Cat-Safe Treats: 11 Human Foods You Can Safely Feed Your Cat

by Maria Konou

Sure, your cat’s primarily diet should consist of good-quality cat food, wet or dry. However, that does not mean that your cat can never ever try human food. In reality, there are some foods that have plenty of benefits for your furry friend. Cats are usually carnivores, so they require a lot of protein to keep healthy. However, there are some fruits and veggies that enrich their diet in the form of a treat or a supplement. Nevertheless, it is very important to remember that these foods need to be prepared in a specific way in order to be safe for your kitten. In addition, you should always ask your vet before introducing any new foods to your cat’s diet. Better safe than sorry! Today, we will show which exactly are these human foods that you can safely feed your cat:

Let’s explore the human foods that you can safely feed to your cat

human food you can give to cats

Cat-Safe Treats: 11 Human Foods You Can Safely Feed Your Cat


Blueberries have a ton of benefits for both humans and cats. They are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as antioxidants. Some cat food brands even contain blueberry extracts! If your cat suffers from dehydration, blueberries are a great cat-safe snack that will provide your pet with good fiber and water content. So, whenever you are eating blueberries, give your cat one or two as a delicious health-boosting snack!

Blueberries can be a fun occasional treat that is full of antioxidants

can you feed your cat blueberries

#Cooked Rice

Your cat can enjoy rice only if it is cooked and plain. If our cat is having some digestive issues like diarrhea, eating rice can be a great way to alleviate it. That is because this snack has a constipating effect on dogs and cats. If your kitty has an upset stomach, you can consider feeding it some cooked rice with the permission of your vet. The portions should be controlled, so your cat does not experience any side effects.

Cooked plain rice is a good snack for cats that are experiencing stomach issues 

human foods you can feed your cat


Your cat can enjoy snacking on some juicy watermelon in the summer, as well! It will have hydrating and refreshing benefits, as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. Some of them include vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B5, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. Watermelon is safe for your cat in moderation, but if your cat should not consume sugar, you might want to skip it. Just make sure you are giving your cat seedless pieces of watermelon, and that this is not a weekly thing.

Your cat can enjoy some juicy seedless watermelon for a hydration boost

what foods can cats eat that humans eat

#Steamed Carrots

Your cat can enjoy some steamed carrots from time to time, as long as they are plain. Carrots are packed with fiber, vitamin A and lots of good nutrients. Just like other veggies, your cat can enjoy carrots from time to time as a treat. Also remember to cook the carrots without any spices, and cut them in small pieces, so your kitten does not choke.

Cats can benefit from plain steamed carrots from time to time

list of human foods cats can eat


Cantaloupe is another fruit that cats can luckily enjoy. Just make sure that there are no seeds on it, and cut it in smaller pieces! You might even purée the pumpkin and add it to your cat’s food in small quantities. Cantaloupe is full of antioxidants and beta-carotene, which makes it a great food for skin and eye health.

Both cats and dogs love the texture and aroma of cantaloupe 

which human foods can you feed your cat

#Boiled Green Beans

If you want your cat to eat some green beans, make sure to wash them and boil them! Do not think about giving your cat beans from a can because they are extremely rich in sugar and salt! If you give your cat steamed green beans in small quantities, it is absolutely safe for them. This veggie is actually packed with fiber, protein, and lots of vitamins. Moreover, some cats suffering from obesity might benefit from green beans, as long as their vet approves!

Steamed green beans without seasoning can be enjoyed by your furry friend 

how much human food can cats eat


Who doesn’t love strawberries? They are a fun and sweet treat that also happens to be perfectly acceptable for cats. Strawberries are a great source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial antioxidants that your cat needs. Just make sure to wash them thoroughly, and remove the leaves.

Strawberries are a great snack for cats that is packed with nutrients

can you feed your cat fruits

#Cooked Pumpkin

Cooked pumpkin is a great snack for cats! It is a good source of fiber and vitamins, beneficial for digestion, and low in calories. If your cat is suffering from a digestive issue, pumpkin can really make a difference. It helps with constipation, hairballs, supports gut mobility, and stool quality. Feeding your feline cooked pumpkin without spices or seasonings is a safe and healthy treat for them!

Pumpkin is low in calories, but rich in fiber and vitamins 

can you feed your cat vegetables

#Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt is a wonderful snack for the digestive system of cats, as long as it comes in small doses. In addition, it is very important to remember that cats can only eat plain yogurt that does not contain sugar, or any other artificial sugar substitutes. Yogurt can be more of a supplement for your cat that is full of beneficial bacteria. Make sure not to give your cat yogurt every day, and that it makes up less than 10% of their daily diet.

Plain, unsweetened yogurt can be a healthy snack for your cat

human foods cats can eat

#Boiled Eggs

Eggs are an amazing source of protein and B vitamins that your cat can snack on, as well. However, it is very important to cook the eggs before giving them to your furry friend to avoid any foodborne diseases. In addition, make sure to not add any seasoning on the eggs and to offer them in a healthy moderation.

Cats can eat eggs, as long as they are cooked and free of seasoning 

what type of human foods can cats eat

#Cooked Meat & Fish

Of course, as carnivores, cats love their protein. If you want to, you can prepare something a little extra for them, like cooked meat or fish. When you are cooking the meat, remember not to add any seasoning and to remove the bones if any! Also, remove the skin if your cat is on the chubbier side because it is high in fats. Your cat can indulge in chicken, turkey, lean beef, and pork when it comes to meats, and salmon, herring, trout, mackerel, tun, and whitefish when talking about fish.

Your cat will love to indulge in small amounts of cooked fish and meat

what human foods can cats safely eat

As you can see, your furry friend can enjoy a lot of human foods in small, reasonable quantities. As long as you make sure to remove any seeds from the fruits and any bones in the fish and meat, your cat will be safe. Also, make sure to cut the food in smaller pieces, so there is no danger of choking. If your cat has some dietary needs or health conditions, be extra careful with the portions. In addition, make sure to ask your vet for approval before changing your cat’s diet and introducing new foods. Nevertheless, we are sure your cat will love snacking on these healthy options that will support their health and well-being!

Now you know which human foods you can safely feed your cat from time to time!

what human foods can you feed a cat

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