5 Foods That Are Dangerous to Eat in The Summer, According to Food Experts

by Maria Konou

If you are not careful with what you eat in the summer, your holidays can become unforgettable. In a bad way! There are so many things you have to look out for like high temperatures, reheating food, and storing food outside the refrigerator, bacteria, and viruses. Bacteria in food quickly multiply and becomes the cause of gastrointestinal diseases and uncomfortable situations. What’s more, children are the most at risk, since the younger they are, the more severely ill and quickly dehydrated they become. During the summer, the chances of infections transmitted through food become higher, so you need to know which foods you need to be wary of. Here is a list of foods that are most dangerous to eat in the summer, according to food experts:

Do you know which foods are dangerous to eat in the summer?

what not to eat when it's hot outside

Foods That Are Dangerous to Eat in The Summer


This is the most perishable food. On top of that, it is also allergenic and can ruin your vacation with stomach discomfort. So avoid seafood, especially if your child is young and has experienced other allergy signs like hay fever, asthma, atopic dermatitis, or food allergies. Another problem with seafood is that you don’t really know how it is stored at restaurants. The chances of it being fresh are kind of slim, since they are expensive and not eaten that regularly. So, look out for mussels, shrimps, and raw fish, especially in the summer, and avoid them if you can. That means sushi, too!

Seafood is an allergenic that can ruin your vacation with stomach discomfort

food spoilage summer and preservation

Another problem with seafood is that you don’t really know how it is stored at restaurants

how to store food in hot weather


In the hot summer months, eggs can turn into a real problem. And while at home we have quality control, in restaurants and especially outdoor places with eggs on the menu is another story. Eggs are the most common source of salmonellosis. So, try to avoid things like scrambled eggs, dips, crème caramel, pancakes, and mayonnaise as much as possible. Make sure to always eat from places you trust, especially in the summer.

Eggs are the most common source of salmonellosis

why does food spoil faster in summer

So, try to avoid things like non-homemade scrambled eggs, pancakes, and mayonnaise 

why food gets spoiled in summer

#Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and veggies are the best food in summer, but they can also be a source of contamination. Dog tapeworm eggs can cling to them (especially low-growing and green herbs) as well as other bacteria if not grown and stored properly. So wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly with a homemade solution of apple cider vinegar, water, and baking soda! This is especially important in the countryside, where children are out in the yard all day picking fruit straight from the garden with dirty hands. What’s more, fruits and veggies don’t last long in the sun, especially when they have been cut up.

Tip: That is especially true for leafy green vegetables that can even become toxic! Read more about which foods you should not bring to the beach to see more!

Leafy green vegetables can even become toxic because of the heat

which food should avoid in summer

Avoid leaving your fruits in veggies in the sun for too long

what should you not eat in hot weather


Meat spoils easily in the heat. So, try to avoid things like sausages and frankfurters. What’s more, always be careful with the meat you consume in food places. You should always check the meat you consume for undercooked areas or a weird smell. If you notice anything that looks out of the ordinary, it is better to leave it aside and not risk all the problems. Boiling and prolonged roasting in an oven are the safest ways to consume meat in the summer.

Meat spoils very easily in the heat

why do most food spoil faster during summer

Avoid meat that hasn’t been roasted or grilled properly

avoid food poisoning in summer

#Fast food

Street food is easy, cheap, and delicious. However, we all have to agree that we have gotten food poisoning from that weird place we ate at once. This risk is especially high in the summer. Things like hot dogs, kebabs, sandwiches, pastries, pancakes, draft juices, sauces, and other fast food snacks, have their composition changed just minutes after exposure to the summer heat. Sometimes flies also like to join in and spread even more diseases. So, why not just make some delicious beach snacks yourself that will keep you well-hydrated and light?

Fast food’s composition changes just minutes after exposure to the summer heat

does food spoiled during summer

Try to avoid greasy and heavy fast food as much as possible in the summer

food spoilage summer and contamination


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