10 Surprising Things in your Home That Actually Have an Expiration Date

by Maria Konou

You know how important it is to check the expiration date of milk before you buy it, right? And, to throw away stale bread when it goes moldy? This is exactly why expiry dates on labels are very useful and important. We think that many of the items in our homes can last until we break them, or they get used up, but the truth is that everything has an expiration date. Even all those things you thought would last forever, and you pushed at the back of your kitchen drawers. Well, maybe it is time to go through all of your forgotten things that you didn’t even suspect have an expiration date and remove them from your home. That way, you will be assured that everything that you use and consume is safe and still good. Here are the things you need to be careful with, so you don’t harm your health.

Let’s see, which are the things in your home that actually have an expiration date

do expiration dates mean anything

Unexpected things in your home that actually have an expiration date

#Wooden utensils

Over time, wooden spoons and stirrers develop cracks that can harbor bacteria that in time becomes dangerous to your health. Think about a wooden cutting board and how many different foods you put on it. The juices and particles of these foods easily get into the wooden cracks and even mold. One thing you can do is to deep clean them once a week with half a lemon and good old universal baking soda. That will disinfect and prolong their life. However, you need to change your wooden utensils every year.

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Wooden utensils get cracked easily and they trap bacteria and smell

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Everyone has spices in their kitchen that they can’t even remember how long they have been around. Fortunately, they don’t spoil, but they do lose their aroma and properties. And, in extreme cases, bugs can start mysteriously appearing in your spice cabinet. To avoid that, make sure to write down when you have purchased them, since dried herbs can last 1-3 years and ground herbs can last 2-3 years.

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Go through your spices and throw away those you cannot remember buying 

do things really expire on the expiration date


You probably use salt every day like most people, but did you know salt doesn’t last forever? Because of the various additives in salt, it is a good idea to replace salt every 3-5 years.

You probably didn’t know this but salt actually has an expiration date

how long do things last after expiration date


Even after washing towels regularly, it is still a good idea to change them every 3 years. Why? When you constantly wipe your body with them, and they can become frayed and unhygienic very quickly. One thing you can do tho is to wash all your towels the right way, depending on the material they are made from!

Towels are not forever and proper carer and washing are crucial 

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Pillows are so important to take care of. The condition of your pillow directly affects your skin, eyes, hair, and breathing! And, you spend at least 8 hours on them every day! That is why pillows can become a haven for bacteria and allergens that can be hazardous to your health. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace them every two years.

Make sure to wash regularly and change your decorative pillows 

things that have an expiration date

And don’t forget your bedroom pillows 

surprising items that have an expiration date

#Bath sponge

Yes, bath sponges don’t expire. You can technically use them until they break down. But the question is, should you? The moist environment of a sponge provides a good environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. So change it every 1-2 months.

You need to frequently change your bath sponges to avoid mold and bacteria

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Most perfumes have a shelf life of three years. After this period, you may notice a change in scent and a sour note that you will certainly not like smelling like. So, don’t save your favorite scents for a rainy day, and enjoy them to the fullest while you can!

Don’t save your perfumes for years because they will start smelling sour

is shelf life the same as expiration date

#Hair brushes

To keep your hair and scalp in top shape, it is a good idea to change your hairbrush every 6 months. If you use hair products like dry shampoo, volume powder, hair setting sprays, leave-in conditioners, and so on, you need to change your brush often and wash it even more frequently. Check this guide for how to deeply wash and disinfect your hair brush, to ensure that your scalp and hair are healthy and happy.

Wash your hair brushes regularly and change them every 6 months

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Even with regular washing, homemade slippers can quickly become unhygienic. Feet go everywhere, and they also tend to trap moisture and bacteria, so change your slippers every 6 months to help your feet.

Your fluffy slippers need to be changed every six months 

why do things have expiration dates

#Extension cords and power strips

Extension cords and power strips have no expiration date, but as they age their effectiveness decreases, and they can be the cause of a fire. To avoid such extreme cases, it is a good idea to replace your extension cords and power strips every 1-2 years.

Your extension cords and power strips need to be changed to avoid any potential accidents

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