

how can you protect yourself from mosquito bites

Avoid going barefoot

Although you may want to cool off, feel like a fairy, and remove your shoes to walk barefoot, it is preferable not to do so. If you do, you are taking a risk of getting bitten not only by ticks, but also by bees, wasps, and hornets that are on the grass. So, if you are somewhere in the wild, and you notice lots of bugs around, do not walk around barefoot!

Walking barefoot puts you at a higher risk of getting stung and bitten

how to protect yourself from mosquito bites

Protect yourself from mosquitoes

If you can’t stand the bites of these small insects, use even the slightest breeze to your advantage by taking a walk outdoors without fear of the little intruders. Alternatively, if you like to spend your evenings having dinner outside, use a fan. Mosquitos do not mix well with wind, so use this to your benefit! Even the lightest breeze is enough to repel mosquitoes. Be sure to aim the air stream at your body height from the waist down, because that is where mosquitoes most often fly.

If it is windy outside, you do not have to worry about mosquitos

how to prevent insect bites

Now you know how to shield yourself from insect bites in the summer!

how can i protect myself from mosquito bites

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