Which Travel Destination You Need to Visit in 2023 (According to The Zodiac)

by Maria Konou

Many of us probably decided that more travelling should definitely be on their resolutions list for the new year. Maybe you want to learn about different cultures, try amazing cuisines, immerse yourself in nature, or all of the above combined. Travelling is a great way to expand your knowledge, mind, and heart! In this article, we will show you which place you need to visit, according to astrology. Each Zodiac sign is different in the way they think, act, and travel, so we tried to match your personality with the perfect travel destination. So, without further ado, lets see which travel destination you absolutely should visit in 2023, according to the Zodiac:

Many of us make it a goal to see as much of the world as possible

travel destinations 2023

So, let’s see which travel destination you need to visit in 2023, according to the Zodiac

travel destination you need to visit in 2023

Which Travel Destination You Need to Visit in 2023, According to The Zodiac

art aries zodiac sign illustration



Aries is a born traveler, extremely active and always looking for new horizons to discover. As a fire sign, you usually prefer warmer climates and destinations. That is why you would feel perfectly at home in Thailand, exploring the mountainous north or diving around the southern islands.

Aries is a born traveler that usually prefers warmer destinations

which zodiac sign loves to travel

Here are the best islands in Thailand you can visit

art taurus zodiac sign illustration



Taurus likes to be prepared for anything and everything that might happen on a vacation. You probably like to challenge yourself with destinations off the beaten path to make your vacation as exciting as possible. An ideal place for you to visit this year is Cuba. There, you will find lots of colors and inspiration for your adventurous spirit and soul.

An ideal place for you to visit this year is Cuba

zodiac signs and travel

Here is some inspiration to visit Cuba

art gemini zodiac sign illustration



Geminis are definitely social animals and active travelers. You love not only discovering side streets, but also making new friends along the way. You would be perfect for Italy, where the locals are very sociable, and every corner holds unexpected delights for both the mind and body.

Geminis are definitely social and active travelers

best places to travel based on zodiac sign

Here are the best spots in Italy

art cancer zodiac sign illustration



Cancers love being near water, and spending their holidays with family and their closest friends. Destinations like Egypt will make you feel really good and relaxed – tranquility, rich culture, great diving locations and cruises along the Nile… Everything a Cancer needs!

Cancers love spending their holidays with family and their closest friends

where to go on vacation based on the zodiac

Egypt is a truly mystical place like no other

art leo zodiac sign illustration



Castles on the Loire will definitely make the Lion feel right at home – like true royalty. Combine them with royal origins like the Louvre and Versailles, and there is no denying that France is this zodiac sign’s dream destination.

France will definitely make Leos feel right at home 

zodiac signs travel destinations

Explore this beautiful European country

art virgo zodiac sign illustration



Virgos like to have a plan of the places they are going to visit. In addition, they also want to know the opening hours of attractions and how much money they will need for the ticket. While they sometimes allow themselves to deviate from their plan, they prefer to have the big picture clear. This is exactly why tourist megalopolises like Paris and Rome, where there is a lot to discover, are best suitable for Virgos. If you want to challenge yourself, however, go on a trip to a more chaotically organized destination like India, for example.

Tourist megalopolises are best suitable for Virgos

holiday destinations according to the zodiac

India has an amazing culture you need to explore

art libra zodiac sign illustration



Libras are one of the most relaxed and world-friendly people. Send them to Portugal and let them explore the streets of Lisbon and Porto’s old quarters to discover new friends and hidden spots you can find in the guidebooks. The laid-back lifestyle of the Portuguese will captivate Libras and inspire them to enjoy life and all it has to offer.

The laid-back lifestyle of the Portuguese will captivate Libras

where to travel based on your zodiac sign

This is how your vacation in Portugal will look like

art scorpio zodiac sign illustration



Scorpios don’t like small talk and don’t feel comfortable being surrounded by lots of people night after night. Destinations that allow them to seclude themselves at any moment they want, however, are perfect for them. Albania, with its secluded beaches on the Adriatic coast (outside the few major resorts) and its fabulously beautiful mountains, where it seems as if no human foot has ever set foot, is the destination for them. So, grab your bags and head to Europe if you are a Scorpio longing for some good relaxation.

Scorpios like destinations that allow them to seclude themselves at any moment they want

travel based on zodiac sign 2023

Albania is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe

art sagittarius zodiac sign illustration



Sagittarians love being outdoors, exploring the world like the true explorers and adventurers they are. For them, travelling is not only a pleasure, but also a way to learn more about the world and about foreign cultures. As a Sagittarius, you will feel great in Morocco, where you can combine a walk in the desert with discovering the culture of ancient cities.

As a Sagittarius, you will feel great surrounded by the beauty of Morocco

where to travel based on your zodiac sign 2023

Take a look at the best p;laces to visit in Morocco

art capricorn zodiac sign illustration



Capricorns work hard and throw just as much effort into their holidays, as they do in about everything else. They love places with history, where they don’t just lie around all day, but actually have something interesting to discover. The Greek islands – headed by the lovely Santorini, are the perfect destination for representatives of this zodiac sign. So, if you are a Capricorn, definitely consider a relaxing summer vacation in Greece.

Capricorns love places with history that have interesting things to explore

top travel destinations 2023

Here are the best things to do in Santorini

art aquarius zodiac sign illustration



Aquarius is hands down the most curious zodiac sign. They are interested in history and culture as well as politics and traditions. An Aquarius likes to deepen communication with people, and to discover what lies behind the tourist facade. That is why in Russia, the Aquarius would feel excellent. Yes, it is a bit cold there, but so are Aquariuses sometimes.

Aquariuses need a destination that is not considered that common

travel ideas 2023

These are the best places to visit in Russia

art pisces zodiac sign illustration



Pisces are dreamers, and they like places where they can relax, observe and possibly be near water – in any form. They are very spiritual, interested in culture too, so their destinations should have a little bit of everything. They would be perfectly comfortable in Sweden, where there is a lot to see and discover. Combine the urban life with the magnificent nature, and you will feel perfectly at home.

Pisces need destinations that have a little bit of everything, like Sweden

best travel destinations for 2023

Discover the natural beauty of Sweden

Now you know which travel destination you need to visit in 2023, based on your Zodiac sign. Remember to do your research, watch travel videos, and make the best out of this new year! The world is a beautiful place, and we should see as much of its beauty as possible.

Now you know which travel destination you need to visit in 2023, based on your Zodiac sign

vacation 2023 ideas

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