Don’t Sweat it! 7 Foods & Drinks That Make You Sweat MORE

by Maria Konou

Sweating is a completely natural reaction of our body, especially when we do sports, and during the summer months. But it turns out that the foods and beverages we consume every day can actually affect the severity of our sweating. When our body works harder and takes longer to digest certain foods, the thermogenic effect increases. And when your temperature rises, the body automatically tries to cool itself by sweating. If you are one of those people who tend to be drowned in sweat during the summer, don’t worry! In this article, we will show you the foods and drinks that make you sweat more, so you can avoid them. If you stay away from these specific foods and beverages during the summer, you will surely feel better and more free to enjoy yourself!

Let’s explore the foods and drinks that actually make you sweat more 

foods and drinks that make you sweat

Don’t Sweat it! 7 Foods & Drinks That Make You Sweat MORE

#Foods high in protein

Although foods high in protein have amazing health benefits, they are also thermogenic foods. This means that they transfer some of the energy they contain as heat. Additionally, when you consume a lot of protein, your body breaks it down and forms urea as a byproduct. When the urea content in the body becomes excessive, the body has to expel it, and this happens through excessive sweating. Therefore, be careful with the amount of meat and fish you consume, especially in the summer months, if you don’t want to sweat more than normal.

Meat and fish are the foods that will surely make you sweat more in the summer

foods that make you sweat at night

#Fatty, processed foods

Processed foods usually do not contain the fiber and enzymes we need for proper food digestion. When foods are high in fat, your body has to work overtime to process them, making digestion even more difficult. Every time your body struggles to digest after a meal, your sweating increases. To avoid this, reduce your consumption of processed foods like deep-fried foods, fast food, crackers, bread, spicy treats, frozen and microwaved meals.

Foods with high fat content will put your digestion through a lot, causing you to sweat more 

foods that make you sweat a lot

#Salty foods

When we consume foods that contain more sodium, our body is forced to get rid of the excess in the form of urine and sweat. If you generally sweat more, then eating salty foods can only enhance the problem. To reduce sweating, avoid foods such as cured meats, salad dressings, bacon, instant soups, potato chips, as well as most canned foods including canned vegetables, and sausages.

Salty foods contain a lot of sodium, which causes you to sweat a lot more

food that increase sweat

#Alcoholic beverages

Unfortunately, when one glass turns into two, three or more, no matter if it is wine, beer or other high alcohol content beverages, our body begins to overheat. When this happens, the heart rate speeds up and the internal body temperature rises. The natural reaction of the body to cool down and restore balance is to start sweating. Once the process begins, it continues until our body’s internal thermometer returns to normal. The more we drink, the more we sweat. So, lay off the cocktails if you are not a fan of sweating.

Alcohol beverages make our bodies overheat, which causes more sweating

foods that make you sweat more

#Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates

Foods like pasta, bread, potatoes and ice cream, chocolate are high in both sugar and carbohydrates. Foods high in carbohydrates and sugar are known to produce a significant thermal effect when consumed, as they are more difficult to break down. Additionally, high sugar foods can cause a spike in insulin and blood sugar, which can lead to severe sweating.

Foods high in sugars and carbohydrates cause a spike in blood sugar, which leads to sweating

do certain foods make you sweat more

#Spicy foods

Do you consume spicy foods in the summer? Then don’t be surprised that you sweat more, as spicy foods like chilies contain capsaicin. This active compound creates a burning sensation when it comes into contact with tissue. When we eat spicy foods, capsaicin tricks the nerves, making our body feel warmer. This triggers our sweat glands to start the cooling process and therefore we sweat more.

Avoid spicy foods in the summer if you want to sweat less

are there foods that make you sweat more

#Caffeinated drinks

Drinking coffee in the morning is a great way to wake up and energize yourself for the day. When that dose of caffeine triggers our central nervous system, our heart rate speeds up and our blood pressure rises. Once this happens, our body starts to simulate a flight or fight response, waking up your sweat glands. The heat from the coffee also raises your internal body temperature, causing your pores to open even more. And, if during the day, you consume more caffeinated beverages like black tea, green tea, and energy drinks, you will quite naturally sweat more.

Caffeine wakes you up, but it also makes you sweat more profusely 

what foods trigger sweating

Now you know which are the foods that make you sweat more during summer!

foods that make you sweat

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