How to Get Water Out of Your Ears: 7 Effective Methods

by Maria Konou

Getting water in your ears is uncomfortable, and if it stays there for a long time, it can cause more serious problems. Among the most common symptoms are pain, ear plugging, and inflammation. Although water getting in your ears is considered relatively harmless, it is not good for it to stay there for long periods of time. Whether it is water that has entered from showering or water from the pool and sea, while on vacation or while playing sports, it must be removed from the ears to avoid causing problems. That is why, in this article, we will show you how to effectively get water out of your ears.

Let’s see how to get water out of ears fast and effectively

how to get water out of your ears after swimming

How to Get Water Out of Your Ears: 7 Effective Methods

Here are a few easy tricks for getting water out of your ears, as well as tips on how to deal with the pain and inflammation in the ears.

#Warm Compress Hack

To reduce any inflammation and promote drainage, apply a warm compress over the ear. Just soak a washcloth with warm water and remove any excess water before placing it on your ear for a few minutes.

Start with a warm compress over the ear to promote drainage

how to get water out of ears after pool

#Vacuum Method

First of all, bend your head to the side so that the water flows out of the affected ear. Press gently with your palm, hold for a few seconds to induce a slight vacuum. Abruptly, pull your hand away from the ear until you feel a popping sensation. Repeat several times. This will make the water flow out more easily and quickly. Dry with a cotton swab without going into the ear canal. You can also use a paper napkin to skim the water from the earlobe.

This is a great hack to try if you are on the beach, and you do not have any supplies

how to get water out of your ears after shower

#Nose Breathing Method

Another trick you can try is to close your mouth tightly, plug your nostrils with your fingers, and try to exhale through your nose, being careful not to let the air escape through your mouth. This will increase the pressure in the ear canal, which will push out the water trapped inside. Tilt your head to the side and repeat several times until you feel the warm trickle coming out of your ear.

Remember to blow gently in order to not damage your ear canal

how to get water out of ears fast

#Jaw Movement Method

Some movements can help you encourage drainage of water trapped in your ears. For example, you can try to open your mouth to yawn widely or try the chewing motion. Both of these movements can help equalize the pressure in your ears.

Moving your jaw can help remove trapped water in your ear

how to get water out of ears quickly

#Hair Dryer Hack

Another easy and effective trick for removing water from your ears is using a hair dryer. Set the jet to cool or moderately warm. Turn on the weakest setting, so it doesn’t blow too aggressively. Point the hair dryer at the ear and hold like this for a few minutes. Then dry with a paper napkin and repeat a few more times if necessary. Hair dryer hacks are the best, aren’t they?

Be careful not to burn your ear and do not use an aggressive setting

how to get water out of ears after swimming

#Sea Salt Hack

If there is pain and numbness in the ear, you can relieve them with the help of sea salt. Just heat half a cup of sea salt in a dry pan. Then wrap the salt in a cotton cloth and press it against the ear.

Sea salt can help relieve pain and numbness in the ear

how to get water out of ears at home

#Over-thecounter Ear Drops

If nothing works for you, you can always try over-the-counter ear drops. They will help dry the ear and remove the water trapped inside.

Just follow the instruction on the package

best way to get water out of your ear

If these methods do not work for you, and you continue feeling pain or any hearing loss occurs, please seek medical assistance. After all, your ears are sensitive, and you do not want to cause any long-term damage.

Now you know how to get water out of your ears easily and painlessly

how to get water out of ears after diving

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