Things in your Home you Need to Get Rid of, According to Psychology & Feng Shui

by Maria Konou

In everyone’s home, there are certain things and objects that make us unhappy without us even realizing it! Think about. Do you love and use everything you are keeping in your home? There are probably many things you have probably forgotten about а long ago. But the fact remains that psychologists are sure that some interior details are capable of accumulating negative energy. And, since you spend most of your time at home, you should try to make the most relaxing and fun place for you! That is why, in this article, we will share with you a list of things in your home you need to get rid of soon! This will breathe new life and positive energy into your space!

Let’s see what things you need to get rid of to have a relaxing space

what items bring bad energy

Things in your home you need to get rid of now

#Broken and damaged items

Broken and chipped dishes, cups, furniture, and other items have no place in the house. First, it is not very aesthetically pleasing to use cracked cups and plates. And second, you will most likely, as psychologists and Feng Shui experts believe, drive away good luck from your house! So don’t feel sorry for items that can no longer serve you properly, and throw them in the bin! There is no point in holding onto damaged goods.

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No one needs chipped dishes and damaged items in their home

minimalist list of things to get rid of

#Books you don’t read

We are constantly changing and evolving, as well as all of our tastes and preferences. So why keep all those books that you do not like and read in your space? It is better to give them to an antiquarian bookstore or trade them for other books that might be more suitable for you now! Books also happen to be on our list of things you need to declutter in your home!

Only keep books you like and want to read in your collection

apartment therapy things to get rid of

#Old makeup

The negatives of holding on to your old makeup and skincare products are too many to ignore. First, it clutters your vanity and space. Second, it is terrible for your skin and its condition. Third, these products don’t perform half as good as they once did and are supposed to. So, just throw away all of your old products and save yourself the trouble! If you love your skin, these are the things you need to get rid of immediately!

Old and expired makeup and skincare products belong in the trash and not on your face

clean out house from old energies

#Baby things around the house

Psychologists believe that every object in the house should have its own place. This also applies to children’s large collection of clothes and toys. Toys and puzzles, for example, should be in a drawer in the kids’ room, not scattered around the kitchen or in your bedroom. So, try to keep things in their place to avoid any annoyance and potential stepping on Lego type of accidents!

Always try to keep things where they belong, so you don’t get frustrated

baby children toys and games

#Old newspapers and magazines

Newspapers and magazines that you have started collecting on purpose or not are better off being recycled. Why do you need extra junk in the house that you haven’t used or looked at for years? They only take up space, gather bad energy, and collect dust.

Throw away your old newspapers and magazines, so they don’t collect dust

what to throw away from your house

#Childhood items

You can always keep your favorite doll or stuffed animal from your childhood. But the question is: why and for what? Now the assortment of children’s toys and other goods is full of abundance, and your belongings of the past will hardly be useful to someone. So do not hang on to things and hesitate to throw them away. Or… someday, someone else will throw them away for you!

Don’t hold onto items that you have no use for 

remove things you do not use

#Useless souvenirs and gifts

Souvenirs from your last trip and gifts from your beloved mother-in-law are wonderful, right? Provided that you designate some special place for them, and they do not turn your home into a museum or … a landfill. Both psychologists and Feng Shui experts say that there is nothing worse than a house cluttered with unnecessary objects. It is tacky, and it also interferes with the flow of energies.

Try not to turn your home into a museum collection of souvenirs

baby items you don't need

#Items for an old hobby

You may force yourself to cross-stitch or pick up pottery again, but you keep putting your old hobbies off until later. Experts say that if you haven’t touched your favorite old pastime for more than two years, it no longer suits you. Look for something else more exciting for you to pick up as a hobby!

If you don’t practice a hobby anymore, do not hold onto it

house checklist for minimalism

#Old or broken chords

Like most people, you probably also have a drawer full of chords and chargers, right? Sorry to break it to you, but the chances of using your old cords again are slim. And because technology is evolving so quickly these days, it is safe to say that you can throw away your old iPhone 4 charger now.

Everyone has a drawer of chords and chargers they do not use and need anymore

getting rid of broken items

#Items with negative associations

This might be the last item on our list of things you need to get rid of, but it is probably the most important one! The purpose of Feng Shui is to enhance your well-being with positive energy. Keeping artifacts that bring up negative memories or emotions every time you see them does not add to your home’s overall positive mood. So, if you have crutches from an old accident or a gift from someone you don’t like stashed somewhere in your home, you should get rid of them right away. Using a box or a chest to store valuables that bring warm memories and feelings, on the other hand, is something you should do!

If you associate an item with negative feelings, this is one of the first things you need to get rid of

used and damaged items you need to throw away

Now that your home is free of things you do not need, it is time to try these tips and tricks for removing negative energy from your space. This will allow new energy and life to flow back into your home! Another thing you should do is to deep clean your home once all those unwanted items are gone. If you want to really make your spacer as clean and nice as possible, check this spring cleaning guide! There you will find tips for how to deep clean your home like a pro!


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