Transforming A Tiny Space: My 10 Favorite Tile Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms

by John Griffith

While remodeling a small bathroom seems like quite the challenge, it can be super fun. A couple of months ago, I went through this challenge myself. Throughout the whole ordeal, there was one thing I learned: do not underestimate the power of tiles! Even the smallest, shabbiest of bathrooms can become a beautiful, chic paradise with the right tile. Before I settled on my perfect tile (a stunning sage green), I scanned through all the magazines about interior design I could, from Architectural Digest to Elle Decor. There are a ton of ways you can go about designing your tiny bathroom with the help of tiles. This means there is something for every taste. You can get as creative as you like. You can go for contemporary large tiles or traditional subway tiles. Whatever suits your aesthetic. If you are not sure yet what direction you want to go in, I’ve got you. Check out some of my favorite tile shower ideas for small bathrooms for inspo.

Transform your small bathroom with stylish tile ideas

Best Types of Tile for Small Bathrooms

If you want to create the feeling that your bathroom is bigger, all you need are some light-colored tiles. Think of colors like whites, creams, and gentle pastels. Tile size can also impact the way your bathroom looks. Large tiles are great for smaller spaces as they create fewer grout lines, and give off the illusion that the bathroom is one large, seamless area. According to Joanna Gaines, interior designer and founder of lifestyle brand Magnolia, glossy tiles are amazing for tiny bathrooms as they help reflect light and add depth to the room. This opens up the space in a natural way. Other than that, herringbone or vertical patterns are also a wonderful way to give off the impression of height.

Brighten up your bathroom with light, spacious tiles

Ideal Shower Tile Sizes for Small Bathrooms

When dealing with a small bathroom, tile size matters! For example, larger tiles are a good choice for a small space. This is because they have fewer grout lines, which creates a more seamless and expansive look for the room. So, tiles that are 12 by 24 inches are great for making the space appear larger. According to Better Homes and Gardens, using bigger tiles on your walls and floors tricks your eyes into seeing the space as a larger one. But if you are like me and prefer smaller tiles, don’t despair! Smaller tiles are also a good pick for small spaces, you just need to use them in a vertical pattern.

Discover how tile size can make your bathroom feel bigger

Beautiful Tile Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms

While I know I can’t remodel my home as often as I would like, I do enjoy finding beautiful designs to keep for future inspiration when the time comes. And as any good designer knows: the right tile can turn any little bathroom into a chic and airy haven. That’s why it’s important that you have plenty of inspo before you go tile shopping. So, after a lot of late night scrolling and collecting aesthetic bathrooms, here are some of my favorite tile ideas when it comes to remodeling a tiny bathroom.

Get inspired with these chic tile ideas for small bathrooms

Glossy Beige Dream

The glossy beige tiles of this beautiful bathroom give it a clean and sophisticated look. The light color here helps to reflect natural light, which automatically makes the space feel a bit larger and brighter. Thanks to the vertical pattern, the room seems taller. For a small bathroom looking for both flair and utility, this combination radiates a modern yet cozy atmosphere.

Glossy beige tiles make your bathroom bright and cozy

Ocean Breeze

These wonderful blue tiles help give this bathroom a calm, spa-like design. Thanks to the glossy finish and the pastel color, there is an inviting and tranquil atmosphere in this space. The luxurious and warm brass fittings contrast exquisitely with the cool blue tones. This bright color scheme and glossy surface make these tiles an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms.

Blue tiles create a calm, spa-like escape

Dark Forest Enclave

If you prefer a more dramatic flare for your bathroom, then this design is just the thing for you. This shower is tucked in a perfect little arched nook and decorated with dark forest green tiles. The shower is the center point of the bathroom, all thanks to the richness and depth added by the tiles. The room feels spacious despite the darker tones of the tile, all thanks to the well-placed lighting.

Forest green tiles add dramatic elegance

Tropical Oasis

This shower’s teal green tiles give it a bright, fresh appearance that’s ideal for revitalising a tiny bathroom. The organic, earthy tones of the tiles evoke peace and a sense of connection with nature. Here, they are also in a vertical pattern to make the room seem taller. This, plus the warm lighting and brass fittings, elevates the green tones and provides a touch of refinement.

Teal tiles bring a fresh, natural vibe

Classic White

This is one of the most classic tile shower ideas for small bathrooms. In this bathroom, the white tile shower exudes elegance and simplicity. The different arrangements of the tiles give the shower some texture and create a visual interest. All while keeping a harmonious and calm design. Perfectly contrasted with the clean white tiles, the brass fittings offer a hint of grandeur.

White tiles offer timeless elegance

Navy Elegance

The beautiful dark blue tiles in this little bathroom shower infuse the area with an air of refinement and elegance. This color beautifully contrasts with the luxurious gold fixtures. The tiny space feels lively and trendy thanks to the herringbone pattern. This design proves that you can still use a darker tile in a smaller room and still make it look spacious.

Navy tiles paired with gold create luxury

Playful Vibes

This shower’s colorful, whimsical design is ideal for giving a tiny bathroom some personality. Here, the bathroom looks bigger than it is, all thanks to the vertical stripe arrangement of the tiles. They help drive your eyes upward. Elegant and nostalgic, these brass, vintage fittings go well with this striking tile selection.

Striped tiles add fun and personality

Marble Luxe

Here, a modest bathroom is transformed into a chic haven with elegant and luxurious rose antico marble tiles. The marble’s natural veining enhances its gentle pink and beige tones, making it warm and welcoming. The natural design of this marble is the perfect way to create some visual interest in the room. Thanks to the huge slabs of marble, the room seems like one big, seamless space.

Rose marble tiles for a chic, seamless look

Modern Minimalism

This shower gives the little bathroom a sleek and contemporary look with its big gray tiles. The room seems bigger and more streamlined because of the huge tile layout, which reduces grout lines. And the matte finish gives the bathroom a beautiful, modern touch. For people who like a simple style that makes the most of the available space in a small bathroom, this design is just for you.

Large gray tiles give a sleek, modern feel

Timeless Charm

If you aren’t planning on remodeling your bathroom every couple of years, then you need tiles that are timeless. Like these ones! The classic subway tile is a simple but beautiful choice. And because of the glossy tile finish, it helps the space appear bigger and more airy. This design is perfect for anyone who wants to mix modern and classic design elements.

Subway tiles blend modern and classic perfectly

These are some of my favorite tile shower ideas for small bathrooms. I hope you found this article useful. Now you have plenty of inspiration to be able to turn your tiny space into a chic bathroom. These creative design tricks, from light-reflecting tiles to fun patterns, can help you maximize your space like a pro. Don’t be afraid to get creative when remodeling your bathroom. There are plenty of ways to make your space appear larger and give it a bit of personality at the same time.

Hope you found inspiration to create your dream bathroom

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