After-Beach Care: 5 Things to do After Going to The Beach

by Maria Konou

An enjoyable and relaxing day at the beach heals both the body and the soul. However, if your after-beach care is not good enough, you can make this experience a bad one. The prolonged exposure to the sun, extreme heat and salty water affect your skin, hair, and nails. If you know what are the right steps to take after spending the day at the beach, you will become better at protecting your appearance and health. Today, we will show you the most crucial things that you need to do after going to beach. Follow these after-care beach tips every time, and your skin and hair will thank you!

Let’s take a look at the most essential after-beach care tips for your skin 

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After-Beach Care: 5 Things to do After Going to The Beach

#Boost of Hydration

The key to a quick recovery of the whole body is, of course, proper hydration! Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, especially spending your whole day at the beach. If you are dehydrated, your skin and hair also become brittle and dry. The answer to that is lots of water! Good hydration from the inside out will make your skin plump and bouncy and your hair smooth and healthy. If you do not like drinking water that much, take a look at these super hydrating drinks that are not just water!

Proper hydration from the inside out is key for bouncy skin after the beach

how to take care of hair after beach

#Deep Cleansing

After coming home from the beach, take a shower as soon as possible to make sure you have managed to remove all the salt, dirt, and sunscreen on your skin. Don’t forget to apply a quality hair conditioner and a nourishing hair mask to bring your hair back to life. In addition, use a scalp massage brush to cleanse your scalp, and scrub your body with an exfoliant. You can easily make your own with some sugar, honey, and coconut oil. Or, if you want a beach-themed one, try salt, lemon juice, and coconut oil.

Deeply cleansing and exfoliating your skin and scalp is key after the beach

how to take care of skin after beach

#Take Care of Your Feet

The combination of salt and sand removes dead cells from your feet, but at the same time, it dries them out tremendously. So, do not neglect your feet when you come home after the beach! Give them the attention they need with the right beauty products. First exfoliate them in the shower, and after you go out, make sure to use a body butter to nourish your skin and give your feet the love they deserve!

The long days at the beach also have an effect on your feet

how to care for your skin after the beach

#Deep Nourishment and Hydration

When it comes to your face, give yourself a break from exfoliants and other beauty products that contain harsh particles. Also, do not use any products with acids because your skin will not take it well. Be gentle and careful while applying a post-beach recovery cream, rose water, or some aloe vera gel to your face. After that, follow with a more nourishing moisturizer that is free of chemicals and fragrances. That way, you won’t irritate your skin any further, but help her recover faster.

Your skin needs gentle products that are free of fragrance and harsh ingredients 

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#Don’t Forget the Lips

Always apply a lip balm with sunscreen regularly during the day, especially when you are at the beach. Then continue moisturizing them even after the beach until they feel soft and comfortable again. Our advice is to use a more nourishing and deeply moisturizing product, like an overnight lip mask. This product can help bring your lips back to life, and make them extremely soft once again!

Do not forget to take care of your lips, especially after the beach

what to do after the beach

Now you know the most important steps of after-beach care!

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