Mercury Retrograde Spring 2023: What Should Each Zodiac Sign Expect?

by Maria Konou

On April 21, everyone’s “beloved” planet Mercury goes retrograde again, and it will surely do its best to mess up our lives. Mercury retrograde happens when the planet of communication slows down and starts moving backwards. What this means is that this is definitely not the time to make important decisions or start something new. Instead, Mercury retrograde is a time to review, recalculate, rethink and revisit your past. In fact, this is the perfect time to let go and turn your attention to what is happening inside of you. From April 21 to May 15 Mercury will be retrograde in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. This will bring a period of review, reassessment, and reflection for each of the Zodiac signs. Rethinking your spending habits is also at the forefront during this time. Are you interested in what your Zodiac sign should expect from this period? Here is our guide for surviving Mercury retrograde in spring 2023!

The ultimate guide for surviving Mercury Retrograde in spring 2023

mercury retrograde april 2023 effects on zodiac signs

Mercury Retrograde Guide for Spring 2023

Psst… Did you know that on the 11th April, Venus entered Gemini, and this period will last until the 6th May? Learn what this means for your Zodiac sign in our guide.

Find your Zodiac sign and see what Mercury retrograde has in store for you

mercury retrograde spring 2023


As an Aries, you love to control the situation and not risk in vain. If people of this Zodiac sign continue to live as they normally do during this period, Mercury will quickly “punish” them for their insolence. So, try to be calmer and more relaxed during retrograde. One of the universal tips for Mercury retrograde concerns increasing your savings. So, during this time you should not go over your budget because it can lead to a wave of problems.

During this time, take care of your budget and try to let go of things

mercury retrograde april 2023 aries


Taurus, you might experience difficulties in communicating with others from the first day of Mercury’s retrograde phase on the 21st April. That is why it will be important to show restraint as quickly as possible. If someone speaks bad of you or something you believe in, try not to take it personally, and instead try to resolve the conflict calmly. There is definitely no need for enemies and quarrels at the moment.

Mercury retrograde will test your ability to resolve conflicts calmly

taurus mercury retrograde 2023 find your fate


Gemini, it is time to rewind the tape and evaluate how you have behaved in your relationships with your loved ones. Are you as innocent as you would like to think, or do you need to take the time to carefully examine your behavior? During this time, it is important not to fall into a pattern of prioritizing yourself at the expense of others or vice versa. Make sure you take your space and think about your communication and self-reflection.

For you, Gemini, this time is all about reflection and evaluation

gemini 2023 mercury retrograde


For Cancers, this is the perfect time to make sure you set appropriate boundaries and state your desires clearly. The fact that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses will ensure that you achieve all of your goals with ease. People will look up to you as a peaceful leader, and as someone who can maintain their integrity. Mistakes are normal because we are all human, but Mercury retrograde is your time to right the wrongs.

As a Cancer, you need to state your desires very clearly during retrograde

cancer mercury retrograde 2023 dates


For you, Leo, Mercury retrograde is a time for reflection at home. Think about your early childhood memories and write them down in as much detail as possible – the earlier the memory, the better. As Mercury retrograde progresses, you will be visited by the ghosts of past relationships. Pay attention to the synchronicity between your former partners and what you learned about love as a child. This will bring you a lot of healing and insight into what you really want from a romantic partner. For you, this is a healing time that is best paired with a journal.

Leo, grab your journal and get into the nitty-gritty of things

mercury retrograde april 2023 for leo


Virgo, although you are brimming with unique ideas that you can’t wait to share and implement, wait! It is a great idea to iron out the details before making any drastic changes in your professional life. Even if you feel loaded with enough knowledge to share and teach others, it is a great time to brush up on your knowledge on some topics. Take a deep breath and focus on planning and learning during retrograde.

During retrograde, you should focus on figuring out the small details 

mercury retrograde april 2023 for virgo


Libra, don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable and out of place during Mercury retrograde. The period is supposed to be uncomfortable, but the good thing is that you will have plenty of time to look inward at yourself. This Mercury retrograde marks a time to catch up on the chores you have probably forgotten and left aside, including your own health and well-being. So, take a relaxing bath and focus on self-care and improvement!

For you, Libra, this is the perfect time to focus on your health and well-being

mercury retrograde april 2023 for libra


To keep calm at your work, it is best to pause, try to collaborate and listen more. Scorpio, you can easily fall into the trap of focusing on getting the job done and not always voicing your concerns. You are a very knowledgeable person, so allow yourself the opportunity to shine. Taking risks is exactly how you will allow yourself to succeed during retrograde. So, chin up, your success is just around the corner!

For Scorpios, retrograde will be a time of focus and taking opportunities at work 

scorpio mercury retrograde april 2023 effects


Sagittarius, during spring 2023 and Mercury retrograde you may be feeling quite misunderstood, even more than usual. You might also need to think about how your words reflect on others. Sometimes you might be too harsh and fiery when it comes to communication, so some self-reflection wouldn’t hurt. This will be a real challenge, but by the end of the retrograde you will have a much deeper understanding of your own way of communicating.

As a Sagittarius, you will need to pay extra attention on your style of communicating

sagitarrius spring mercury retrograde 2023


In the spirit of transformation, you will have the perfect opportunity to take a breath and marvel at how far you have come. It takes a lot of effort to succeed, and it is important to monitor your progress and give yourself a pat on the back. Also, make sure to appreciate the growth of your friends, after all they are your allies. And if you realize something or someone isn’t quite in line with your growth, take the time to find out why by talking to them.

Capricorns need to take the time to congratulate themselves for their efforts

mercury retrograde april 2023 capricorn


Aquarians need to be very careful in the love realm because Mercury can swirl some serious love triangles. Aquarians can become more jealous than usual and start looking at other people. This can hurt their loved ones a lot and cause them great pain. The energy of chaos, fueled by Mercury, will be a real test of the will of the people of this sign. So, all you need to do as an Aquarius is to slow down and cherish the beauty in your life!

Aquarians might struggle in the love realm during Mercury retrograde

mercury retrograde april 2023 aquarius


Astrologers advise Pisces to get rid of their illusions and delusions as soon as possible. This applies both to your communication with other people and to your personal affairs and aspirations. During this time, it is very important to see the world as it is by taking off the rose-tinted glasses. Otherwise, you may be living in a dangerous delusion that will not bring you the true happiness you deserve. So, try to look at your life from a third point of view and be as realistic as possible.

Pisces, during retrograde, you need to keep it real and free yourself from delusions

pisces what to avoid during mercury retrograde

Now that you know what to expect from Mercury retrograde, you can try to get the best out of this challenging times. You need to remember that this period also brings opportunities for self-reflection and development. Sure, you might face some challenges and miscommunications, but you will also get the chance to slow down and look within. So, embrace the energy of the planet Mercury and discover what it has to teach you!

Now you know how to survive Mercury retrograde in spring 2023!

when is mercury retrograde 2023

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