How to wash and store raspberries so they stay fresh for longer

by Maria Konou

Raspberries are no doubt one of the freshest and most delicious fruit to ever exist. They taste amazing in different baked goods, drinks, and sauces, but mostly on their own. This sweet fruit, however, is very delicate, and it spoils quite fast! That is why it is good to know the right way to wash and store raspberries. You can enjoy fresh berries for longer periods of time, minimize your food waste, and keep the fruit aromatic and delicious! In this article, we will talk all about raspberries- how to choose, wash, store, and use this delicious summer fruit.

Let’s see what is the right way to store raspberries, so they stay fresh for longer

how to store raspberries after washing

What are the benefits of eating raspberries?

Raspberries contain high amounts of potassium, vitamin A and calcium. They also contain about 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Raspberries, being a very healthy food, have no fat, cholesterol, or sodium. They are also a good source of iron and folate (which is used, especially in the treatment of low red blood cell count or anemia). Raspberries are also rich in fiber. Half to one pound of raspberries per day can provide twenty to thirty grams of fiber, which is a must for all adults every day. So if you have the opportunity, enjoy some delicious raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries with pleasure!

Incorporate raspberries in your breakfast for a delicious start of the day

how to wash raspberries to remove pesticides

How do I choose the best raspberries?

Choose plump, firm, fully red raspberries. Unripe fruit will not ripen correctly if picked too early. When ripe, raspberries are much easier to pick and turn a darker red. If you pluck the raspberry using force, it is not ripe yet. Don’t buy large quantities of raspberries, as they soften and mold quickly at room temperature and will keep for no more than two to three days in the fridge. You can easily freeze them by washing them and placing them in a bag, which you seal well so that no air remains in it.

Choosing the right raspberries is easy with these tips

how to pick raspberries correctly

How do I wash fresh raspberries?

Fresh raspberries absorb liquid rapidly because their flesh is so delicate. That also means they can’t withstand water for long periods of time. To avoid excess moisture that can contribute to mold, wash your raspberries shortly before you’re ready to eat them, rather than when you’re putting them away.

Tip: If you want to know the best methods for storing and washing strawberries, make sure to take a look at our guide for cleaning strawberries. There, we talk about common mistakes people make that cause strawberries to spoil faster.

A vinegar bath will clean and disinfect the raspberries

how to store raspberries in the freezer

How do I store fresh raspberries?

Whether you are picking raspberries from your own farm, buying them at the store, or picking up a few trays at your favorite farmer’s market, raspberries have a way of making any dish more delicious. But unfortunately, they’re one of the summer’s most perishable fruits. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who have access to raspberry orchards, you’re probably sourcing these flavorful fruits from a variety of vendors. Here are a few tips on how to pick and store good berries:

  1. Inspect the bottom of the trays for any leaking or staining if they are paper.
  2. Make sure the fruit is dry and that there is no darker colored or mushy matter in between.
  3. After buying them, sort the package and remove any that have a charred and wet texture.
  4. Put kitchen paper over a well-spread container and put the raspberries in it without washing them. Then store the raspberries in the refrigerator.
  5. Like other small fruits, you can extend their life by soaking them for 15 minutes in a 1:3 solution of apple cider vinegar and water. Or, make a baking soda bath to clean your fruit from pesticides. Tip: Baking soda has so many unique uses. Check our ultimate list of baking soda hacks and try them. They are life-changing!

Reusing old jars as food containers is the ultimate win-win

how to pick good raspberries

Fruits in glass jars will last the longest in your fridge

how to pick raspberries off the plant

Here you can see how well raspberries last in different conditions


how to know when raspberries are ready to pick

Tips for picking and storing raspberries

Whether you pick raspberries from your garden or from a greenhouse, here are a few tips to consider:

  • If you are picking raspberries, be careful, your feet and knees can damage the fruit when moving along the edge of the raspberry row.
  • Only pick fruit that is fully ripe.
  • Unwrap the leaves, so you don’t miss a hidden raspberry that is ready to pick.
  • Avoid exposing raspberries that have already been picked to the sun for a long time. It is better to leave them in the shade, under a tree, or in the boot of the car.
  • The raspberries can be kept in the fridge for 2 to 3 days, depending on the state in which they have been picked. After a few days, however, the fruit loses its freshness, color, and shrivels. Tip: See our fruit and vegetable storage guide to see the best way to store berries in your fridge.
  • Do not wash the fruit until you are ready to eat it. Washing makes them more prone to spoiling.
  • Raspberries are more perishable than blueberries and strawberries, so put them in the fridge quickly. Temperatures between 3 and 8 degrees are best for storing raspberries, but be careful not to freeze them!
  • Due to the difficulty of storage, consume raspberries as quickly as possible. Pour them into a wide dish and remove any fuzz or fungus, if present.

Leave raspberries in their original container until you are ready to wash and eat them

how to store raspberries and strawberries

Raspberries are more perishable than blueberries and strawberries

how to store raspberries at home


What can I make with raspberries?

They say good things come in small packages, which is certainly true of raspberries. These small fruits are full of flavor and aromas. A fruit that is often described as both tart and sweet. The riper the raspberries, the sweeter and more intense their flavor will be. The texture of the fruit is also interesting, they are soft, delicate, and almost melt in your mouth when fully ripe. At the same time, they are full of many small seeds. These seeds add a little more density and body to the fruit, which would otherwise easily lose its shape. The taste and texture of raspberries set the stage for them to be used in many types of recipes. You can eat them fresh, can them, freeze them, dry them. You can even buy dried freeze-dried raspberry powder. Here are some of the more widespread uses of raspberries and the best flavor pairings.

Knowing with what to pair raspberries is the key to delicious dishes

how to keep raspberries from going bad


In a salad, raspberries add bright flavor and color, making the dish tastier and more appealing. They combine wonderfully with spinach, arugula, kale, and beet leaves. You can put them fresh, make a dressing with them or use raspberry vinegar.

Spinach, feta, and raspberries is the salad combination you absolutely need this summer

how to store fresh raspberries after washing


Baked in a dessert the raspberries will become almost creamy and really delicious. Here again, you can use them fresh or in ready-made jellies, jams, and preserves.

Chocolate and raspberries is a classic dessert combination

how to store raspberries for longer

Savory dishes

Baking raspberries or mixing them with different ingredients makes them amazing as a glaze and sauce on roasted vegetables, fish, and meat.

Raspberry sauces and jams go amazing with meat dishes

how to wash and store raspberries


Raspberries are one of the most popular fruits for canning. You can make jams, preserves, jellies, syrups, sauces, etc. You can also dry fresh raspberries and add them to granola or desserts.

Making raspberry jams is a great way to preserve the fruits 

how to pick ripe raspberries

Drinks and cocktails

Raspberries make amazing wine. What’s more, in bar mixology raspberries are also widely used, both in alcoholic cocktails and refreshing soft drinks.

Raspberries make some of the most delicious drinks

how to wash raspberries with vinegar for deinks

Raspberry Panna Cotta Recipe

We decided to make this raspberry panna cotta recipe, and it turned out so good, that we just had to share it with all of you! In the video below, you will find the step-by-step instructions for this creamy Italian dessert. It is fresh, sweet, and a beautiful pink shade that will turn heads! Save it for a special occasion like a celebration with a loved one or a surprise tour of friends and family on a hot summer night! Make sure to check out the rest of our delicious recipes on our YouTube channel!

You will absolutely love this easy and delicious pink raspberry dessert!

0 panna cotta without gelatin strawberries

Make this summer dessert with fresh raspberries for a loved one 

21 strawberry panna cotta recipe without gelatin

Watch our YouTube video for in-depth visual instructions:

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