Inspirational Ideas for Choosing Unique and Beautiful Bathroom Paint Colors

by John Griffith

In the past, bathrooms used to be dominated by somewhat bland, neutral hues, such as grey, beige and white. Luckily, this trend is fading away in favor of more colorful and original solutions. Today, people are no longer limited to a few boring options – they have the whole rainbow at their disposal, and can choose among hundreds of beautiful bathroom paint colors and wall decors.

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, but still feel unsure what hue to go for – we are here to help! Today’s article is devoted to the myriad of color choices available, and includes plenty of visual inspiration. Regardless of whether you are looking for master bathroom ideas, or suggestions for small toilets, we have something for you in our gallery.

Cerulean blue is one of the most popular bathroom paint colors at the moment

bathroom paint colors, pale blue walls, in a room with light beige laminate floor, containing an antique, blue and white clawfoot tub

You probably know the old rule – if your bathroom is quite small, it’s best to avoid dark hues, as they will make it seem even tinier. While this is definitely true, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are stuck with plain white walls forever! One way to include color in a small bathroom’s palette without optically shrinking it, is by opting for lighter hues, combined with an accent wall in a bright, vivid shade. Including white wooden paneling is another great solution, as it will create a bright, balanced look. If you prefer, you can replace paneling with tiles in light colors.

A gorgeous example of a small bathroom with intense blue walls, balanced out by the inclusion of white subway tiles

side by side images of a bathroom, seen from two different angles, blue walls partially covered with white subway tiles, bathroom paint colors

If your bathroom is bigger, or has windows that supply enough natural lighting during the day, you can experiment with deeper and darker colors. Navy, red and even black have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are excellent choices and will add a lot of character to your bathroom, but it is advisable to combine them with furniture in lighter colors, in order to avoid oversaturation.

For those of you who are planning to paint your bathroom on your own, this video has some great tips:

And now it’s time to enjoy our gallery! We have selected over 60 amazing ideas for unique bathroom paint colors that will transform even the most boring and bland room into a chic and stylish space. Let us know which one is your favorite and don’t forget to check out our Bath Section for more ideas and inspiration.

We love this edgy design!

red square panel, behind a modern white bathtub, bathroom paint colors, white room with three narrow windows

The white wooden paneling nicely complements the dark blue walls of this lovely and bright bathroom

two mirrors in white frames, on the navy wall of a bathroom, with white wooden paneling, bathroom paint colors, black and white, mosaic tiled floor

Duck’s egg blue wooden paneling and white walls – a heavenly combination

duck's egg blue wooden paneling, on the white walls of a bathroom, with a clawfoot bathtub, bathroom paint colors, smooth marble floor

Here, the dark brown wooden panels are balanced out by a large window

brown wooden panels, on the walls of a narrow room, containing a white bathtub, bathroom paint colors, the third visible wall is occupied by a large window

A lovely and unique design, combining beehive-style tiles, and bathroom paint colors in gentle shades of blue

tiles in different shades of blue, with a beehive-like pattern, decorating the wall of a pale blue room, bathroom paint colors, vintage-style clawfoot bath

Playful green bathroom with cute and quirky decor

decorative mirror in a splatter-like, pale green frame, mounted on a lime green wall, bathroom paint colors, white sink and cupboard, and colorful decorative items

What do you think of this striped white and yellow wall design?

best paint for bathrooms, white and yellow stripes, on a bathroom wall, decorated with a round mirror

Sunny and warm canary yellow bathroom

vintage style bathroom, in two shades of yellow, featuring a clafoot bathtub, a toilet and a sink, best paint for bathrooms

Orange is also an excellent choice, especially when combined with white tiles and furniture!

white bathroom furniture, in a room with orange walls, best paint for bathrooms, two windows and a mirror, bathtub a toilet and a sink

A bold reddish-orange design

brick orange-colored walls and cupboards, with small white sinks, best paint for bathrooms, in a large room, with a tall narrow window, and several mirrors

The red mosaic tiles add a lot of character to this bright and airy, modern bathroom

bright spacious bathroom, with skylight windows, a white modern bathtub, and a sink, best paint for bathrooms, red mosaic tiles on two of its walls

Isn’t this fuchsia pink and white room just dreamy?

glass shower cabin, in a room with fuchsia pink and white walls, best paint for bathrooms, pale grey countertop with an inbuilt sink

We can’t take our eyes off these gentle lavender hues

lavender colored room, with glossy smooth white floor, best paint for bathrooms, featuring a white tub, and a round purple rug

Discover a whole rainbow of bathroom paint colors!

collage with four images, showing bathrooms in different colors, yellow with subway tiles, dark grey with white chalk details, best paint for bathrooms, pale green and maroon

A stylish solution in dark grey and white

bathroom color schemes, dim grey room, containing a shining silver bathtub, a white sink, a black lamp, and some decorative items

Pretty in pink

baby pink walls, inside a spacious bathroom, with a vintage style, white clawfoot bath, bathroom color schemes

Another divine bathroom in duck’s egg blue

light blue walls, inside a bright room, with a bathtub, a sink and two small cupboards, bathroom color schemes, smooth white tiled floor

Beige can be beautiful when it’s done right!

mocha colored bathroom, with dark brown wooden furniture, and pale beige countertops, bathroom color schemes, vintage style inbuilt bathtub and sinks

Stone blue walls, combined with a stylish marble floor

marble tiles on the floor, of a stone blue room, with two windows, a clawfooted bath, and two vases, containing white orchids

How adorable is this pumpkin orange color?

pastel orange room, with an oval window, a white ceiling, and a dark brown wooden floor, bathroom color schemes, modern sink on a wooden stand

A classic mink grey bathroom with white wooden paneling

creamy grey walls, with white wooden panels, in a room with a laminate floor, bathroom color schemes, off-white sink and toilet

This retro design featuring white subway tiles, has been spiced up with a lovely pale green color

subway tiles in white, with a black detail, covering the bigger part, of three pale green walls, bathroom color schemes, retro-style bathtub, two windows and a green ceiling

If you insist on grey walls, opt for decorations in warm brown tones, or include a lush indoor plant – this will make the room seem less cold and more inviting

best bathroom paint colors, medium grey and white walls, in a bright room, with three windows, an oval tub, and a large glass shower cabin

So many gorgeous shades of green to choose from!

four images of bathroom walls, painted in different shades of green, lime and pine green, sage and grass green, best bathroom paint colors

Stylish, modern and edgy – a lovely design in green and grey

minimalistic spacious bathroom, with light green and medium grey walls, best bathroom paint colors, smooth white floor, and a bowl-like bathtub, best bathroom paint colors, modern sink and shelf, a large window

This sky blue bathroom is just breathtaking!

cerulean blue walls, with white plaster details, in a bright bathroom, with white furniture, best bathroom paint colors, white floor and a bathtub

 Sunny and cheerful room in canary yellow

clawfooted white bathtub, with gold legs, in a canary yellow bathroom, best bathroom paint colors, with two sinks, and a red runway rug

Stunning, spa-like bathroom in turquoise

mosaic tiles in different shades of blue, covering the outside of a bathtub, in a spacious room, with turquoise walls and ceiling, best bathroom paint colors, window and a large mirror

Why choose only one color…

yellow and white paneled wall, in a bathroom with a tiled, black and white floor, best bathroom paint colors, lime green door, a shower cabin, and a purple cupboard

…when you can have them all?

multicolored stripes on a wall, behind a marble sink, decorated with a candle, and a vase with orange flowers, best bathroom paint colors, mirror in an ivory-colored frame

Lush green paradise!

fluffy white rug, on a brown laminate floor, in a bathroom with one visible wall painted green, and the other covered in white subway tiles, white bathtub sink and toilet

Black and white chic

monochrome bathroom with white walls, black bathtub and sink, toilet and bidet, and two large windows

Peach pink perfection

textured walls in peach pink, inside a bathroom, with black and brown furniture, a small window, and several indoor plants

A bright toilet in green and white

bathroom accent wall in lime green, inside a room covered in white tiles, with blue details, dark brown cupboard with a sink, toilet and two framed images

orange bathroom accent wall, in a bright room, containing a large window, a bathtub and a sink, a toilet and a small orange bath mat

A refreshing design with white and mustard yellow

rectangular window with a white frame, on a mustard yellow, bathroom accent wall, in a white room, containing a bathtub

square large window, in a bathroom with olive green walls, containing a modern white cupboard, with oval edges, and a bathtub

How cozy does this bathroom look?

wooden bathroom accent wall, in dark brown, containing a small fireplace, in a white room, with a glass shower cabin, and a white bathtub

metallic silver floor, in a white room, with a dark pink, bathroom accent wall, a sink and a mirror, a toilet and a tub

matcha green paneled walls, in a bright bathroom, with a window, a modern oval toilet, and a white cupboard, with an inbuilt sink

And here are some amazing suggestions for blue bathroom walls

retro-style bathroom, with robin's egg blue walls, a white bathtub, and an antique white cupboard

plants in a tall vase, decorating a teal blue bathroom, with white wooden paneling, and baby blue sink and toilet set, small bathroom paint colors, small window and white subway tiles

shelves with various toiletries, in a teal bathroom, containing a modern toilet, a white cupboard with a sink, and a mirror, small bathroom paint colors, white ceiling with inbuilt lights

A lovely combination of ocean and terracotta

terracotta bathtub and sink, in a room with a beige stone tiled floor, and ocean blue walls, two sets of orange towels

round mirror on a white paneled wall, inside a spacious room, with a cobalt blue bathroom accent wall, three framed images of birds, a bathtub and a small blue stool

sink and bathtub in white, in a room with white walls, half-covered by dark brown wood paneling, aegean blue bathroom accent wall, pale grey laminate floor

Spacious bathroom in blue and grey

spacious bathroom with blue tiled floor, pale blue walls with grey details, a white bathtub, two tall mirrors, and two white sinks, on a black counter

robin's egg blue walls, in a bright room, with a white sink, and a settee in pale beige and white, small bathroom paint colors, framed artwork and a window

white shower curtains, with a pale pattern, near a vintage style white bathtub, in a room with pale blue walls, half-covered with white subway tiles, featuring black details

Beautiful blue stripes

ornamental wooden frame, around a rectangular mirror, mounted on a pale blue wall, with a striped pattern, small bathroom paint colors, white cupboard with a marble countertop, toilet and a window

faded kilim rug, in a room with pale blue walls, and white furniture, containing a clawfoot bathtub, an arm chair and other items

picture collage with eight colorful images, showing ideas for big, and small bathroom paint colors, turquoise and white, different shades of green, fuchsia and teal, and others

How lush is this green bathroom?

digital painting of a bathroom, decorated with two shades of green, a round elevated bathtub, a sink and a toilet, decorative plants and a narrow window with blinds

baroque frame in yellow, around an oval mirror, mounted on a black wall, small bathroom paint colors, over a white cupboard, with a marble countertop, and a small sink

lightbulb glowing over a round mirror, mounted on a black wall, near a tall black towel rack, white grey and black tiled floor, white bath area

Black and beige perfection

shiny and smoot, black bathroom accent wall, with three inbuilt shelves, near a white bathtub, in a room with walls, covered in beige tiles

a set of identical white sinks, and two oval mirrors in white frames, in a room with pale lavender walls, and white wood paneling, bathtub and toilet

painting of a flower vase, decorating the violet walls of a room, with white furniture, a toilet and a large, square mirror in a turquoise frame, small bathroom paint colors

We are smitten with this contrasting purple bathtub

contrasting purple bathtub, in a bathroom with medium grey walls, light grey floor, and a shower cabin, with white subway tiles

towel rack in white, placed over a white toilet, in a bathroom with medium grey walls, and a shiny white floor, window and shelves with toiletries

corner bathtub in cream, inside a bathroom with pale, pastel orange walls, decorated with beige tiles, white roses and a potted fern

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection!

small bathroom paint colors, chocolate brown walls, decorated with a round mirror, and two framed artworks, pale beige cupboard, with an inbuilt sink

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