Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions – 15+ Tips and Tricks

by John Griffith

Does it seem that your kitchen cabinets are getting smaller with every year? Is it getting hard to find what you need? Do you have an abundance of pots, pans, and dishes? It’s normal for your cabinets to start overflowing, especially if you enjoy cooking. There are just things that you can’t live without.  No matter if you have a small kitchen or a big one, kitchen space always runs out after some time. That’s when it’s time to get creative and find new ways to optimize the capacity you have. Check out our kitchen cabinet storage solutions for when the space just seems to start disappearing.

A greatly organized kitchen pantry

cabinet pull out shelves cabinit storage

How can I improve my kitchen cabinet storage?

You don’t have to buy a whole new kitchen to feel like you have control again. There are many easy ways to update your kitchen. One of them is creating efficient storage spaces. It’s time to get your kitchen cabinets and counter decluttered. The kitchen space in our home is very important. It is the heart of the home, a place where you prepare the meals for you and your family. It’s a center place in all holiday parties and gatherings. The kitchen fuels us in one way or another, so we should treat it with love and care as well. A messy kitchen equals a messy mind. But don’t worry. It all comes down to organization. Even if you have the biggest kitchen in the world with the widest cabinets, it all looses meaning if the items inside are kind of disorganized. So, it’s time. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to transform your kitchen. These kitchen cabinet storage solutions will help the space feel more functional, less chaotic and as if it’s a brand-new kitchen. So, where do we start?

The kitchen space in our home is very important

small kitchen organization ideas knife rack

Tossing and decluttering

Everybody has that one can in their cabinet that’s probably been expired for quite some time now, but we keep forgetting it, and a bunch of other things alongside it.  Throw out all expired, dirty or stale foods. You can also do the same with the refrigerator. They take up unnecessary space and a visual clutter. Throw away any broken pots, chipped glasses and plates. Decluttering is step one in the process, and it is vital as it shows us what we have to work with.

A cluttered and dirty kitchen equals a cluttered mind

compulsive hoarding syndrom messy kitchen with pile of dirty dishes


Take everything out of the cabinet you’ve started with. It’s important to do a good cleaning of the space before taking on reorganizing. Vacuum all loose crumbs, wipe the cabinets down with a microfiber cloth, and take care of any extra greasy areas with some warm water and dish soap. You can use a specific cleaner. Maintaining a clean kitchen is the key to an organized area in the future.

Cleaning beforehand is important for reorganizing 

shelf organizer cleaning kitchen cabinets

Organize by zones

This means to put all similar items together and put them closest to the area that they will be most frequently used. This is generally the most functional and time effective way to organize your kitchen. Think about where you want to store things and how you want your kitchen to function. For example, where is the prepping zone? What will you need for it? And so on.

A clean, white kitchen with a lot of counter space

how to organize kitchen cabinets beautiful white kitvhen

Best way to organize kitchen cabinets

Utility is usually the priority when it comes to organizing kitchen cabinets. But there are also many ways to make it stylish. Whether you are trying to find a cool and efficient way to storing spices and pasta or exploring ways to style your kitchen island and countertops, cabinets, pantries, and drawers are super handy. However, that’s exactly how they get cluttered. We often hide everything we don’t know where to put in a random cabinet. So, what are some of the best ways to avoid clutter in cabinets? Number one is finding how to save space.

Save space in all types of cabinets, drawers, pantries and more

how to organize kitchen cabinets dividers

Kitchen space savers

Kitchen space savers are the kitchen cabinet storage solutions you need. There are many versions, ways, and products you can do to help free up more room.

A well organized and labeled cabinet

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Cabinet Slide Outs/Pull Out Cabinet Organizer

If items in your cabinet tend to get lost easily, and you keep over buying products you couldn’t see were already there, slide-out shelves are a great way to avoid that. With sliding shelves you get extra storage, more space for layering and can easily see what’s in the way back by just pulling it out.

Avoid over buying products with slide out cabinets

pull out cabinet organizer slide out0spices

Draw Dividers

Dividers are every organized person’s best friends. They create separate spaces for all the things to make it easier to find and organize. Even though most of us have a divider for our forks, spoons, and knives, they can be used practically anywhere. They also keep things from sliding around and piling on top of one another!

There are a variety of different drawer dividers

cabinet drawer inserts drawer dividers

Use the sides of your cabinets

So much spaces tends to go unused. You can add on additional shelves, rails, rods, and hooks to the cabinet sides to open up more free space. This will give you even more places where you can store things. Open shelving is also a great way of using space to increase storage.

A lot of space tends to go unused 

kitchen cabinet organizers hooks on cabinet side


Speaking of, hooks are super useful. So make sure to take advantage of them. You can put hooks on the undersides of your shelves or on your cabinet insides and hang for example all of your mugs. That way, you’ll have a ton of unused space on the shelf. You can also put them on the sides of your cabinets or islands. There you can hook utensils, cutting boards, pot covers, oven mitts and whatever you want.

Hooks are an organized kitchen’s best friend

cabinet slide outs hanging mugs on hooks

Jars Attached to Cabinets

Although this may seem harder to install, the truth is all you need to do is find jars you like, screw their lids onto the underside of the cabinet and that’s it. You can store dry herbs, snacks, or whatever your heart desires. They save up on both cabinet and countertop space while still being able to hold a lot inside them.

Creative and beautiful way to save counter and cabinet space

how to organize kitchen cabinets jars attached to underside of cabinets

Lazy Susan

Getting a bunch of lazy Susan scan save up a ton of space, and you can easily reach whatever you need from your cabinets with just a small turn. You can put them practically anywhere—under the sink to hold cleaning supplies, in your cabinet for spices, on top of the counter for utensils. The possibilities are endless.

Lazy Susan’s are compatible for any cabinet 

kitchen cabinet organizers lazy susans for everything

Clever storage ideas for small kitchens

You don’t need a huge kitchen to feel like you have a ton of space, or you’re super organized. All you require is some careful space planning and a few tricks.

No matter the size of the kitchen, you can still be organized

kitchen organizer rack organized kitchen shelves

Store thing out in the open

If you don’t have enough cabinets or a pantry, it’s more than fine to store your things out in the open. You can put your spices, oils, plates, pans, and other often used materials on a little spice rack or as we mentioned a lazy Susan on the countertop. You can also put up a lot of shelves. They are a great way to use up all the wall space.

Shelves take up a lot of unused space and create new storage potential 

kitchen counter organization ideas storing things out in the open

Use windowsills as storage

If you happen to have a window, make use of the space. You can practically store anything there as long as it’s okay with direct sunlight. Plants are a great idea, as they brighten up the kitchen and will thrive on the windowsill. You can also put your cookbooks on display.

Be careful when deciding what to store on the windowsill, as the sun can damage many things

best way to organize kitchen cabinets windowsill used as storage


Pegboards are a more confined version of hooks. Everything is in one place, and they can hold up quite a lot of things. It adds flexible storage space that can constantly be adjusted based on your needs.

Who said pegboards are only for the work shed?

clever storage ideas for small kitchens pegboard for kitchen untensills

Kitchen counter organization ideas

A kitchen with clean and organized counter will serve you well in multiple instances. With good organization and arrangement, your sleek and sophisticated countertops will look beautiful, spacious, and orderly.

If you prefer clean counter tops, check these tips out 

small kitchen organization ideas open shelving kitchen storage

Tiered Wire Baskets

These are basically shelves for the countertop. You can put whatever you like in them – fruits, spices, plants, herbs, towels. It’s all up to you. They save up a lot of space on the counter and everything is visible so always know what you have.

You can store whatever you like in the baskets

kitchen counter shelf three tier wire basket

Oversized Jars

Jars give off an organized feel to the counter. And there are a variety of designs from clear to painted, some come with inscriptions, some with decorations. There is a jar version for everyone taste. You can store whatever you wish in them.

Jars are a great way to see how much of products you have left

kitchen space savers oversized jars with food

Magnetic knife rack

Rather than keeping your knives on the counter in a bulky knife block, another type of holder, or in the drawer, you can put them up to hand from a magnetic strip above your counter. This way they will be easily accessible and won’t take up any space on the counter.

Sleek and modern design 

cabinet pull out shelves magnetic knife rack for kitchen counter

Woven Tray

Woven trays are a fantastic piece for your countertops as they are very stylish and useful. You can put things like utensils in them, plants, boards and so on. That’s up to you. The great thing about the tray is that you can move it around and if you keep messy things like oil in it, the mess will not get on the counter and ruin it.

Woven trays are stylish and useful

kitchen organizer rack woven tray for conter storage

Cake Stands

This one is an interesting one. You can use your cake stands to store things on them on the counter top. They will elevate whatever you decide to put on them, which leaves space beneath them for even more storage. This way, you can fit a bunch of stuff on the counter without it looking cluttered.

Cake stands aren’t just for delicious bakes

shelf organizer cate stands used for extra counter space

These are just some kitchen cabinet storage solutions for you to try out. No more clutter and disorganization, now you can find everything you require, and you can enjoy the space that has opened up!

No more clutter and disorganization

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