6 Indoor Plants You Should REMOVE From Your Home Now

by Maria Konou

There are over 450,000 plant species on this planet. And some of them we have managed to turn into one of the best ways to add color and life to our homes. And, there are so many cool plants to choose from – moisture-loving bathroom plants, air purifying bedroom plants, or exotic beauties for the living room. No home is finished if there are no lush green pants lurking around in the corners. However, some of them can prove dangerous to you and your family, especially for more sensitive people like those with allergies or asthma. That is why it is always good to do some research before commuting to a plant. Here is a look at the indoor plants that you should probably not keep at home.

There are some indoor plants that you should not keep in your home

plants that cause allergies in cats

Indoor plants that you should NOT keep at home

#Areca palm

This plant is also known by the names “golden cane”, “yellow palm” or “butterfly palm”. The Areca palm gives a tropical feel to any interior, but it is important to know that pests such as spider mites and aphids often take up residence on it. If you are sensitive, we suggest that you skip on this palm.

The Areca palm often attracts spider mites and aphids

allergy plants that cause sneezing and wheezing


This plant is also known as the Benjamin ficus, a common houseplant that many people have in their homes. Its waxy leaves, however, easily collect a lot of dust, which would be a problem if you suffer from asthma. The plant also has a high concentration of latex, which can cause an allergy to it. So, this ficus is definitely not good for everyone, sadly!

The ficus is a no-no if you have allergies or asthma

plants that cause allergies in humans


This unique plant is also called “angel wings” and “elephant ears”. It is extremely unsuitable for your home because it is toxic to both humans and pets. If you have furry friends, make sure to check which are the best pet-friendly plants for you to put in your home.

Caladium is not a good plant to have if you own pets

plants that cause allergic reactions


These plants are relatively easy to grow, making them a popular choice for many beginner gardeners. Unfortunately, the calcium oxalate content in Dieffenbachia makes it extremely poisonous to both dogs and cats. This is something you should consider very seriously as it concerns the safety and well-being of your pets!

The Dieffenbachia is extremely poisonous to both dogs and cats

what plants should not be kept at home

#Nerium Oleander

The Nerium Oleander plant has beautiful pink flowers, which make it look extremely innocent, but it is actually highly poisonous. A single leaf is capable of some serious damage! It is recommended not to grow it indoors, and if you pass by it is best to keep your distance. Interesting fact: you can usually find this flower on the side of the highways!

The Nerium Oleander is poisonous to both humans and animals

indoor plants that cause allergies


Succulents have become increasingly popular recently for several reasons – they are small, cheap, easy to grow, and super cute. But they can also be dangerous if infested with aphids, which will easily spread to the rest of your plants. Getting rid of them is extremely difficult, so we suggest being careful with this one.

Succulents can easily get infected with aphids that can spread to other plants

plants remove from home aphids

#Bonsai tree

If you like trees, you might be tempted to get a bonsai, but before you do, it is a good idea to check what kind it is. Juniper bonsai trees are the same species as mountain junipers and can cause allergy symptoms such as stuffy noses and watery eyes. If you or someone in your family is sensitive, we suggest that you skip the Bonsai tree.

The Juniper Bonsai tree causes allergy-like symptoms like watery eyes and a stuffy nose

plants that cause seizures in dogs

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