What Your Cat’s Zodiac Sign Says About Their Personality

by Maria Konou

It is time to explore the magical world of astrology…for cats! You might have noticed that your feline friend has its own unique personality and characteristics. Well, did you know that a lot of that can be influenced by the stars? Just like humans, cats have their own Zodiac sign that shapes a lot of their personality, according to some people. Your cat’s Zodiac sign can reveal a lot of interesting insights about your furry friend, which can help you understand them better. So if you are into Astrology and you love felines, take a look at what your cat’s Zodiac sign says about their personality:

Let’s see what your cat’s Zodiac sign says about their character and personality

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What Your Cat’s Zodiac Sign Says About Their Personality


Aries cats are fierce hunters that need to chase prey all the time. However, don’t expect them to catch mice, as this is quite annoying for cats born under this sign. Instead, they will throw themselves into chasing flies, shadows, and even their own tail. Most of all, your Aries cat will love playing with anything that moves under the covers.

Your Aries cat is a fierce hunter that loves to chase anything that moves

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Taurus cats are lazy and pampered. They love their toys, but they hate any type of change. If you move their litter box, don’t be surprised if your cat keeps peeing in the same old corner – it is in protest. Taurus cats are also fickle about food and the way it is served to them.

A Taurus cat wants to feel pampered and they are sometimes fussy

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Gemini cats are mischievous creatures. When they want attention, you can’t turn them away. They will lay on top of your keyboard if you are busy working on something, and they will definitely sit on the book you are reading. If you are asleep, they will wake you up by purring and pawing at your chest. In addition, cats born under this sign do a lot more peeling in a minute than a Taurus cat will in a whole day!

Gemini cats are mischievous creatures who know what they want 

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A Cancer cat does not like to separate from the owner. Maybe that is why your cat always wants to be with you. She might also chase you even if you are in the bathroom – in which case she will wait by the door. Your cat suffers greatly when you are away, so it is no wonder if she retaliates in some way. In long absences, make sure to leave some of your clothes for your cat to lie on.

Cancer cats are extremely needy, and they bond strongly with their owner

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Leo cats love it when you are fussing around them – brushing them, petting them, talking to them. Since they consider themselves completely irresistible, they expect and appreciate your attention. In addition, Leo cats are capable of faithfully loving their owner like no other.

Leo cats expect the king treatment – brushing them, petting them, spoiling them

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Virgo cats are extremely independent, and they deeply resent your attempts to train them. With outsiders, they behave in a completely different way – affectionate, gentle, downright unrecognizable. Sure, your Virgo cat is a bit fussy, but it definitely loves you no matter what!

Virgo cats have strong personalities and they are independent

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Just like dogs, a Libra cat will need 24-hour attention. Expect huge amounts of grief if you neglect them. Whether they decide to break your favorite vase on accident or pee on your freshly ironed shirt is a matter of mood for them.

Libra cats will need your undivided attention and care to be happy

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If you have a Scorpio cat, you are most likely its property, and not the other way around. And with cats, you have to know who is boss. If it is not clear, they will definitely show you – by marking your clothes with urine. Sometimes you might not be able to find them for days – that is punishment too. Don’t try to educate them – it won’t work.

Scorpio cats have a strong will, and they will surely show you who is boss

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If you have a Sagittarius cat, she probably loves to run away from home, or sit at the window watching the outside world with great interest. When she sees a bird fly by, your cat gets impatient. Even in her sleep, she probably twitches her paws as if she is hunting. Moreover, your Sag cat might be careless and clumsy. The expression: ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ definitely applies to this rowdy cat Zodiac sign.

The Sagittarius cat is a clumsy adventurer who absolutely loves the outside 

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Your Capricorn cat is most likely a lovely furry friend who sleeps happily in your bed while you stay on the edge to keep him from getting squished. But he repays you by regularly bringing you the mouse he killed to be admired for his agility and bravery. Capricorn cats are patient, and they carefully analyze all of their options before making a final decision.

Your Capricorn cat is practical and smart, and it loves being admired

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An Aquarius cat is definitely sloppy, but cute! Even in old age, this cat run like mad back and forth, swinging at the curtains. She knows how to lift the lid of the pot, open the door and whatnot. This Zodiac sign is clever, loyal, independent, and they can turn every object into the most interesting toy.

Aquarius cats are smart, and they know how to do a lot of random things

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A Pisces cat will actually take a long time to trust you. However, once she does, you will be inseparable. If you are upset, she will jump on your lap to comfort you, if you have a stomach ache, she will lay on top of you to heal you. Make sure to never yell at your cat because Pisces cats are very sensitive. When you go out, leave an item of your own with your cat for comfort.

Pisces cats are known as the gentle telepaths of the Zodiac 

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In conclusion, learning more about your cat’s Zodiac sign can give you a lot of insight about your furry friend. Whether they are a sensitive Pisces, or a mischievous Scorpio, knowing your cat’s Zodiac sign can deepen your bond and bring you closer. You will be able to read into their behavior and anticipate their needs better. And, you might even learn a thing or two about your cat that you never knew!

Now you know what your cat’s Zodiac sign says about their personality! 

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