11 Beginner-Friendly Plants That Can Live for Weeks Without Water

Von Maria Konou / July 07 2022

It sometimes seems super hard to take proper care of indoor plants. After all, they have survived and evolved to adapt to nature’s environment, not among all of our electronics, air conditioners, and furniture. Nevertheless, growing plants is a wonderful all-natural way to decorate your home and bring a little piece of nature into your space. They bring joy and freshness, a sense of greenery, and life to your home. That is why the best thing you can do is get sturdy plants that do not require a lot of watering. Watering is something that, for most plants, is bound to happen daily and according to certain criteria. However, this is not the case for these beginner-friendly plants that can live for weeks without water! Here is our list of the coolest drought-tolerant indoor plants:

Let’s see which plants can live for weeks without a drop of water

best drought tolerant plants for pots

Plants that can live for weeks without water

#Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm can store moisture for a long time thanks to its thick, trunk-like stem, so it may easily survive a skipped watering or two. It derives its name from the long, narrow leaves that emerge from the end of its single stem, giving it the appearance of a cheerful, cascading ponytail. Throughout the hot months, this drought-tolerant indoor plant may require a drink every couple of weeks, but during the winter, you can cut back to every three or four weeks.

The Ponytail palm is an exotic addition to every room

what plant can survive without water


These plants have lovely coin-shaped leaves that some believe resemble flying saucers! They are quick to grow, and they only require watering when the top 75% of the container is dry.

Pileas are unique and super drought-resistant plants 

what plants do without water

#Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a spiky succulent with plump leaves, well-known for its ability to aid in the healing of burns. It is also a low-maintenance indoor plant that requires little water, so you may let the soil dry between waterings. Aloe, like most succulents, grows slowly, but with patience, it can reach three feet tall and wide.

Aloe veras do not like being overwatered, not one bit

what is the best soil for aloe vera plants should you fertilize them

#Snake Plant

Snake plants have sword-like, dark green leaves that are often adorned with silver, cream, white, or yellow variegation. Even better, these low-water houseplants may last for weeks without being watered, making them ideal for forgetful gardeners. What’s more, the snake plant is one of the most perfect plants for your bedroom!

A plant that doesn’t need water and cleanses your air at the same time

plants that can live without water for a long time

#Yucca Plant

This is a striking floor plant that is ideal for beginners because of its forgiving nature. Because the yucca plant is native to the desert, allow the pot to dry almost completely before watering.

This desert plant will thrive on neglect

plants that dont need much water

#ZZ Plant

These lovely plants, which grow on towering stalks of deep green, rubbery leaves, prefer to be left alone. Though they need moderate levels of sunshine, they can also endure low light, making them a popular choice for offices. These plants prefer to be dry and appear to thrive on neglect!

The rubbery ZZ plant likes to be left alone

what plants can go long time without water

#Sago Palm

The slow-growing Sago palm is a popular, long-lasting houseplant that adds a tropical touch to any room. Sago palms prefer well-drained soil, thus not watering this plant will not harm it, but overwatering would.

For a tropical flare, a palm that doesn’t need much water

sago palm plant which dont need water

#String of Pearls

This lovely succulent, which stores water in its stems and leaves, may spend several weeks chilling without being watered. Because the delicate stems are easily broken, find a place for them and keep them there (out of reach of your pets or children).

Trailing plants look gorgeous on shelves

drought resistant plants for hanging baskets

#Cast Iron Plant

The Cast iron plant is nearly indestructible, as its popular name suggests. If you have ever had trouble keeping plants alive, this hardy houseplant can handle low light, low humidity, and sporadic watering. They often grow to be around two feet tall and wide.

The cast iron plant is as sturdy as it can get

plants that need less water


The Pothos is the plant for you if you want a more trailing plant to turn your home into a fairy-tale oasis. This plant comes in a variety of colors and likes to dry completely between watering. Watering every week to ten days is usually sufficient.

The trailing drought-tolerant plant of your dreams

best drought tolerant plants


These Madagascar-born tropical beauties are full of charm and longevity. The Dracaena is a no-brainer for unintentional plant killers because it can tolerate harsh indoor circumstances and can live even when severely under-watered!

The dragon tree is the perfect plant for beginners

cool plants that need less watering

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