A Small Selection of Ideas for Beautiful WC Decor

by John Griffith

According to a recent study, the average person spends about a year and a half of their life in the bathroom. It is therefore a bit surprising that, when it comes to decoration, this all-important room is often overlooked. The majority of people choose simple and practical solutions, disregarding the myriad of unique and imaginative options available. This needn’t be the case, however! With a little bit of creativity you can transform this humble corner of your home into a calming, refreshing and beautiful space. The most important thing of all is ensuring that your bathroom is warm, bright and has proper ventilation. A dark, cold and cramped-place won’t do – it’s not only uncomfortable and depressing to look at, but will also have a negative effect on your health in the long run. Even if your washroom is very small, there are ways to make it look less confined. For example, opt for lightly colored walls or bright tiles, add a large mirror, and choose several different light sources to create a calming ambience. Be careful not to use very bright lamps though – these can be very harsh to your eyes during nightly toilet trips. If you are looking for some small bathroom ideas for your home, take a look at our selection. We have 40 amazing suggestions, ranging from more traditional options to truly unusual solutions. Our advice is – don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track and experiment. Adding some fun and unusual wallpapers or murals, for example, will make the stay in the bathroom a lot more pleasant for you and your guests!

This comic book-inspired toilet is one of our favorite small bathroom ideas

small bathroom ideas, toilet with black tiles on the floor, black walls with three canvases, showing many colorful comic book heroes, white and yellow cupboard with sink, blue and white toilet seat

Gorgeous deep blue color scheme

small bathroom ideas, bathroom with blue tiles on floor and walls, containing blue inbuilt tub, blue toilet seat and sink, large wall mirror

If you are a fan of vintage furniture, you will appreciate this antique toilet and its cool aquatic wallpaper

small bathroom ideas, narrow toilet with pale blue, fish patterned wallpaper, antique toilet seat and sink, dark wooden floors

More great vintage small bathroom ideas – this time with an accent on red

small bathroom ideas, toilet with red and white patterned wallpaper, floor with small mosaic tiles, wooden cupboard with white sink, white toilet seat and window with blinds

Feel like true royalty with this regal design

small bathroom ideas, toilet with brown walls, one with mosaic tiles, in different shades of brown, the other with brown paint and baroque pattern, large marble slab with metal sink, oval mirror with wooden frame, two lit candles in holders

The right wallpaper can really transform a room

bathroom ideas, small toilet with modern toilet seat, walls decorated with pink toilet paper-patterned wallpaper, two black shelves with blue back lighting

Blue is a great choice of color for your toilet, as it has a calming effect

bathroom ideas, toilet with modern white toilet seat, unusual tall white sink, white floor and blue tiles, with dark blue pear trees and birds pattern

Turquoise and white – a simple yet effective combination

bathroom ideas, toilet with pastel turquoise walls, light cream tiled floor, classic toilet seat, white and faux marble sink, fluffy white rug and whicker details

And here is a refreshing, arty suggestion, for those of you who have more space to work with

bathroom ideas, large room with big glass shower cabin, white and yellow slide cupboard, round modern white toilet seat, walls half covered with red, orange and yellow mosaic, other half painted in yellow, large mirror and paintings on walls

A colorful and bright toilet with fun, asymmetric details

bathroom ideas, acid green tiles on floor, white tiles on walls, decorative tiles with multicolored dots and stripes, white toilet seat, small inbuilt tub, green cupboard with white sink, asymmetrical display shelves

If you like skiing and have a wicked sense of humor, this might just be the best bathroom option for you

bathroom ideas, small toilet with Japanese toilet seat, with yellow skiis attached to it, photo wallpaper with steep skii slope, going around the room

Let a sci-fi inspired toilet take you to outer space!

bathroom remodel, small toilet painted to look like a spaceship, dark blue walls, with murals of galaxies and stars, small flickering lights, various painted switches and machinery

If you would rather have something simpler but also modern, how about a classy black and cream combination?

bathroom remodel, toilet with cream and black walls, containing oval white toilet seat with wooden lid, various whicker containers, black toilet paper

Here is a more colorful variation of this idea, where black has been substituted for neon green

bathroom remodel, toilet with white and acid green walls, unusual oval toilet seat, dark green mosaic floor, decorative dried plant in clear vase

Navy blue is another excellent choice. Combine with effective tiles for a unique look

bathroom remodel, toilet with dark blue wall, other visible wall and floor have an unusual covering with geometric, faux 3D patterns in white, dark and light blue, modern white toilet seat and sink

Forest and tree themes have been especially popular lately, and it’s easy to see why! They create a relaxing, almost magical atmosphere

bathroom remodel, narrow toilet with wood plank-covered walls, ceiling and floor, one wall is decorated with a grey wallpaper, showing leafless grey painted trees, with backlighting, modern white toilet seat and sink

Mismatched patterned tiles are another big hit

bathroom decorating ideas, bathroom with modern white toilet seat, and rectangular sink, red water tap and towels, upper half of the walls is plain white, lower part is decorated by multicolored, patterned and mismatched tiles

This simple tree mural will add a lot of character to your bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas, toilet with walls in duck egg's blue, one wall is decorated by a mural of black leafless tree, round mirror with large dark wooden frame hangs on other visible wall

Another refreshing and unusual idea

bathroom decorating ideas, toilet with two yellow walls, and a third wall decorated with brown mosaic, wooden beams and trims, large wooden cupboard with unusual sink, modern white toilet

Dark tiles and cheeky humor – a winning combination

bathroom decorating ideas, bathroom with high ceiling, entirely covered in small black tiles, with a humorous message written sideways with white tiles, oval white toilet seat and square, black and white sink

Decorative mirror elements

bathroom decorating ideas, duck's egg blue walls, one decorated with many round mirror segments, light brown floor tiles, white bathtub and tall dried plant in corner

Modern toilet with impressive industrial design

bathroom decor ideas, industrial style toilet, with concrete and rusty metal walls, plain silver-colored metal sink and toilet seat, sloped ceiling with metal beam, supporting a clear glass surface

A cute idea for your child’s bathroom

bathroom decor ideas, spacious kids' bathroom, with white tiled walls, several tiles contain cartoon drawings of yellow chicks, small toilet seat, with chick drawings and pale blue cover, round wall mirror with pale blue frame

Photo wallpapers are a great way of making your toilet look more spacious

bathroom decor ideas, narrow toilet, with dark brown walls and white ceiling, one wall is decorated with photo wallpaper showing a boardwalk, modern white sink and toilet seat

Cool retro look

bathroom decor ideas, vintage style toilet, white walls partially covered with pale pink and dark red tiles, antique dark red toilet seat and sink

Design, inspired by the Baroque style

bathroom decor ideas, toilet with light and dark brown tiles on floor and walls, plain white toilet seat, mirror on one wall, bouquet of flowers on other wall

Have we mentioned that we love wallpapers with forest patterns?

bathroom remodeling, dark wallpaper decorated with light grey painted leafless trees, modern white toilet seat, and a black chest of drawers with a white sink

This yellow and white ornate bathroom evokes the exquisite wall paintings of Ancient Rome

bathroom remodeling, narrow toilet with vintage white toilet seat, with flower vase, book and candle, walls covered with yellow panels, containing white drawings in Ancient Roman style

A modern and colorful mini toilet

bathroom remodeling, small space with white sink, and toilet seat all in one, one wall is covered in pale wooden board, one is white, and one is decorated with multicolored mosaic, with mirror and light

Another striking vintage option in red

bathroom remodeling, bathroom with vintage black and white toilet, and white antique sink, with red walls decorated with many framed images, wall lights and a red ceiling

Spacious and bright bathroom 

bathroom remodeling, spacious bathroom with large, white double sink, pastel yellow floor, four multicolored rugs, large mirror and blue and yellow stripes on wall above

We adore this stunning two-tone toilet!

bathroom remodels, narrow toilet with black and white, patterned and mismatched tiles on floor, lower half of the walls are covered in white bricks, upper part of the walls are painted black, classic white toilet seat, black and white portrait in wooden frame

Beautiful combination of wood paneling and modern, minimalist bathroom furniture

bathroom remodels, spacious toilet with one wall covered in wooden planks, other visible wall is white, round mirror with silver frame, white minimalist modern sink, pebbled floor and plain white toilet seat

Another gorgeous black and white suggestion, this time featuring mismatched tiles

bathroom remodels, narrow toilet with two white walls, third wall and floor are covered in black and white, mismatched and patterned tiles, rectangular white sink and plain toilet bowl

An original toilet with glass floor revealing a deep tunel below – not for the faint-hearted!

bathroom remodels, small toilet with two white walls, one wall covered by orange mosaic, brown wooden cupboard with flat white sink, white toilet seat, see through glass floor, revealing deep tunel beneath

Brightly colored tiles

bathroom remodels, bathroom with multicolored mosaic, one blue wall with large mirror, inbuilt stone bathtub, brown tiled floor

Travel back in time with this charming 60s style toilet!

retro 1960's toilet, grey mosaic floor, white retro sink, toilet seat with wooden cover, walls with pink, orange and yellow bending stripes, several potted plants, orange textured ceiling

Bathroom with Baroque elements

toilet with rough walls painted in grey, with a large baroque wall mirror, one wall decorated with many photos in different white frames, white and black tiled floor, classic toilet seat, and sink with yellow and grey patterned curtain

Vintage toilet with creative wallpaper

small toilet with dark grey panelling, white wallpaper with many drawn frames, some decorated with black and white photos, plain white toilet seat, with dark wooden cover

Unusual but very cool open plan bathroom

spacious semi-detached open plan bathroom, with thick white walls, containing large glass shower cabin, modern oval toilet seat, brown carpet and wooden floor

If you would like to see more bathrooms without tiles, we have some awesome suggestions! We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of small bathroom ideas, and wish you a lot of fun redecorating!

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.