How to Actually Make Your Bed Neatly (According to Hoteliers)

by Maria Konou

Putting bed linens on the bed does not seem like the most complicated thing, right? Nevertheless, there are many tips and tricks that can make this mundane activity a way easier task.  There are a few little secrets that hoteliers and interior design professionals use to create a bed perfectly made for sleeping – tidy, clean, fragrant, and inviting. Just imagine going to your bedroom tired after a long day at work, and you have the perfect fluffy and tidy bed waiting for you. Now you can have that magical feeling every night! So, without further ado, let’s see how to actually make your bed neatly, according to hoteliers and interior designers:

Learn how to make your bed neatly like a professional hotelier 

How to Actually Make Your Bed Neatly

#Drapery Under the Mattress

If you have a French bed, you can make it look even more inviting by putting drapery around the bottom of it. Remove the mattress and put a curtain or special drapery in an appropriate color that reaches the ground but doesn’t rest against it. Then put the mattress back on top. This is also a great hack if you want to use the bottom of your bed as storage. The drapery will hide it perfectly with style!

Make your bed look even more inviting by putting drapery around the bottom of it

#Put a Protector

It is always a good idea to put a protector on first. This is a special sheet (often waterproof) to protect the mattress from sweat, chafing, and stains. It is also very easy to maintain it – just wash it in the washing machine as needed. Some models offer extra cushioning if you need it. Choose a protector that is the right size for your bed, so it looks good and doesn’t show under the rest of your bedding.

A protector will keep your mattress safe from dirt and stains

#Elastic Sheets

Many housewives prefer to use a bottom sheet with elastic, as it fits snugly over the mattress and stays well stretched. The secret here is to choose a size that perfectly matches the mattress not only in width and length but also in height.

Using an elastic sheet will help you avoid crinkly bed sheets 

#Plain sheets

Even draped with a plain sheet, a bed can look perfect. If you use a plain sheet, first find it so that it falls equally on all sides. If you don’t want it to hang loosely, roll the corners inwards (the same way you wrap a gift box), then fold over and tuck the bottom section well under the mattress.

You can make a bed look nice with plain sheets using this trick

#Fold the Duvet

To make the pillows stand out even better, and the bed look more inviting, we have a trick for you. Fold the duvet about 50 cm from the top of the bed, leaving the folded part on top. If the pillows are fewer in number or smaller in size, you can fold the duvet so that only about 30 cm of the bottom sheet is visible on which to arrange the pillows.

Fold the duvet in order to make your bed more stylish and inviting

#Make the Pillows Fluffy

If you want the pillows to look fluffier, their covers need to be 2-3 cm bigger. Put them slightly upright to fluff them up even more, and hit them lightly with your hand in the middle of the top edge to make them puff up slightly. This is one of the best tricks that interior designers use all the time. You can also apply this trick to your decorative pillows!

This trick will make your pillows look super fluffy and soft

#Use a Top Sheet (or don’t)

To add a feeling of more luxury, you can use a soft top sheet. Spread it over the duvet and fold it just under the edge to add another visual layer. Nowadays, less and less young people are likely to buy a top sheet. Nevertheless, this is still one of the easiest and coolest ways to spice up your bed and make it pop.

A top sheet will make your bed look cozier and cooler

Now you know how to make your bed perfectly every single time

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