How to Choose The Best Washing Machine: Expert Tips

by Maria Konou

When it comes to washing machines, many of us don’t pay attention to the brand, the specifications, or the overall performance. All we know is that we need a washing machine and that they all do the same thing – wash our clothes. So why bother learning all about them? Well, that is not exactly the case. There are many differences between washing machines, just as there are differences between cars. When you buy a car, you have certain preferences, you have expectations, and you insist on certain features and gadgets in that car. So why should it be any different when you buy a washing machine for your home? Moreover, if you think about the fact that the average lifespan of a washing machine is eight years, you will conclude that there is a good chance you will use your electric home appliance longer than your family car. So, here is how to choose the best washing machine, according to experts.

This is how to choose the best washing machine for you, according to experts

how to choose best washing machine

What criteria should you look out for when buying a new washing machine?

Here are a few very important things you need to know about washing machines. The capacity of the washing machine’s drum, the number of spins per minute, its energy efficiency, whether or not it has a built-in dryer, and its reliability are all important factors to consider. Depending on where you are going to place the washing machine, you will also need to be careful about its dimensions. So you can be sure it will fit perfectly in the space you have chosen for it. What’s more, you need to decide whether you want a top-loading or bottom-loading washing machine. Only when you have established these things, you should move on to the next steps.

Here are a few very important things you need to know about washing machines

how do you choose a washing machine

How to choose the best washing machine

Nowadays, the fierce competition between manufacturers works in favor of us, the consumers. Thus, you can choose a washing machine equipped with the best technologies, different features, and also the lowest energy consumption. Depending on your budget, you can buy a large and reliable washing machine and solve your laundry problem for the next few years. This is why the initial choice of a washing machine is super important. Here is how to choose the best washing machine, depending on your budget, preference, and needs:

Choosing the right washing machine is crucial for your next few years

which washing machine is better

#Type of washing machine

As we already mentioned, there are two main types of washing machines, depending on the way they are loaded. The front-loading (also known as horizontal) and the top-loading (vertical). The latter is cheaper, but the former can fit more clothes in one go. So, it really is a choice depending on the size of your household and its needs.

There are two main types of washing machine you can choose from

how do i choose a washing machine

#Loading capacity

Of course, this is an extremely important aspect to take into account when purchasing a washing machine. You need to take into consideration how many members your family is made up of and how often you plan to use the washing machine. For example, for a couple without children, a washing machine with a capacity of 6 kilos is quite sufficient, but for a larger family, you will need a washing machine for at least 8 kilos of laundry. So, again, it really depends on the size of your family!

The loading capacity is an extremely important aspect when purchasing a washing machine

how to choose a washing machine

#Washing programs

In the list of technical specifications, you can see the different number of washing programs for washing machines. This is about everything a washing machine can offer you in terms of how it washes your clothes. The minimum and most elementary requirements for such an appliance are that it has one cold water and one hot water wash program, and also a delicate wash program. Furthermore, quite often having a quick wash program is a very good thing to have on hand. So, browse through the washing programs the model offers and think whether they are something you need, or you can skip it. Think about whether you have a lot of wool clothing pieces? Or quite a lot of delicate clothes?

Generally, more washing programs, the easier it is for the consumer

how do i choose a good washing machine

#Energy efficiency

You are already aware that the cost of electricity has gone up, and washing machines can use quite a lot of it, depending on how often you use them. Along these lines, try as much as possible to buy an A-rated washing machine: A, A+, A++, or A+++. Basically, the more pluses there are after the A, the cheaper it will be when your electricity bill comes.

Washing machines use a lot of electricity, depending on how often you use them

which washing machine to choose

#Spin speed

To get perfectly clean clothes out of the washing machine, you need to pay attention to the spin speed. As a minimum requirement, your washing machine should maintain at least 600 revolutions per minute, but it is best to go for the ones with 1000 revolutions per minute. The spin speed also determines how dry or water-soaked the clothes will come out of the washer. In the summer, this wouldn’t be a problem, but in the colder seasons, you will want your clothes to dry as quickly as possible. A faster spin speed means better-drained clothes, so choose wisely.

A faster spin speed means better-drained clothes

choosing washer and dryer


Finally, in addition to these basic criteria, you should know that each brand develops its own technologies. Many of which are unique to its washing machine models and ones that can make your life easier when you want to wash your clothes. Don’t forget the unwritten rule that the more options a washing machine has, the more expensive it will be and the more space it will take up. However, apart from the higher price, these technologies add to the bottom line. You should also remember that the more extra features an appliance have, the greater the chance that something on it will break at some point.

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