5 Basic Rules For an Aesthetic, Clutter-Free Hallway Design

by Maria Konou

Dirty shoes, wet floors and mountains of winter jackets and coats – sometimes our hallway doesn’t look like a picture in an architecture magazine. According to surveys, it is the extra shoes, outerwear, backpacks and bags, as well as wet floors and dirt that bother us most in the hallway and entryway. Many of you probably also dislike the accumulation of hats and scarves and the lack of seating space. Do you agree with this? If, yes, don’t worry! In this article, we will offer you a few basic rules for an aesthetic, clutter-free hallway design. So, if you want to learn how to organize your space properly and turn your entrance area into a modern, stylish space:

Here a few basic rules for an aesthetic, clutter-free hallway design

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Basic Rules For a Clutter-Free Hallway Design

Choose the right furniture and tailor it to your needs

The right furniture is the alpha and omega of a good, functional hallway interior. So approach your furniture selection with care and consideration. The hallway furniture should be compact, spacious and with a wide variety of storage solutions. Ideally, the hallway should have shoe compartments, bench seating (ideally with built-in drawers), baskets for hats and scarves, hangers and hooks for clothes. This storage helper will make your hallway tidy and clutter-free in the long term.

The furniture should be compact, spacious and with a wide variety of storage solutions

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That way, your hallway will look tidy and put together

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Keep floors clean and dry

When the hallway and floors are dirty, the whole impression of your home is spoiled. A beautiful stylish rug will protect the floor from wet shoes, dirt, and scratches. In addition, it will decorate the hallway and create the right mood right from the doorstep. Imagine it informing everyone who enters that neat owners who follow interior fashion live here. Interior designers recommend colorful patterns made of moisture-repellent and dirt-repellent materials. Pay attention to modern outdoor carpets as well, as there are many interesting options on the market now!

Keeping your floors dry and clean is the key to a good impression

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Make time for seasonal cleaning

Even in large houses, the hallway is usually a smaller area, so it is especially important to keep the order there. Organizational experts like Marie Kondo recommend cleaning the entrance area every season and leaving only the most necessary things. When spring-cleaning, remove the winter clothes, shoes, and accessories.  In the fall, get rid of the summer wardrobe and accessories in the same way. If you follow this simple rule, your hallway will become as practical and efficient as possible for everyday life and every season.

Your hallway can also get a seasonal makeover 

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Make the most of high ceilings

Whether your entrance is small or large, one thing is for sure – you need to make the most of the space. With high ceilings, you can build extra shelves or hooks for outerwear. Look for functional solutions. A good option would be accessory storage baskets that can be easily moved from place to place if needed.

High ceilings will give you a lot of options for extra storage

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Take care of beauty

As we said before, the entryway is the first thing your guests see when they enter the house. Therefore, as you take care of functionality, don’t forget about beauty! Pay a little more attention to the hallway. Maybe try a new wallpaper, repaint the walls or add some stylish accessories. This will help you quickly and easily update the interior and create the right impression for your home.

A new wallpaper can completely transform your hallway 

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Beauty lies in the attention to detail and a few simple touches

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Now you know what you need to do for a clutter-free hallway design! Remember that the most important things are to make the most out of your space, to find smart storage solutions, and keep things simple and clean. That way, your hallway will always be a welcoming space of beauty, free of clutter.

Now you know how to create a clutter-free hallway design!

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