5 Home Items You Need tо Throw Out by The Beginning of Autumn

by Maria Konou

The most famous cleanup of the year, until recently, was spring cleaning. Washing windows in the first warm days of April became a holiday (only for avid housewives, of course). The rest of us would ditch our still sun-warmed homes and indulge in walks in the park. But summer is going away and the time of autumn cleaning is coming. This cleaning is a must if you have missed the spring essentials, and if you ask us, it is even better. Why Autumn? Because the weather is still nice enough to keep the rain off your sparkling clean windows (it actually rains more in the spring), and because fall is the more logical start to the new cycle of life. The kids start school, projects are back on track, and we all need a fresh, new start at home. So, here is our list of home items you need to throw out by the beginning of autumn for a fresh start:

Let’s see which items you need to throw out by the beginning of Autumn

what to throw away when decluttering

Home items you need to throw out by the beginning of Autumn

#Old Makeup

Time to throw out all of your eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, foundations, and creams that have long expired. To make it easier for you, tape labels with the opening date of the new cosmetics you buy. That way you won’t risk allergies, poor results, or eye irritation. If you do this, your vanity will not only be cleaner, and more minimalistic, but your skin will also be safe from breakouts and contamination. Here are some signs that your makeup has expired, according to beauty experts.

With old makeup products, you risk allergies, poor results, or eye irritation

throw away these items before fall

The same goes for your makeup brushes and sponges

what is autumn cleaning

#Old Chargers and Cables

Old phones, chargers, thousands of cables that don’t work, and let’s not forget all of the dead batteries. There is a special place for all of this unused equipment in different stores. Take a walk, dispose of all the cables and chargers that you don’t need, and rest assured that you haven’t polluted the environment.

Dispose of all those cables and chargers you have stacked in your cupboard

should i throw away old foundation

#Expired Medicine

Before it is the season of flu, colds, and irritated throats, it is time to review your supporting medicinal arsenal. Throw away all opened but out-of-date cough syrups and antibiotics. Check painkillers and fever-reducing medicine, which also have a shelf life. To the question that probably pops into your mind, “Where do I dispose of old medications”, there is no definitive answer. Our advice is to check with several pharmacies around your home and find the best solution. Paper packaging, of course, you can dispose of in the paper containers to be recycled.

Time to go through your medicine and throw away any expired ones

fall spring cleaning how to

#Clothes You Never Wear

Look the truth in the eye. Your 9th-grade jeans won’t do. Even if they do actually fit you, chances are they are probably out of style or not that sturdy and reliable. Don’t keep clothes for emotional reasons, except, of course, your wedding dress. You can also arrange an afternoon clothes swap with your girlfriends. Your tired clothes will find their new happy owners in the faces of your best friends. Of course, you can always donate your spare clothes to those in need, or take advantage of old clothes for discount voucher swaps at some of the big chain stores.

Arrange clothes swap with your friends or donate them to charity

throw out by the beginning of autumn

#Weathered spices

A jar of black pepper from the Christmas of 2011? Auntie’s spice mix she made for you around 2 years ago? There are some really old fossils that can be found in the corners of our kitchen cupboards. Not only have they lost their unique flavor, but they are also great bait for pests like cockroaches, ants, and mice. If you are not a fan of these animals, make sure to throw away unnecessary spices and renew your culinary arsenal. We all have many evenings and weekends ahead of us where only cooking will save us from the gloomy and rainy Autumn mood. Here are more surprising things in your home that actually have an expiration date.

When was the last time you went through all of your spices

items to get rid of after summer

Use containers or jars with labels when you opened your spices

throw out by the beginning of autumn and winter

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