How to Actually Start Fresh in 2023 (6 Practical Tips)

by Maria Konou

With the new year, we want to start a long-delayed venture to change something in our habits. New beginnings come with new hopes and expectations. That is why, now is the perfect time to make resolutions. Just write down your dreams and hopes of who you want to become by the end of 2023. With the right mindset and some small, but powerful changes, you can truly become better and happier. However, it sometimes feels hard to know even when to start. But as always, we are here to help you! In this article, we will discuss how to actually start fresh in 2023. We will give you six practical tips that can dramatically affect your life and mental health if done more often. Remember that consistency is key, but do not to be too hard on yourself or too demanding.

Want to know how to actually start fresh in 2023? Just keep reading!

how to start new year fresh

How to Actually Start Fresh in 2023: 6 Practical Tips

#Organize your home

After the holidays, your home probably looks a little Armageddon-like. We are talking about things like laundry waiting to be washed, leftover food from holiday dinners, Christmas toys, messy rooms and whatnot. So, to deal with that, take a trip to your nearest store and pick up some storage boxes. You can use them to organize your home better. Use them in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, kids rooms and even the bathroom. Then get some stickers and label the boxes for future you! Getting rid of clutter is the first step to a better new year!

Take a trip to your nearest store and pick up some storage boxes to organize your home better

how to start fresh in 2023

#Throw away old clothes and items

Revisit your wardrobes – both yours and the kids’. Say goodbye to boring or old clothes, shabby home tops, pants that are literally broken from too much wear. This is a very good way to clear the energy in your home, and, according to spiritual teachers, by doing this, you subconsciously put order in the rest of your life as well. Think about donating whatever you can to start the new year with a positive energy and a good gesture!

Decluttering is a very good way to clear the energy in your home

the best habits to start new years

#Clean your home thoroughly

Yes, you need to clean your home, but make sure to make it fun. Play a selection of your favorite songs and get started! Move the couches, dust under the bedroom, change the towels in the bathroom, clean the closet, wash the shoes. If you hate cleaning, take a look at our guide, so you can easily clean every room in your house!

You need to clean your home, but make sure to make it fun

how to start a new year fresh

Nothing says a fresh start like a clean and decluttered home

great ways to start the new year

#Get away from the screen

Hours spent in front of mobile screens are literally hurting your real life. Make it a little challenge and try to stay as far away from screens as possible. Instead of watching others exercise, visiting exotic places and improving themselves – do it yourself. Don’t compare yourself to people who post content on social media. Often times, their lives have nothing to do with what they are presenting to their audience. Instead, buy a good book or watch a notoriously good series, it will help you relax and recharge for the tasks ahead!

Buy a good book, it will help you relax and recharge for the tasks ahead

new year habits to adopt

Hours spent in front of mobile screens are literally hurting your real life

how to start new habits 2023

#Make a change

If you want different things to happen to you, start with the change in you. But if that seems too complicated, take something easy at first – like changing the furniture, a new hairstyle, a different arrangement of the home, a new appliance. As simple as these things may seem, they will bring about a change in your thinking and perception and give tone to new beginnings. Then everything can start falling into place as you embrace changes in your lifestyle and mindset.

Something as simple as a new haircut will give tone to new beginnings

how to start fresh for the new year

Or pick up a new hobby that will inspire and motivate you

new beginnings for the new year

#All it takes is one word

Now for a very simple trick that will help you set a goal and stick to it. Come up with a short sentence, a phrase that will serve as a definition of what you want to happen to you this year. If even that seems too complicated, let it be just one word. Whatever happens, remind yourself of it over and over again when you veer off your outlined path. The more you say it, the more likely it is to happen and the easier it becomes to put things into perspective.

When things seem too hard or complicated, come back to this tip

how to start fresh in the new year

These were the simplest, but most powerful ways to how to start fresh in 2023. Remember that change sadly does not happen overnight. However, a small habit, a little change can transform your life little by little. So be kind to yourself, and believe that you can do absolutely anything!

Now you know the easiest ways to actually start fresh in 2023!

tips to start the new year

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