Outdoor shower ideas that will turn your home into a jungle oasis

by John Griffith

Is there anything that summer can’t fix? You can’t possibly tell us that warm weather and longer days don’t make you feel better. So, if you are daydreaming and thinking of vacations and spending time outside, you are not alone! We recently discussed how you can turn your backyard into a safe haven, so today we are going to upgrade it. In this article, we are going to give you some outdoor shower ideas to upgrade your backyard and make it perfect for the summertime. What’s more, if you have a vacation home, and you are looking for ways to make it even better, these ideas will definitely help. So, keep reading to find tips on how to install your outdoor shower as well as how to design it.

Become one with nature with these awesome outdoor shower ideas

blue and green turquoise marble tiles on the wall and floor outdoor shower designs bamboo sticks on the walls

Cute outdoor shower ideas to upgrade your backyard

Whether you decide to have a full-blown shower experience or you just want a shower to rinse yourself before or after you’ve been in the pool, outdoor showers are always good. So, without further ado, here are a few ideas you can steal from us.

Add color to your backyard

Add some color to your backyard by adding colorful tiles to your outdoor shower. Create a whole separate shower area, which can also be somewhat of a focal point in your backyard. Mount the shower head on the wall with the colorful tiles, leaving the rest of the area in a neutral color. What’s more, you can mix and match tiles on the walls, as well as on the floor, to create a more interesting and vibrant area.

Mix and match tiles for a fun and vibrant shower area

blue tiles on wall where shower head is mounted how to build an outdoor shower blue tiles on the floor

Give yourself an outdoor spa treatment

If you have enough secluded space in your backyard, give yourself a full blown spa treatment. Install a bathtub and a shower and allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of it while also breathing the fresh air. Add plants and plant hangers to also feel one with nature. Another thing you can do is paint the walls in a light pastel color, which is going to give you a more airy and spacious feeling. Adding furniture can be another tip, especially if you want this space to be good for any step of a spa treatment. This will also make it look like an actual spa. Furthermore, if you want more privacy, you can hang a rod and add curtains.

Sign us up for this outdoor spa experience

blue wall diy outdoor shower bathtub and sofa surrounded by plants and flowers

Make use of awkward spaces

If you have space in your backyard, and you are not sure what to do with it, installing an outdoor shower might be your best decision. Add some colorful tiles to give the space some character, or even string lights for an extra romantic feeling. Once again, add plants to feel one with nature. What’s more, if there is a tree like the one in the picture below, this will make you feel like you are out in the forest. Make sure you have the space for adding all your toiletries, as well as hooks for towels, and you are all set. Not only do you have a shower outside now, but you have also gotten rid of the awkward space in your backyard.

These tiles give the space so much character

building an outdoor shower colorful floral tiles in orange blue and white on the floor shower head mounted on wooden wall

Natural outdoor shower ideas

Keep things natural by using the trees around your backyard as shade providers. What’s more, use natural materials to create the enclosure, as well as a shower head that can recreate actual rainfall. These steps will make you feel like you have become one with nature and are literally taking a shower in the rain. Of course, you can add some tiles as a focal point, just make sure they are also in natural colors so that they can blend in with the environment.

This looks so beautiful

colorful tiles on the wall with the shower wood outdoor shower wood enclosure plants around it

Keep things minimalistic

If you are a minimalist at heart, you don’t have to go all out for an outdoor shower. Especially if your entire house design is minimalistic. Keep it simple by installing a simple showerhead on a wall made of waterproof wood. Blend it within the trees and plants around your house which are going to provide a sort of natural enclosure and give you some privacy, and you have yourself a super minimalistic outdoor shower. This type of shower can be perfect if you have a backyard pool, and you want to be able to rinse before and after you enter the pool.

Minimalism at its finest

contemporary architecture outside showers wood wall with shower head surrounded by plants and trees

Make it unique

If you want to feel like you are on a safari in Africa or vacationing on some remote island, this type of outdoor shower is perfect for you. Keep things simple and minimalistic with the materials that you use. Instead, create a shower with interesting forms and shapes, which doesn’t conform to standards. In order to recreate this, you don’t really need tiles or even wood. All you need is a good environment, which you can use to blend into the shower design. Trust us, with a unique design such as the one in the photo below, you might actually get featured in some interior design magazine.

This is such a unique design

cement made wall and bench freestanding outdoor shower hanging from bamboo roof

Outdoor shower ideas with a beach vibe

Well, if you have a home or a beach house that is literally next to the beach, aren’t you lucky? But also, it is good to follow a design that compliments the area and position of your house. Keep it simple with your outdoor shower, especially if you are using to rinse off the ocean water before you enter your house. In order to make it a bit more interesting, however, choose tiles in a light pastel color, which are going to bring some character, yet still, keep it minimalistic and simple. Incorporate plants in the design, of course, to add to the natural feeling of an outdoor shower, and enjoy!

These pink tiles bring so much character to the overall design

cactuses next to wall with small pink tiles outdoor shower ideas shower head and faucet only

Enjoy a zen garden

Create a zen space under the sun, which is going to be perfect for stress-reducing showers. If you have more space, use it to add plants, which always have a calming presence. What’s more, use natural materials to create the enclosure, such as wood or stone. Another tip is to cover the floor in small rocks, gravel, or stone tiles. That way, not only will you add to your zen experience, your feet will always be silky smooth as well. Trust us!

A Zen garden for stress-reducing showers

gold metal shower mounted on stone wall outdoor shower designs stone tiles and rocks on the floor

Rustic shower area

Give your shower area a rustic feeling. When it comes to rustic, it is all about natural materials, sleek lines, and simplicity. Keep anything vintage and use natural materials, such as stone and wood, to create the shower’s enclosure. There is really not much to say, for anyone who is familiar with rustic design, you know that it is a timeless and elegant look that may never go out of style or so it seems.

If your house screams rustic then it will be best to have a rustic outdoor shower as well

rustic style wall made of stone how to build an outdoor shower shower head mounted on it towel hanging on the side

Enjoy the nature with our outdoor shower ideas

Installing an outdoor shower may not be as difficult as it may seem. The easiest way to install it is definitely if it is adjacent to your bathroom. That way, you don’t really need to worry that much about pipes making their way to the shower. However, an outdoor shower is a good investment, especially if you live somewhere warm. Outdoor showers are super relaxing, stress-reducing and give you the feeling of connection with the nature that surrounds you. So, if you have decided on having one and have read through our tips, now it is time to browse through our photo gallery for even more ideas.

There are so many options to choose from

shower head behind large palm tree freestanding outdoor shower bathtub surrounded by plants palms and bushes brass pipes and shower head mounted on white wood wall diy outdoor shower plants and trees around it

Lush garden and an outdoor shower – no better combination

diy outdoor shower enclosure shower mounted on white wall surrounded by plants bushes and trees diy outdoor shower wood enclosure in industrial style with metal black pipe for shower freestanding outdoor shower wood wall and bench shower next to it with tiled floor behind glass enclosure gravel and tiles on the floor diy outdoor shower enclosure stone wall with shower mounted on it

Rinse off the ocean water after a nice surf session

green surf on the side diy outdoor shower wall made of bamboo with colorful scarf hanging on the shower headbrass and rattan shower head wood outdoor shower stone tiles on the walls and floor surrounded by small rocks hawaiian style outdoor shower enclosure made of rocks stone tiles and rocks on the floorbrass metal tube wood floor diy outdoor shower enclosure minimalistic design surrounded by palm trees hook for towel outdoor shower designs shower mounted on stone wall wood floor with rocks around it

Leave enough space for your towels and wet suit, as well as a seating area for when you are tired

hooks for towels wet suit freestanding outdoor shower surf leaning on the wall wood floor how to build an outdoor shower brass vintage pipes and faucet black wood enclosure industrial style shower mounted on white wall outdoor shower ideas large stone tiles under it inside outside shower with wood enclosure large metal shower head outdoor shower enclosure small stool with plant on it large shower head coming out of wood wall outside showers wood floor with rocks around it

Cover it partially so that you are able to use it in any type of weather

lots of plants around brass vintage bathtub on tiled floor wood outdoor shower mini shower tube inside fountain diy outdoor shower enclosure small wood floor

This Moroccan style outdoor are is simply gorgeous

moroccan style pool with lounge chair outside showers white walls tiled floor open ceiling and side outdoor shower enclosure made of wood with wood floor hooks for towels outdoor shower designs black shower mounted on tiled wall tiled floor metal chair next to it outdoor shower enclosure wood enclosure tall with hooks for towels metal shower black and white tiled floor outdoor shower ideas wall made of rocks tree growing out of it shower with wood floor outside showers wood half wall with colorful towels hanging from it outside showers metal tube for shower

Create a natural enclosure with creeping plants

rocks and tiles on the floor freestanding outdoor shower surrounded by plants and greenery rock wall with vintage shower head and faucet outside showers stone tiles and small rocks on the floor round enclosure in white how to build an outdoor shower bucket hanging from it underneath lots of palm trees shower mounted on the wood wall on the side of the house outdoor shower designs hid behind bushes

Use bamboo, stones and plants for an all natural enclosure

stone wall with shower mounted on it building an outdoor shower surrounded by plants subway tiles on shower wall wood floor building an outdoor shower surrounded by palm trees and plants surf leaning on metal enclosure diy outdoor shower shower head above it surf leaning on white wood enclosure how to build an outdoor shower black metal shower head pipes and faucet terrasse made of wood with large metal tub metal shower head on top outdoor shower enclosure white and navy blue wood wall next to staircase building an outdoor shower metal shower mounted on it

Seemlessly blend your outdoor shower with your house

wood enclosure and wood floor wood outdoor shower hook for a towel shower mounted on the side of the house wood enclosure with built in shelves for plants diy outdoor shower enclosure black wood wood outdoor shower open ceiling shower head hanging from it cactuses in the corner wood wall and enclosures with shelves outdoor shower ideas brass pipes and shower head industrial style wood walls and floor in enclosure with lights above outdoor shower ideas black shower mounted wood wall with plants and built in shelf building an outdoor shower with tiled floor and wall

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