8 Easy Ways to Restore Your Energy in Just 5 Minutes (according to Bioenergy experts)

by Maria Konou

In today’s world, people rarely find the much-needed time to relax during the day. Bioenergy experts, however, strongly advise that changing that is important for both your health and well-being! And, they also recommend some helpful techniques for quick recovery that take no more than 5 minutes. Some of the major causes of fatigue are simply impossible to heal in such a short time. That is why you need a timely and effective rest during the day. Nevertheless, these quick yet powerful ways to restore your physical and mental energy will come in handy when you need a quick recovery. Without further ado, let’s see how you can quickly bring up your energy levels during the day:

Let’s see how you can restore your energy in just 5 minutes

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Easy Ways to Restore Your Physical and Mental Energy

#Eat something sweet

Take a break for a few minutes to eat something sweet, yet healthy. For example, this could be a chocolate bar with a higher cocoa percentage. Chocolate helps to get rid of the stress hormone, and it is one of the best dopamine foods. If possible, eat a spoonful of some delicious organic honey. What’s more, it is also useful to eat fruits rich in vitamin C, such as apples, pears, and oranges.

Eat something sweet, yet healthy like some delicious fresh strawberries

how to restore energy quickly

#Drink something refreshing

If you decide to take a quick break, don’t drink coffee or strong black tea. Instead, replace it with green tea.  It energizes and gives strength, but in a more gentle way. Plus, green tea doesn’t block the chakras after its beneficial effects wear off, which is good news for you.

Matcha is a wonderful energizing drink that is more gentle than coffee

how to restore your body energy


You don’t have to be a meditation guru to learn how to relax for five minutes and get all the benefits. Just close your eyes and play nature sounds with your headphones. Relax and imagine you are walking through a dense forest or strolling along the seashore. This method really works and is very effective, especially if you need a break from work.

Meditation is a great way to restore your energy and calm the mind 

what helps restore energy


Daytime sleep is very helpful when you are feeling low. A short snooze clears out your troubled memory, providing you with extra energy. Sleeping also clears your mind of negative emotions. Even after just 15 minutes of sleep, you will feel as if there was no stress and fatigue whatsoever.

Sleeping helps clear the mind of negative emotions and troubled memory

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#Chew gum

Chewing gum is actually a great way to relieve stress. If you are very worried about something or can’t get something important done at work, just chew on some gum. This will greatly increase your concentration and reduce your stress hormone levels.

Chewing gum is a great way to relieve stress and concentrate

restore your energy with bioenergetics


If possible, do some simple, basic exercises like push-ups or squats. This technique helps to relax and get rid of stress for those who work at home. If you want something more relaxing, try stretching or doing some yoga.

Exercise helps to relax and get rid of stress for those who work at home

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Walking outdoors is just what the doctor would prescribe, especially when you are feeling very tired and overwhelmed. Just five minutes of a quiet walk will be enough. If you can’t take a walk at the moment, just open the windows more often to let fresh air in.

Walking is the perfect activity when you are feeling very tired and overwhelmed

how to restore energy in your body

#Shower with cold water

Showering and washing with cold water is a very effective technique to help restore your energy. Cold water awakens your consciousness and helps to invigorate you. It won’t solve absolutely all your problems, but if you suddenly feel very tired and lethargic, this technique will help you correct the situation for the better.

Showering with cold water is a super quick way to restore your energy

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