How to clean and store strawberries to keep them fresh & aromatic

by Maria Konou

Summer brings lots of fun, sunshine, and delicious fresh strawberries! However, berries are known to be a bit demanding if you want them to last for a longer time! There is no doubt that these are some of the most delicious fruits of all time, so enjoy them to the fullest! In this article, we will share some valuable tips on the basics – how to properly wash strawberries, and how you should store them, so they stay fresh for longer periods of time. Strawberries tend to spoil very fast because of mold, but there are a few easy ways to prevent that from happening! Fresh strawberries might require a little extra attention, but we promise that once you get the hang of this berry routine, you will eat delicious fruit all summer long. So, if you want to learn how to actually clean, wash and store strawberries, just continue reading for our best tips:

There might be a lot of things you are doing wrong when it comes to fresh berries

best methods for washing berries

How to wash strawberries

Strawberries are a very delicate fruit that does not last long, especially if not stored properly. Everyone has opened a package of fresh strawberries and found that they went bad soon after buying them. Sometimes we ourselves contribute to the rapid spoilage of this wonderful fruit by our improper actions. Here are a few tips on how to properly wash and clean fresh strawberries.

With these tips, your strawberries will always be aromatic and delicious

how to store strawberries after picking

Should I remove the stem of the strawberry?

Do you always remove the stems and petals of strawberries before washing them? Don’t, because that’s how you make the first mistake! If you tear off the stalk, water can seep through the hole and soak into the strawberry – this dilutes it in the true sense of the word, and it loses its wonderful fragrance. It is, therefore, best to remove the green part only after washing. And even then you can leave it if the fruit is to be eaten in its natural form. Some people prefer to grab the strawberry by the stem, dip it in a bowl of sugar and thus enjoy its juicy sweetness.

Removing the stem of the strawberry might be a worse idea than you think

tips and tricks for storing strawberries

Is washing strawberries under running water a good idea?

How exactly do you wash the strawberries? Do you put them in a sieve and just run cold running water on top? Not a good idea at all. In fact, the strong stream from the faucet can hurt the delicate fruit and some of the flavors will evaporate. It is best to put the fruit (with the stems!) in a large bowl pre-filled with cold water. Shake the bowl gently so that the impurities dissolve nicely. Only then pour the fruit into a sieve and wait for it to drain well.

Using cold running water is not the best way to wash your strawberries

vinegar water bath for strawberries

What is a vinegar bath for strawberries?

If your strawberries were grown commercially, they were almost certainly sprayed with pesticides. Submerging strawberries in a vinegar bath is the most efficient approach for removing pesticide residue. Combine four parts water and one part white vinegar in a bowl or a deep dish, then soak the strawberries for at least 20 minutes. To remove the vinegar, thoroughly rinse the strawberries with cool water. Apple cider vinegar has numerous uses and benefits for your home and wellbeing that you are probably unaware of! So, utilize this powerful ingredient and learn more about apple cider vinegar’s benefits.

A vinegar bath is a tried and tested method for preserving berries

how to clean strawberries with salt and vinegar

Can I use baking soda to clean strawberries?

If you don’t have any vinegar on hand, you can clean your strawberries by soaking them in a baking soda and water bath. In a large mixing bowl, combine one teaspoon of baking soda with four cups of water, and soak your fresh strawberries for at least five minutes. Then rinse and dry your strawberries under cool running water. Baking soda is the ultimate household ingredient for cleaning and refreshing. If you want to learn more cool ways to use it, make sure to check our complete guide for baking soda hacks.

A baking soda soak will make your fresh strawberries safe and clean to eat

how to store strawberries after washing

What does saltwater do to strawberries?

Did you know that you can remove fruit fly larvae from the inside of your organic strawberries by cleaning them with saltwater? In each cup of warm water, dissolve one teaspoon of sea salt. Allow the water to cool fully before soaking the strawberries in it for at least 5 minutes, before rinsing and patting them dry. If you are interested in more natural cleaning tips and tricks, make sure to check our eco-cleaning guide! There you will find safe, chemical-free cleaning solutions for every room in your home.

Saltwater is known for its strong antibacterial qualities

how to clean strawberries with salt

Should I wash strawberries I will not consume immediately?

Should you put freshly washed strawberries in the fridge when you won’t be using them right away? You probably already guessed that this is a big mistake. Strawberries can lose their unique flavor this way – especially if they are pre-cut. If you are not going to use them immediately – for a pastry recipe or fresh consumption – it is best to store them as you bought them from the market or store. That way, when you take them out of the fridge, they will have retained their great flavor. When you are ready to eat them, you can take them out of their original packaging and wash them using the methods we mentioned above.

Washing and cutting your strawberries is not as good as it sounds

are you supposed to store strawberries in the refrigerator

Where and how to store fresh strawberries

There are so many ways to store and clean strawberries. But which one is the best?

store strawberries in fridge or not

Where should I store fresh strawberries?

The refrigerator is the ideal location to store fresh strawberries unless you plan to eat or use them within a day of bringing them home. The chilly temperature will delay spoilage, allowing you to enjoy your strawberries for longer. There are a few different methods for storing strawberries that we will discuss below!

Tip: If it is that time when your fridge has become extremely messy and unorganized, then maybe it is time for a fridge deep clean and organization!

Fresh strawberries require more effort and attention than other fruits

store strawberries in fridge or counter

How should I store fresh strawberries?

Again, if you are not consuming or cooking with the strawberries within a day or two, it is best to leave them in the fridge in their original container. But, if you will consume them, and you have already washed them, there are a couple of methods for storing them. The first and most important thing, however, is that your strawberries have to be completely dry in order for you to move them to the fridge. You can leave the washed strawberries to dry out on a paper towel or a cloth. Do not rub them as the fruit is very delicate. Another option is to dry the strawberries using a salad spinner. That is the quickest and most effective way of drying fruits and veggies!

Dry berries last longer since mold grows on moist fruits

how to clean strawberries with baking soda

If you are using an air-tight container, make sure the strawberries are completely dry

how to clean strawberries and keep them fresh

That will prevent trapped moisture from spoiling the fruits

how to clean strawberries from bugs

Is it better to store strawberries in a container lined with paper or a jar?

The two best methods for storing strawberries in the fridge are in an airtight container or in a jar. It is important to make sure that your strawberries are completely dry. Then place some paper towels on the base of the container, carefully transfer your strawberries and add a paper towel on top as well. This will help the strawberries stay dry and mold-free. Then put the lid on top of the container and place it in the fridge. The second method is to just carefully transfer the dry strawberries into a glass jar and keep it closed. Both of these methods work great, so you can try whichever one you find easier for you! If you want to become a master at storing fruits and veggies in your fridge, then check out this fruit and vegetable storage guide! You will learn how to keep your produce fresh for longer!

These are the best methods for storing fresh strawberries 

how to clean strawberries with vinegar

Here you can see the results after 1 week

how to clean strawberries tiktok

And, the same strawberries in 2 weeks

how to clean strawberries at home

Our advice? Using a mason jar is the easiest way to keep your strawberries fresh for longer

how to store strawberries in mason jars

When you cut the strawberries and remove the stems, they spoil faster!

how to clean strawberries and store them

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More Tips & Tricks

  • Before cleaning any strawberries, make sure to wash your hands. You don’t want to touch your strawberries with dirty hands. Always wash your hands before handling any fresh fruits or vegetables to ensure that everything is sanitary.
  • It is best to wash your fruit right before you want to consume it. Just before you’re prepared to consume or cook your fruit, wash it with cool water. When you wash strawberries but don’t dry them properly, there is a chance that they rot or become soggy in the refrigerator.
  • Any berries that are too soft should be discarded right away. Look for strawberries with too-soft skin or bruising when you’re washing them all. Throw out any moldy or mushy berries that have already gone rotten to protect the rest.
  • Utilize softer strawberries right away with a delicious recipe. If you notice that some of your strawberries are going bad, it is best to use them right away. We suggest trying some of our cooking studio’s tried and tested strawberry recipes. If you are in the mood for something light and sweet, then what about a delicious gluten-free strawberry shortcake? Or, whip up a refreshing strawberry Mojito and enjoy it outside as the ultimate summer drink!

Now go clean some strawberries, and make delicious strawberry crêpes for breakfast!

apple cider vinegar bath for strawberries

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