How to wash and store blackberries to keep them juicy & fresh

Von Maria Konou / May 23 2022

Nobody wants to waste a Saturday scouring the farmer’s market for lovely berries that will be rotting and spoiling by Monday morning. So, put an end to the chaos of swiftly deteriorating produce with our tips on how to wash and store delicious blackberries! You will save money, reduce food waste, and keep your berries fresh super long! Moreover,  you can eat these juicy berries out of hand or use them in mouthwatering berry sweets and treats all season long! If you want to learn the best tips and tricks for keeping your blackberries fresh and juicy for weeks, then keep on reading:

Let’s see how to actually wash and store blackberries to keep them fresh and super juicy

are blackberries good for you

What are the benefits of eating blackberries?

The delicious fruits of blackberries contain 4-8% sugars, 0.8-1.4% organic acids, vitamin C, carotene, etc. They are sodium and cholesterol-free, and very low in fat! Moreover, blackberries are also an excellent source of vegetable fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. The good reputation of the blackberry as a healing fruit is mainly due to its high content of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, and sodium salts. What’s more, the large amount of vitamin C in blackberries is preserved almost unchanged when the fruit is used to make juices and syrups! Thanks to the beneficial substances they contain, blackberries improve blood circulation and have a good effect on memory and sleep.  Everyone could use some delicious blackberries in their life!

Add blackberries to your breakfast for a vitamin boost 

how to pick the best blackberries

Blackberries are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber!

how best to wash blackberries

How do I choose the best blackberries?

Nice blackberries are deep purple color, without bruised areas and withered appearance. When at the market, choose blackberries with a rounded shape, bright color, and fresh appearance. Overripe blackberries are soft and often have mold on the surface.

In the supermarket

To have the perfect blackberries, you need to pay attention to a few things while shopping. First of all, make sure there is no juice on the bottom, this means the fruit is fresh and firm. The other factor that matters is the appearance of the blackberries. They should be mossy, with tufts sticking out and a sheen on the surface.

Choose blackberries with a rounded shape, bright color, and fresh appearance

how to know when blackberries are bad

In the garden

When picking blackberries, it is necessary to approach them with care, precisely because of the thorns of the bush from which we will “pluck” them. Blackberry season is towards the end of summer, by October at the latest. Then they are firm, juicy, and darkly colored. If the fruit separates easily from the stem, it means it is fully ripe and ready to eat.

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Knowing when to pick blackberries is crucial for their taste

how to clean blackberries with vinegar

Watch this video for some valuable advice on berry harvesting 

And, here you have the most valuable tips for growing blackberries

how to store blackberries after picking

How should I wash blackberries?

Wash blackberries before consumption only! If you plan on eating them the day after, just place them in the fridge in their original container. While blackberries appear to have thicker skin, they are extremely sensitive and should be handled with caution. You may either gently wash blackberries under the tap or place them in a dish of cold water and swirl them around in the water with your hands. A saltwater soak with one cup of warm water and one teaspoon of salt, followed by a brief washing, can help remove any grubs that may be hiding inside the berries. You can also do an apple cider vinegar soak to wash the blackberries. Or, use a baking soda soak to remove pesticides.

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Do not forget to rinse with cold water after the vinegar soak

how to wash blackberries before eating

Watch this video for tips and tricks on washing berries

How do I store fresh blackberries?

After washing, place the blackberries in a salad spinner lined with paper towels. Spin the berries until they are totally dry. Then place a clean dishtowel on the counter and pour the berries onto it. Blot them lightly to remove any excess moisture. Layer paper towels between each layer of berries in a sealable container. Allow excess moisture to escape by slightly opening the lid. In our opinion, storing fruit in jars is the best method for keeping them fresher the longest! It is also a great hack to keep your fruit and vegetable storage neat and reuse old jars at the same time! To store, place the blackberries in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

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Our favorite method for storing blackberries is in a reusable glass jar

how to clean blackberries with baking soda

You can use them for both fruit and vegetable storage 

how to wash blackberries and raspberries

Here you can see how well they last in an airtight container


how to wash blackberries to remove bugs

Tips for storing and cooking with blackberries

  • The trick to keeping your fresh berries fresh is to destroy any spores on the fruit once you get them home. The pH of vinegar accomplishes this.
  • Allowing the berries to soak in the vinegar-water bath for a few minutes will loosen any dirt or grime, while also killing any spores and bacteria.
  • Remove any soft berries, leaves or stalks, or insects before sorting blackberries. It is best to use soft or damp berries as soon as possible.
  • Washing blackberries should be done right before using them. If your berries are wet, pat them dry with paper towels.
  • Fruit with thicker skin (such as strawberries or blueberries) can be dried in a salad spinner, while fragile berries like raspberries and blackberries should be dried on a towel with paper or cloth towels. Check out our raspberry guide for all the tips and tricks for storing this fellow squishy and delicious berry!

Blackberries and raspberries are the squishiest berries 

how to wash blackberries correctly

  • To avoid natural moisture build-up, store the washed and dried fruit in a sealed container lined with paper towels. If using an airtight container, keep the lid slightly open.
  • When cultivated, thornless blackberries are baked in pies and cobblers, they do not necessarily release their juice. Crush about a third of the berries before pouring them into the pie shell or cobbler pan to make a good filling.
  • To make blackberry popsicles, purée blackberries with fruit juices and/or other fruits and freeze. For added flavor and nutrients, add yogurt to the mixture before freezing.

Making blackberry popsicles is a must in the summer

how to choose berries

  • The blackberry flavor blends beautifully with orange, lemon, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
  • Making blackberry jam is the easiest way to preserve this squishy fruit for a longer period of time.

Blackberry jam is delicious, and it pairs well with many dishes

how to wash blackberries with vinegar

What can I make with blackberries?

Berry sweets are something very few of us could resist. With raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and, of course, blackberries you can make very tasty and juicy cakes, decorations, fillings for cakes, as well as creams, and mousses. To avoid the small blackberry seeds, it is a good idea to rub the blackberries through a strainer or blend them and then strain the juice. Blackberries can be used to make extremely tasty and healthy syrups, juices, nectars, compotes, jams, sweets, and even wine. Dried blackberries can be put in your breakfast muesli and in fruit teas. Add blackberries to fruit salads, decorate ice creams and desserts with them, and use them to make fruit creams. In the summer, a handful of blackberries mixed with a few spoonfuls of ice cream and fresh milk, blended in a blender and decorated with mint leaves is a real treat. Also, make sure to check out our smoothie bowl recipes for a delicious blackberry breakfast idea!

Here are 3 simple ways to enjoy fresh blackberries

how to store blackberries in the fridge

You can add them to salads for a sweet touch

how to wash blackberries after picking

Use them to top smoothie bowls

how to wash store bought blackberries

Enjoy them with fluffy pancakes

how to store blackberries in mason jars

Use them as a decoration for desserts

tips and tricks for blackberries

Or just enjoy them on their own with some sweet honey

how to store blackberries after washing

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