These Hallway Decor Ideas will Turn your Home into a Creative Space

by John Griffith

For every homeowner, their interior design should play a significant role. After all, the way you arrange your home says a lot about you. What’s more, there are so many interior design trends out there right now, it might be a bit difficult to pick just one. And throughout all of the designing of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, there is one area of your home that often gets overlooked. This is exactly why, in this article today, we decided to give you a few hallway decor ideas, for a modern and creative space, which is going to greet your guests as soon as they walk in through the front door. We have decorating tips, as well as ideas for furniture to use and how to arrange them so that you don’t overcrowd your narrow hallways.

The hallways often get overlooked when it comes to interior designing

black and white stripes wallpaper on the walls black tiles on the floor narrow hallway ideas colorful light fixture

Add a pop of color

Your entryway is the first thing people see when they walk through your front door. That is exactly why it is extremely important for your hallway to be as presentable and modern as possible, so that it impresses your guests. One way to do that is to add some color. If your overall design is reliant on more neutral colors than a splash of brightness is perfect for your entryway. You have a few options on how to do this. First of all, you can commit to an entire accent wall. Your second option is to decorate your front door in a different color. Your third option is to add a nice, colorful rug, which is going to be the accent for your hallway.

Or you can do all 3 options at once and have an amazing, creative and interesting hallway design

black door entryway design ideas orange accent wall wooden cupboard hanger above it

Hallway decor ideas with mirrors

Hallways are generally overlooked when it comes to special interior trends. However, there is one trend that has been around for ages when it comes to decorating your entryway. That trend is the use of mirrors. In general, we all know that mirrors create the optical illusion of more space. That is exactly way they are perfect for narrow hallways, which can sometimes feel too narrow and claustrophobic. What’s more, mirrors in the hallways are very functional. Picture yourself leaving for work in the morning, you have your bag, keys, shoes and jacket are on and you are able to take one last look at the yourself before you leave. Is there a person in the world who doesn’t love to do that? We are pretty sure there isn’t.

Use mirrors to create the optical illusion of more space in narrower hallways

colorful rug on the floor entryway wall decor round mirror hanging on white wall above plastic shelf gray lamp on it

Add storage to your hallways to maximize space

If you are lucky and have wide hallways, then you should definitely do something about that extra space. After all, a family home that has a lot of storage space rarely looks overcrowded and flooded with all kinds of items that look like they don’t belong. Wide hallways are the perfect space for adding that extra storage. A few shelves, drawers and even closets might be a good idea for a wide hallway. Furthermore, you can even have a full on bookcase in your hallway. This will create an interesting and creative vibe in your entryway and it will definitely provide a point of conversation for anyone who enters your home.

Use your hallway to display your massive book collection


Hallway decor ideas with gallery walls

If you are not keen on the idea of adding an accent wall to your hallway, then we have the next best thing for you. Those bare hallway walls are the perfect spot to display your family photos or artwork. Pick out interesting frames that go well with the overall design of your home and hang them symmetrically on the wall. Your family photos can look great and will be visible for everyone who walks through your hallway. However, if you prefer to keep the family memories more private, than a nice artwork collection is a good substitute. Just make sure that the artwork you have chosen goes together well. Pick a theme and start arranging.

A hallway wall can be the perfect spot to display family photos or artwork

colorful rug on the floor hallway decor ideas wooden bench framed art on the wall

Accentuate with a rug

Some narrow hallways don’t really give us a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating. You may not have enough space for storage and you might want to keep things simple. In that case there is a little something you can do to still give your entryway some character. What is that thing? Well, rugs. Hallway runners can be a great way to add a pop of color to your entryway. What’s more they will add some warmth and coziness to your home. Whether you choose a rug in neutral color, or one that will be the centerpiece, runners are a must have item in your hallway.

Add a rug for extra pizzazz

blue fabric art hanging on white walls hallway wall decor blue rug on wooden floor wooden cupboard

Bring the nature inside with a few plants

The hallway is the perfect spot for any large plants you might have at home. If there are any awkward corners or spaces that seem empty and you don’t know what to do with them, adding a plant might be just the right way to go about filling them. What’s more, we all know that having indoor plants is good for the overall quality of the air in your home. That, in turn, helps you focus, alleviates stress and helps you relax. And this is the exact feeling your guests are going to get from entering your house and seeing your plants at the forefront, greeting them at the front door.

Create a natural feeling with a few plants

colorful rug on wooden floor decorating ideas for stairs and hallways pink door white walls tall windows framed art potted plants boho style

Hallway decor ideas with colorful tiles

If you are the type of person who likes to experiment and isn’t afraid to try new things, then this trend is just for you. Instead of using a rug to keep things interesting in your hallways, why not opt for colorful floor tiles instead. Choose tiles in a pattern that goes well with your overall decor. That way, your hallways will be the natural successor of the rest of the rooms in your house. Plus, everyone will be super impressed with your floor as soon as they walk in. We guarantee it!

You can opt for colorful tiles instead of a rug

colorful tiles on the floor white walls wooden walls doors and cupboard entryway wall decor framed art on it

A good bench goes a long way

If you don’t really need storage and are just looking for a statement piece, then having an eye catching bench in your hallway is the way to go. You can make a statement with a velvet bench in a bright color, or opt out for functionality. Benches can come in handy when putting on your shoes, or taking them off. If you don’t need storage you can fill the wall above the bench with a photo gallery or artwork. On the other hand, if you still need some storage you can add a few creative hallway hooks for your coats and jackets.

Let the bench be the statement piece of your hallway

blue leather bench with gold metal frame entryway design ideas blue and white art hanging above it

Don’t forget a console table

Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your hallway, it might be worth investing in a small console table. If your hallway is wide then invest in a bigger one. Console tables are the perfect place to unload after coming home. Especially, if you come home carrying a bunch of things. Unload everything on your console table, so that you are able to hang your coat and take off your shoes. You can use the table as a space to keep your keys, as well as some decorative accessories. You can hang some artwork above it or a mirror. Either way, every hallway needs a console table.

Add a console table so that you have space to unload after coming home

narrow hallway ideas brass metal heat fixtures dark green walls wooden floor and shelf with vases

Are you ready for even more hallway decor ideas?

blue vintage rug on wooden floor hallway wall decor ideas blue door with white walls potted plants bookcase along the length of the hallway with white shelves cupboards entry way decorating ideas wooden floor colorful rug on wooden floor narrow hallway ideas white cupboard at the end black light fixtures

Dark colors, eye catching lighting – the perfect first impression of your home

dark green walls large chandelier decorating ideas for stairs and hallways blue and white rug on staircase and wooden floordecorating ideas for entry hall minimalistic design art on the wall gray rug on wooden floor decorating ideas for stairs and hallways framed art and flowers in vases placed on floating shelves denim bench with throw pillows placed on blue rug on wooden floor entry way decorating ideas entry way decorating ideas mirror covered wall with shelf with bench two lamps on it books vases with flowers

Have some fun with your hallway hangers

entryway decor if youre tired and you know it clap your hands sign black metal hanger entryway design ideas super colorful rug patches stitched together in different colors dark wooden floor entryway wall decor turquoise walls and doors with open shelving lots of framed art and books on the walls floral wallpaper with green leaves light wooden floor entryway decor black metal hangers framed art hanging on white wall hallway wall decor ideas round mirror hanging over black metal table

Match your doors’ color to your wallpaper

framed art on wall covered with geometrical wallpaper in blue and white hallway wall decor blue door at the end green and pink doors white walls entryway wall decor framed art on the wall colorful rug on the wooden floor hallway decor ideas white walls black wooden floor round mirror above open shelf cupboard with black metal frames hallway wall decor colorful wallpaper on the wall wooden bench with potted plants on it hallway wall decor ideas blue door white walls green rug on the wooden floor framed art on the walls

Fun and creative hooks will add so much character into your home

hats and bags hanging on white wall above wooden bench placed on black floor entryway decor large round light fixtures decorating ideas for entry hall tall walls and windows minimalistic design wood on the ceiling light green walls with framed art on them hallway decor ideas colorful rug on the wooden floor lots of photos and art in white frames of different sizes hanging on dark blue walls narrow hallway ideas

This is such a genius idea!

plants hanging from wall mounted wooden pots hallway decor ideas gray wall other potted plants along the hallway potted plant on wooden floor decorating ideas for stairs and hallways framed art with vintage frames hanging on white wall round mirror hanging on white wall above floating shelf hallway wall decor wooden floors and doors round mirror hanging on white wall above vintage cupboard hallway wall decor ideas gray black and white tiles on the floor rustic decor hallway wall decor ideas vintage school chairs white shiplap on the walls vintage wooden floor rustic farmhouse decor entryway wall decor wooden doors colorful rugs on white wooden floor shiplap on the wall decorating ideas for entry hall three small framed quotes on the wall storage ladder

Use vintage pieces for a hallway with character

shiplap on the walls entry way decorating ideas vintage bench in dark green with throw pillows hata hanging on the wall small hallway wall decor framed art on the walls potted plant white rug on wooden floor shiplap on one wall tiled floor in black and white dark blue staircase decorating ideas for entry hall framed art on the wall tiled floor large mirror on the wall decorating ideas for entry hall framed art at the end vintage light fixtures tiled floor with white walls brass light fixtures entryway decor benches along the hallway

Add a few wall mounted shelves for extra storage

wall mounted shelves on white wall hallway decor ideas photo frames arranged on them wooden floor white and black rug on wooden floor entry way decorating ideas framed art hanging on white walls white doors and cupboard decorating ideas for stairs and hallways framed art hanging on dark blue walls white walls entryway decor wooden shelf large round mirror hanging on the wall above it white walls large round mirror hanging above table entryway design ideas black tiles on the floor gray rug wooden floor dark blue walls narrow hallway ideas lots of framed art hanging on wall and on floating shelf

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